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Over the past six years, most experts and analysts of Italian football have recalled and talked about Milan in the past tense. After all, after a grand sale of all its leaders in the summer of 2012, one of the historical grandees, without having, with rare exceptions, world-class stars, gradually turned into the middle of Serie A. That is, by inertia only the name of the legendary superclub worked here, and from time to time historical the victory of the Rossoneri under the leadership of Arrigo Sacchi or Carlo Ancelotti.


This truly sad situation began to improve gradually in the summer of last year, when the new bosses of the club spent on strengthening the composition of 185 million euros. One by one, Leonardo Bonucci, André Silva, Lucas Billa, Hakan Chalkhanoglu, Nikola Kalinich appeared on the red half of San Siro. And this summer the new striker of Milan was Argentine scorer Juventus Gonzalo Higuain. Also came the forward Villarreal Carlos Bacca and the supporting midfielder Chelsea Tiemue Bakayoko.



Undoubtedly, already with such a composition, the team of Gennaro Gattuso can become a very real contender for one of the four trips to the next calico in the Champions League.

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According to the calendar schedule, the first rival of the Rossoneri will be the Genoese Genoa. As a result of last season, "griffins" took the twelfth position, earning forty-one points in thirty-eight games (+ 11 = 8-19). Naturally, now, before the worthy pupil Arrigo Sacchi - the most experienced Italian coach David Ballardini is a specific task to significantly improve the game and the results of red and blue.


In recent years, the meetings of the current rivals on the home arena of the European grandee have passed with varying success (1: 1, 1: 3, 2: 1, 1: 0, 0: 0). But, as we already noted, it was at this time that the seven-time winner of the Kč (Champions League) rarely pleased his fans.



In the first home game of Milan against the Genoese "griffins" the opinion of experts is unequivocal. After all, now the same Gonzalo Higuain, even alone, can decide the outcome of any match in favor of his team: P1 - 1.50, P2 - 6.00.

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Fans of the grandiose of Italian football believe that the upcoming draw of Serie A will be a turning point for Milan, and the team of Gennaro Gattuso, by the right of his victorious game will return to the number of leaders of the calcho.


Will Genoa in the legendary arena "San Siro", many times host the finals of the Champions League, provide worthy resistance to the Rossoneri? It is unlikely that we will now receive a positive answer to this question. After all, from Milan, as from Juventus, Inter, Napoli and other favorites of Serie A, now only a victory is expected.


Our forecast - the victory of Milan (P1) for 1.50.Sunday night will be the main part of the matches of the 1st round of the new season of the Italian Serie A, in one of which Milan will take Genoa.

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Last season, these teams played a draw on this field - 0: 0. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?


In the last season, Milan again failed to reach its level, but this summer finally came the necessary changes in leadership. And with the composition there were minor rearrangements, but Gattuso remained the leader of the team. Nevertheless, in the sparring (and matches of the MSC) "Rossoneri" demonstrated not the most successful game, and the team scores no more than 1 goal per game ...


But Genoa quite normally held last season, as for the team of its level (12th line of Serie A). In summer, the "griffins" almost did not change, except that their main goalkeeper left - the perin moved to Juventus. Well, it is worth noting that last weekend, the charges of Ballardini defeated Lecce in the Cup of Italy - 4: 0.

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On the eve of the match bookmakers are completely inclined to win Milan, which is not entirely logical. "Rossoneri" only played, but "griffins" already look like a single whole. Yes, and with the defense of the owners are not all right, so I suggest putting on a goal from the guests.


Free forecast for the match Milan - Genoa: "Genoa will score". William Hill bookmaker offers such an event a coefficient of 1.73.


On Sunday, we will wait for the first round of Serie A, in which Milan and Genoa will compete for their first points. In the past season, the winner did not find out - 0: 0.

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"Rossoneri" again failed to achieve success, but in the summer they were waited for by perestroika. The fact is that the club changed leadership, and it was possible to sign new players. But so far they have problems with the effectiveness, because they do not often score more than 1 goal.


"Griffins" finished twelfth, which is not so bad. Special team did not tolerate any changes, although their goalkeeper moved to "Juventus". In the recent cup confrontation, Ballardini's players broke up "Lecce" - 4: 0.


Forecast for the match "Milan" - "Genoa", TB0.5 from the guests. So far, the hosts have problems in the defense, so the "griffins" can grieve your opponent at least 1 vote

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On the next Sunday, the starting tour of the regular Italian championship will continue, on the reporting day, we expect a confrontation between Milan and Genoa. The event will be held at San Siro. Local fans with excitement will fill the bowl of the stands, the city is in a mood of unpredictability, it is difficult to say what to expect from the guests throughout the championship.


The team of Gennazzo Gattuso is considered the favorite of this meeting. Judging by the name of the team, you can certainly agree with the bookmakers, but the "red-blacks" are too many of us failed, the trust is lost and it can be restored only with the help of analytics. Let's try to figure out whether the hosts will be able to break into the cut from the beginning of the season, like a granny in the morning metro.



"Red and black" last season left a half-hearted impression - on the one hand they managed to some time to stay on the rise, but again failed to leak into the Champions League. On the domestic stage, the team lost to Inter eight points. The residents of the "San Siro" will again be forced to watch the matches of the League of Europe. Ambitions in the hosts grew, but the Italian championship itself took two steps forward.

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It is worth saying a couple of words about transfers - in the team came a star named Higuain, who will become a toastmaster in this circus. You can also recall the exchange of Bonucci to Caldara. Replenished the team of the Rhine and the long-suffering Halilovic, who so many advances, but the Croatian does not justify expectations. Gennaro Gattuso pretty well staffed, but is this enough to break into the zone of the Champions League?

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"Red and blue" parted with Perin, who was called to Juventus to replace the legendary Buffon. Twenty-five year old keeper got a start in life, we hope that he will be able to open in Turin. Also from the camp of "griffins" flew Bergetto, Izzo, Volski and a couple more performers. David Ballardini psychonel and decided to buy just four forwards: Kouame, Favilli, Piataka and Lapadula.


Did the Griffins prepare the revolution? Otherwise, how to explain the arrival of so many attacking players, the coach will probably try to play an attacking football. The only problem is that in the first match they have to go to a complex stadium, which is guarded by a bearded strong peasant. In this situation, the coaching staff will try to win back on old tactics, and will not drive the wards into battle.

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Forecast for this match

Gennaro Gattuso still as a football player loved defensive work. The arrival of Higuain will add sharpness ahead, but there will not be any drastic changes in tactics. "Devils" last season played defense, and for one Gonzalo one should not switch to tiki-taku, ask Messi.


Bet - the victory of Milan + TM3.5.

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