Nacional - Deportivo Kapila

Nacional - Deportivo Kapila

Begins the second part of Paraguay's elite division. Stops on the match between the teams ended in the second half of the table in the first part of the championship.

Naturally, the first match of the new phase carries risks for robbed game, but I hope this match Latino passions prevail.

Both teams are among the most effective in Paraguay.

Nacional Apertura finished with 23 points, of which only 10 won at home. The average performance of their games in their stadium was almost three goals per game.

Deportivo are one of the few teams who are not from the capital of Paraguay. Their meetings of Aperture were among the most effective. They finished with a goal difference 42:42, making it almost a "unique" 2 and scored two goals conceded per game. Interestingly, they performed much better as a guest, where the goal difference is 27:20 them.

Of all the 14 match between Nacional and Deportivo Kapila 10 have completed at least 3 goals per game. My expectations are in this match goals are more than two.