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In this match will meet two neighbors in the standings, who scored four points at the start of the championship. What forecast to make for a duel of "Levante" and "Sevilla"?


"Levante" excellent start in this season, crushing on the road one of the representatives of Spain in the European League. "Frogs" mocked the "Betis" (3: 0). But to achieve equally successful results in the subsequent meetings of the team Paco Lopez did not work. First, "Levante" lost at home "Celta" (1: 2), then played in a derby with "Valencia" (2: 2), and in the last round lost at the exit, "Espanolo" (0: 1).

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The most worrying of all the above for the "frogs" should be the results in home games. Last season's ending Levante finished with five victories in his field in a row. Throughout this series Lopez's wards beat Sevilla (2-1) and Barcelona (5: 4). However now "frogs" lost "Celta" and played a draw with "Valencia".

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In the "Levante" against "Seville" will not play Koke Moreno, injured his knee.



"Seville" also stunningly started in this championship. "Nerviontsy" defeated "Rayo Vallecano" (4: 1) on the road. But then the wards Pablo Machina with some differences, repeated the fate of their opponents today. "Sevilla" tied with "Villarreal" (0: 0), and then lost to "Betis" (0: 1) and "Getafe" (0: 2).


However, "Sevilla" for this time had already played seven matches in the European League. "Nervions" won them all. This Thursday, "Sevilla" defeated the Belgian "Standard" at home (5: 1). It is possible that, in part, it was the employment of Machina's wards in the LE that led to the failures of the Andalusian club in the championship.

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Anyway, for the excitement of the "Seville" before this meeting there are reasons. Four "footballers" have already left the "nerves". Against the "Levante" will not be able to play Gabriel Mercado, Sergio Escudero, Maxim Gonalon and Ibrahim Amado.



"Levante" won only in one of the last five bouts in La Liga.

The defeat of "Celta" for "frogs" is the only home fiasco in the championship for eight meetings.

In all four previous home matches, "Levante" was played by a bet "total more than 2.5".

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"Sevilla" has already three matches in the championship can not score.

At the exit, "Nerviots" won only one of the seven previous meetings in La Liga.

In the confrontation of the "Levante" and "Sevilla" in recent years, no one has advantages. In seven last-minute matches, these teams won two wins and three draws.



In the confrontation between "Levante" and "Sevilla" it is really difficult to single out a favorite. This is confirmed even by personal meetings of these teams. Recently, both teams played in La Liga indistinctly, but now they have to meet with each other. The disorganizations in this duel may be partly affected by injuries in the composition of the guests. Also do not forget that the "Levante" to prepare for the upcoming match was a whole week, and the "Seville" only three days.


Our forecast is a victory for Levante or a draw for 1.77

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fifth round of the Spanish Examples at the stadium "Ciudad de Valencia" on September 23, 2018, Levante will take Seville.


Levante currently occupies the eleventh place in the Example with four points scored. The team may well surprise, so opponents should not underestimate it. After four rounds played, the "Frogs" spent two on the home stadium and if in the first game they lost to Celta with a score of 1-2, then in the second match they played a draw with Valencia 2-2 quite serious opponent.

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Sevilla is still not the place you could count on. The team is on the twelfth line with four points scored. "Red and White" had only two matches at home against opponents, and during this time, scored 3 points. The first game against Rayo Vallecano ended in a crushing victory with a score of 4-1, after which, in a confrontation with Betis, the players lost 0-1.


For the last three meetings between these teams at the home stadium Levante, once the guests won, one match was drawn and one victory went to the hosts. Before the match of the fifth round of the current season it is difficult to single out a favorite pair, I think the game will not work. The rate: TM3.

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Forecast: TM (3) with a coefficient of 1.72


Both teams started the season in La Liga not in the best way, gaining four points after the starting four rounds, and not winning in the last three matches of the championship. But if Levante was waiting for a breakthrough, based only on the luxury finish in the previous season, then Sevilla - whatever one may say, the grandee of Spanish football, and the modest figures at the start of the campaign do not justify the tight calendar. Especially - zero goals scored in the last three matches of the La Liga. For Sevenie a long time ago this was not the case.


Against the backdrop of such failures in the attack, the head coach of Andalusians, Pablo Machin, is simply forced to change something in the personnel plan, and the main such change should be the release of the summer freshman Quincy Promes, who has high hopes in Seville.

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But on the defense, with all will, Machin will not make any special changes for the better - the Escudero and Mercado are still injured, and there is practically no personnel choice for these important performers at Sevilla.

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Approximate compositions

Levante: Olasabal - Pedro Lopez, Postigo, Chema, Luna - Morales, Pricci, Campana, Bardhi - Boateng, Marti


Sevilla: Vácilik - Nyanjan (Karriso), Kjaer, Sergi Gómez - Navas, Banega, Mesa, Arana - Sarabia, André Silva, Promes

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On Thursday, Sevilla showed on the Belgian Standard in the Europa League match that the team can and can attack (victory 5: 1), but will the forces of the team have enough Machina, and on Sunday to give the same impressive performance? Suppose that, at least, in terms of defensive action is not enough, and Levante will be the 5th consecutive team this season, which will be able to excel at the gates of Andalusians. However, Sevilla itself at the same time can score one more ball and reduce the match to the long-awaited victory in La Liga. The main thing is not to miss too much.


Levante, after a sensational trip to Seville, no longer won. Neither Selta, nor Espanyol, nor in the derby. Although, the "frogs" were very close to beat Valencia. The pace set at the start of the championship is gradually decreasing, but the Levante is always dangerous in his field. The team plays very well in their field, where TB (2.5) made it to 6 of the last seven matches, but if it comes to matches against Sevilla, the performance drops noticeably. But, this does not prevent efficiency. Seville won only 1 of the 6 last trips to Valencia.

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 Sevilla seems to soon become stable. In LE, the team did not experience any problems, neither in qualification, nor in the first round. The championship started with a victory, and then there were failures. Matins wards are not scored in 3 matches in a row. The insane match against Villarreal ended in a dry draw, the derby was defeated minimally, and the cherry on the cake was home defeat from Getafe. Exemplary-show game turned out, which showed that Seville is still quite raw.


 In Levante, the match will be missed by Sadik and Koke, and Sevilla has Escudero, Mercado, Gonalon, Amadou.

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 Quite a difficult match for the prediction. Favorite to highlight difficult, if not look at names. Levante had enough time to prepare for the game. Sevilla will be tired, and after 3 days match against Real and I do not think that the club will prefer Real Madrid Levante. So you need to wait for the rotation and if this is the case, then Sevilla is warm from defense, as in the derby. Levante also needs to cool down the ardor, but there is every chance to score points.


On Sunday, September 23, 2013 will be the match of the championship of Spain between the Levante and Seville. The beginning of the match is scheduled for 13.00 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bukmeker.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics about rivals in La Liga.

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Levante won only one of the last six matches of La Liga against Sevilla (= 3-2), but this happened in the previous team meeting with each other - in April this year, the Valencia team won 2: 1;


Levante lost just one of the six previous home games of La Liga against Sevilla (+ 3 = 2), although before that he suffered four consecutive defeats in his field;


Levante scored in each of the eight previous home games in La Liga - the best series of the team since November 2012 (10 home matches with goals in a row);

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Sevilla won just one of the last seven guest matches in La Liga (= 2-4) - Rayo Vallecano with a score of 4: 1;


On goal, Levante this season has been dealt 84 hits - more than on the gates of any other team;

On the left, Levante was hit 31 times in this draw of the Spanish championship - more than on goal of any other team;

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His last goal in La Liga, Levante Borja Mayoral scored in May 2018 at the gates of Seville - then he played for Real Madrid;


Franco Vazquez of Sevilla scored two goals in four games of La Liga against Levante - both in Rayo Vallecano;

Levante is one of two teams, which already includes two players, who took out the double this season (Marty and Morales). Another such team is Barcelona;

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In this season, only Lionel Messi has struck more than 18 punches on stranger's goal than Roher Marty (17). At the same time, Messi dealt twice as many strikes on the target as the footballer Levante (8 vs. 4);


Pablo Machin played six times against Levante as a coach, twice defeating, losing and tied (all 6 matches - led by Girona).

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Forecast for the match Levante - Sevilla according to statistics: both teams will score, and the match will end in a draw with the score 1: 1 or 2: 2.

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