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"Napoli" in the week beat "Liverpool" in the Champions League and probably healed the wounds after the defeat of "Juventus". Will "Sassuolo” be the next victim of the "Parthenopeytsy”? The answer is in our forecast.



"Napoli" after all the summer shocks did not lose hold and now shows a very high-quality football. At the moment, the "partyenopians" are located on the second line in the table, behind the leader of Juventus by six points. In the last round, it was the "old signora” that inflicted a second defeat of the season to the team of Carlo Ancelotti - Juventus responded with a double of Mario Mandzhukic and a Leonardo Bonucci goal against Dries Mertens.

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On Wednesday, the "partyenopeytsy" took home the "Liverpool" in the Champions League, and it was the British considered the clear favorite of the match. However, things didn’t go according to Jurgen Klopp’s plan - the Neapolitans didn’t allow the opponent to take control of the game and dangerously responded with their attacks, one of which ended with Lorenzo Insné's goal.


Only Arkadiusz Milik could not fully enjoy the success, who was robbed by unknown persons on his way from San Paolo to his home, thus adding to the legion of current and former Napoli players who had previously fallen into the same stories.

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"Sassuolo” made a lot of noise at the start of Serie A, having won four victories in seven matches, of which the next triumph over "Inter” stands apart. Now the team of Roberdo De Zerby is located on the fifth line in the championship and probably does not expect to say goodbye to her, "like it,” apparently have set their sights on the Europa League again.


In the last round, "Sassuolo” took home "Milan” and forced the opponent to be afraid. "Milan” was able to score at the end of the first half and this goal was clearly not included in the plans of the owners, by how to rebuild their game with them in the end did not work. "Rossoneri” won a victory with a score of 3: 1, and De Zerby at the post-match press conference, wrote off everything on youth, and hardly anyone dares to make claims to the owners, showing cool football.



Only in one of the last three matches between clubs less than three goals were scored.

Napoli played four games at home this season and scored in each of them

In seven games, "Sassuolo” scored 14 goals, more than just "Juventus”

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"Napoli" gave a lot of strength in the game with "Liverpool", but such an important victory certainly compensates for the players spent energy. The defeat from Juventus and six distance points oblige the "parthenopeytsev” to play only for a victory, therefore it is hardly worth waiting for guests of indulgence.


Sassuolo is not a favorite of the match, but it can create problems for Neapolitans, so the game promises to be very exciting and productive.


In our opinion, there will be goals in the match. Forecast - total more than three goals. In the Betting League, such a bet can be placed with a odds of 1.80

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Napoli started the Italian Championship with an away willed victory over Lazio with a score of 2: 1. Then he also beat Milan in his own field - 3: 2, losing two goals during the match.


Then Carlo Ancelotti's wards unexpectedly defeated Sampdoria (0: 3) and gave a series of three victories over Fiorentina (1: 0), Torino (3: 1) and Parma (3: 0). In the seventh round, the team was confronted by the most principled opponent - Juventus, the Turints reaffirmed the status of the country's first club - 3: 1.


Due to the defeat of the "Old Signora”, as well as her victory in the eighth round, the Parthenopei are nine points behind the champion. Azzurri will certainly try to reduce this lag, but how much strength do they have after the difficult match against Liverpool in the Champions League in the middle of the week ending with a 1-0 victory?



Prior to the previous round, Sassuolo steadily strengthened its position in the national championship, thanks to which it rose to the third line. Mentor Roberto De Zerby this season has already managed to try out several tactics and while he chose two: a scheme with three defenders and a compact center (3-4-3) and the classic Spaniard (4-3-3).

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This makes it possible to "unevenly” to consistently create a large number of points. On average, in one match, the club's players deliver 14.2 hits with an accuracy higher than 50%.


This game allowed the team to win five of eight fights of the season with two defeats. However, the previous match, Sassuolo, lost to Milan at home with a major result of 1: 4.

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Bookmakers naturally prefer the home team, whose odds for winning are 1.33, while the success of the guests is estimated at 8.50 and the draw at 5.50.


Forecast: Each team will perform more than the 1st corner in each half


We recommend betting that each team will perform more than the 1st corner in each half for 4.50.


Napoli on October 7, 2018 at 19:00 will play against Sassuolo at the San Paolo Stadium as part of the 8th round of the Italian Serie A.

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Napoli looks great in the season 18/19, and therefore ranks second in the standings. Thanks to five victories, the team managed to score fifteen points. The Blue defeated their second in the championship in a last performance against Juventus, who lost, with a score of 1-3. Naturally, no one has played up to that opponent, so this failure cannot be called the beginning of the loss of form for the players. Excellent "Parthenopeytsy" look at home confrontations, where three times already win three and scored 7 goals.


Quite good results show Sassuolo, gaining 13 points in seven meetings. This allows the club to be located on the fifth line of the tournament table. The team had three guest fights in the new season and lost only one. The last round was lost with the defeat of Milan 1-4.


Already for five games in a row Napoli has not lost to Sassuolo, but during this period he constantly missed at least one goal from his opponent. Napoli surpasses his opponent in status and performance, especially at his stands, so the guests will lose this meeting. Bet: Napoli victory with a handicap - F1 (-1).

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Forecast: F1 (-1) with the coefficient 1.51


The central confrontation of the eighth round of the Premier League will be the game between Liverpool and Man City. It is important to note that opponents have 19 points each, so the winner becomes the leader of the tournament. In the past game year, the mersisaydts knocked out Sir Alex - 3: 0 and 1: 2. What will the "citizens" answer? We'll figure out.


The Reds started powerfully, so they managed to get 19 points in seven rounds - 6 victories and the world, and the scoring score was 15: 3. It is important to note that recently the club did not look the best - 1: 2 rebounded from Chelsea in the Cup, after which the same draw with 1: 1 and 1: 0 loss from Napoli in the championship League.


"Citizens" look as powerful as last year. Now the players of Pep are the first because they have the best goal-scoring statistics - 21: 3. Recall that in the extreme confrontation they managed to beat 1: 2 "Hoffenheim”.

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The forecast for the match "Liverpool" - "Man City", X2. Now the "red" slow down a bit, but then even guests with departures have problems. Since the composition of the "citizens" will be fresher, we bet on their victory.


Experts of the information-analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 8th round of the Italian Napoli-Sassuolo Championship, which will be held at the Stadio San Paolo stadium on Sunday, October 7, beginning at 19:00 (MSK).

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In this game Napoli is the clear favorite. After seven rounds, wards of Carlo Ancelotti rank second in the Italian championship table, gaining 15 points. They are six points behind the leading Juventus, who lost a full-time match last week with a score of 1: 3, although after a goal of Dries Mertens they were 1-0. Before that Napoli won three consecutive victories with a total score of 7: 1. By the way, already nine fights in a row he does not play in a draw, having won during this time seven victories and twice lost. In their field, Neapolitans won four previous matches with a total score of 9: 3. And they do not lose in their native walls in eight meetings in a row, winning seven times.


After seven days of play, Sassuolo shares third place with Fiorentina and Inter, gaining 13 points. In the last round, he lost in his field to Milan with a big score of 1: 4 - the only goal of Sassuolo was scored by Philip Djuricic. It was only the fourth defeat of the team for the last 19 matches in Serie A. On the road, Sassuolo lost only two of the nine previous league games, scoring four wins and three draws. I must also say that Sassuolo scored in the last ten matches in a foreign field.

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Last season, Napoli played with Sassuolo in a 1: 1 draw away, and won at home with a score of 3: 1. In general, for all ten matches against Sassuolo in Serie A, the Neapolitans suffered only one defeat, scoring five victories and playing four draws. By the way, in the last six games between Napoli and Sassuolo both teams scored.



Experts site Bookmakers.rf believe that Napoli will win in this game, but not without goals conceded. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict Napoli win with a score of 2: 0 or 2: 1 (odds 7.50). You can bet on the fact that both teams will score, with a odd of 1.70.



Napoli's victory - 1.34, a draw - 5.30, Sassuolo's victory - 8.51.

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On Sunday, 7/10/2018, the Italian Championship match between Napoli and Sassuolo will be held. Kick-off is scheduled for 19.00 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in Serie A.



Napoli lost just one of ten Serie A vs. Sassuolo matches (+ 5 = 4);

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Napoli lost none of their five home games against Serssuolo A (+ 3 = 2);


Napoli lost the previous championship match - Juventus, and now for the first time since October 2016, he may suffer two defeats in a row;


After seven rounds in the asset Sassuolo 13 points - this is a new club record;

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The substitute players of Sassuolo scored three goals this season - the most in Serie A;


Napoli scored 12 goals this season - the most in Serie A;


Napoli striker Jose Kalehon scored in his previous two matches against Sassuolo. Only Lazio scored more goals (5) than Sassuolo (4);


Dries Mertens scored for Napoli in Serie A 70 goals - only eight players scored more and two of them scored just one more goal (José Altafini and Gonzalo Higuaín);


Jeremy God made six successful dribbling attempts this season, having spent only 161 minutes of playing time on the field - no one in Sassuolo made more.

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The forecast for the match Napoli - Sassuolo according to statistics: the hosts will win by scoring at least three goals, and Dris Mertens will be different in their composition.


Carlo Ancelotti effectively responded to those who doubted the expediency of his appointment as coach Napoli. Azzurri lost to Juventus and six points behind Turints, but inviting Carletto, President Aurelio De Laurentis, first of all, spoke about international victories. They have already arrived - Napoli defeated the Champions League finalist, without letting Liverpool hit a single shot on target. After this, Ancelotti has already forgiven the failure in Turin - now the Parthenopei fans dream of success in the Champions League.


In the championship, Napoli had one failure - in Genoa, when Sampdoria won 3: 0. Taking out this result for brackets, we can say that everything is in order. Neapolitans won five matches and lost to Juventus - the indicators are close to the maximum. However, to the third place Napoli is much closer than to the first. Juventus went into the lead, and Sassuolo is only two points behind.

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Noroveri also lost to Old Signoret, and last weekend they suffered a second defeat, unexpectedly at home losing to Milan 1: 4. The score is absolutely not in the game - the hosts had enough moments, but it was bad with the realization, and Milan scored three times from outside the penalty area. A big loss does not mean that Sassuolo is accidentally in the group of leaders. Rogue not only scored more Napoli, but sometimes show a more vivid and inventive football.


For the visit to San Paolo, former Napoli football player Roberto De Zerby is preparing a new invention - a 3-4-3 scheme. In the last home championship, Sassuolo played with azzurri 1-1 draw, but Beppe Yakini had a completely different team, completely honed under the defense. The current Sassuolo, even in Naples, will attack and at least should continue the effective series - uneven scored in the last six games against the Neapolitans. On the whole, it is worth waiting for a large number of goals: the defense of the guests is problematic, but everything is fine with the attack, and Napoli scores at home more than once.

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