Most hated team in Germany

Most hated team in Germany


In Germany all hate RB "Leipzig". The team that is among the newcomers in the Bundesliga this season, is hated and anathematized by fans of opposing teams. The reason - the millions of euros that the company's energy drink "Red Bull" poured in club seven years ago game in the fifth level of German football. Then he said "Markanshtad" and today is only the short RB. This is because German laws do not allow football team named after the company. However, the club is a loophole for this problem and have taken the initials of "Red Bull" - "RB" and in the football federation official name of the team is "Razel Balshport."

In 2009, manufacturers of the Austrian energy drink "Red Bull" buy license team from Leipzig and give wings with gradual investment of 100 mln. Euros. The stadium immediately changed its name from "Tsentralshtadion" becomes "Red Bull Arena". Recital, which after its opening in 1956 is the largest in Europe, was renovated in 2004 and hosted the matches of the 2006 World Cup, which was 24 months later.

In his first season revived with bags of money team finished first in the Northeast Oberliga "South" and won promotion to the regional league "North". Although immediately became the favorite and is always among the leaders in the fourth division, climb to the third level of football in Germany takes team for three seasons. In 2012/2013 wealthy club won the championship with admitted a single loss.

In 2013, before transfer to the club it was ... Todor Nedelev. He even flew by private jet to "Red Bull" to Leipzig to negotiate and see with what basis has the club. Ultimately midfielder was sold to "Mainz 05".

In 2014, "RB" enters the second division. Before transfer in the team is the star of "Leicester" Jamie Vardi. The management team of Saxony is rolled take striker, but days later refused the deal because the player is too old ... - then 27 years old. In another coincidence Nedelev and Vardi could become club members. In his first season in the second division team is fifth, but the next second is one of the goals achieved - entry into the elite of German football.

But all the way to the Bundesliga roses. Experts frown club because good image of football in Germany is threatened by marketing strategy. Fans of opposing teams meet new club knife. In 2014, 20 000 supporters of the "UNION" had a special choreography for the match with the team of Bulgaria in the second division. Fans of "iron" of Berlin kept silent for 15 minutes and were dressed in black nylons. After quarter of an hour elapsed, they raised their banner "Football culture in Leipzig dies."

In control of the Bundesliga newcomer immediately before the start of this season were supporters poured screws and hay in two box before checking with amateur "Frankfurt Oder".

Severed head of a bull again was thrown from the fans of "Dynamo" (Dresden) during the match with the team from Leipzig from the first round of the German Cup. It cloven-hoofed animals shines the logo of "Red Bull" ( "Bull" in English means Bull bull - author).

At the start of the season in the Bundesliga attacked newcomer they were made by another team, which was modeled RB - "Hoffenheim." Supporters of the "blue" crucified inscription "We want back the throne:" The most hated club in Germany. "

In the second round of the championship, "Red Bull Arena" visited one of the most popular German teams - "Borussia" (Dortmund). Fans staged a protest and refused to visit the former "Tsentralshtadion" although it meant to deprive players of Thomas Tuhel of their support. The management of "Borussia" even refused to provide the novice license logo for making general scarf to match.

In the newly formed club does not give a damn. The team won four promotions for seven years, and the goal is the club ... championship. Leipzig had a champion in the Bundesliga than a century. The last representative of the East German city raised the trophy in the football championship of the country's self-titled "Leipzig" triumphed in 1913. One hundred and three years later on the horizon is an unexpected contender for glory. After the sixth round in Germany "Razel Balshport" or by RB Leipzig, unbeaten and has 12 points after three wins and three draws. And if energy drinks give wings, the money world, to which can be reached only by flying.

The fifth club of energy drink

"Razel Balshport Leipzig" is the fifth football project of hegemony of the market for energy drinks after Austrian "Red Bull Salzburg" American "New York Red Bulls 'Brazilian' Red Bull Brasil" (Campinas) and Ghanaian "Red Bull Ghana" (Sogakope ). Furthermore, the Austrian company owns two teams in F1 - titled champion in the constructors of the last three years, "Red Bull" daughters "Toro Rosso".

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