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The third crucial round of the group stage of the World Championship will continue into the coming Wednesday. In one of the matches of the reporting day, the national teams of Mexico will converge against Sweden. Satisfied Ural guys can fill the "Ekaterinburg Arena", it is in this landmark place and this intriguing confrontation will take place.

Why not look at the bookmaker quotes, here's at least one reason why this should not be done. You can not try, our experts have already cast a glance at the figures, which show that the Mexican guys are a small favorite in this confrontation. Europeans "omniscient" also threw a huge piece of bread and believe that they can win.

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Instantly you need to pay attention to some logical inconsistency, the "tri-color" has another nickname "green", where did the other two colors go? This is a very important factor on the eve of the confrontation. Already in the first match, the representative of the CONCACAF zone managed to create a sensation and get on the main pages of all world publications. "What did they do?" - you ask? The answer is simple - Germany defeated 1: 0.

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In the second round, the Aztecs fought against the Koreans. Everything went according to the plan of Juan Carlos Osorio - his team scored two goals and confidently overplayed the Asians, who were able to otkvitat one goal only in the last minutes. If among our readers there are experienced mathematicians who know how to count in a column and no longer use a calculator, they certainly figured out that "green" will suffice to play a draw in order to remain in the first place.



Sadness of the whole nation was not the limit when the team left Ibrahimovich, but after the departure of such a strong personality, the collective only grew. "Blue-yellow" left behind the championship of Italy and in the group stage have already shown firm intentions. In the first round of the group stage, "Wolverine" fought with South Korean martial arts experts, our heroes today celebrated the victory with a score of 1: 0.

Next was a real test - a battle with the national team of Germany. "Eagles" were in a wounded state after the defeat in the first round and Lev needed only a victory. "Blue-yellow" were close to knocking out of the tournament Germany, but Tony Kroos, which settled Sergio Ramos in the ninety-fifth minute brought victory to the Germans. The Swedes have driven themselves into a dead end and now you need to win and do it confidently.

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Forecast for this match

"Aztecs" may well close on their own and defend a draw. Nominal guests on the contrary need to go into the attack as fiercely as a cat attacks a bowl of food. The resources of the Swedes are limited, therefore it is not worth hoping for their confident victory.

Bet - the victory of Mexico with a 0.

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Mexicans and Swedes unites two facts. Firstly, the teams had a good first two rounds at Mundiale, defeating Korea and playing well with Germany, albeit with different results, and secondly, both Mexicans and Swedes can actually go to the playoffs. More chances for the Mexicans who won 2 matches out of 2, but Sweden can be dangerous, as we were convinced on the game of the Swedes with Germany.

For a start about the tournament layouts. Mexico has 6 points, Germany and Sweden have 3, Korea is the last without a chance to go to the playoffs. Consequently, a draw does not just bring Mexicans to the playoffs, but allows them to take first place in the group, which can give a weaker opponent in the 1/8 finals. Victory, of course, Mexico will not hurt either. In short, the Mexicans will arrange any result, except defeat.

Although, on the other hand, even a loss in certain hands will suit them. Everything will depend on the difference between the goals scored and the goals conceded. Especially the situation will become more complicated if Germany wins against South Korea in a parallel match (which is very likely). Then, if still, and Sweden beat Mexico, you will have to count the goal difference from three teams with 6 points.

The Swedes, of course, do not like any result, except for the victory over Mexico. All the rest can be considered a success only in case of a draw / defeat of Germany from Korea (unlikely). The more interesting it will be to look at the Swedes in a slightly different form. They played the first number and with the Koreans, but the victory was not the most convincing. Now playing from the position of strength is the only option for Sweden. But it is more convenient for Swedes to act from the defense, what would be again convinced of the match against Germany. On whether Andersson and the company will solve this puzzle, and the exit of the team in 1/8 finals depends. Well, at least, that so far everything depends on the Swedes themselves. With the current tournament hands, even a minimal victory will provide an outlet in the playoffs.

Mexico, like Sweden, is also good at counter-attacking football, opening up to attack as a spring. Because with the Koreans was a bit heavy, but the victory was obtained due to superiority in the class. The game with Sweden should be more convenient. The rival is forced to run forward and expose the rear, and these are the optimal conditions for Vela, Chicharito and other fast Mexicans.

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Match Betting Mexico - Sweden

For the victory of Mexico the coefficient is 2.44, for a draw 3.2, and for the victory of Sweden 3.15. That is, the match is expected to be approximately equal, although preference can be given to Mexicans. The reason is very simple - in the class they are not inferior to the opponent, but the model of the game that we will see will be more convenient for Mexico. Representatives of North America will not be at all inclined to get comfortable with their possessions, regularly launching sharp counterattacks towards the opponent's goal.

For such a game, many goals are unlikely to be worth waiting for. On TM (2.5) the coefficient is 1.73, and on TB (2.5) - 2.18. Although Sweden and will need to go forward, the team is not so powerful attack that it gave a notorious advantage. And it's absolutely open to climb on the wrong goal with the whole team the Swedes will not, at least until the last minute. After all, a draw can also bring them to the playoffs if Germany sensationally loses to Korea.

As for odds, for such an equal match, odds with zero values ​​will be optimal. On Ф1 (0) the coefficient is 1.71, and on Ф2 (0) - 2.21. Both options look good, if you can select a favorite for the match, but want to hedge against a draw.

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Mexico - Sweden: author's forecast

In recent history, Mexico and Sweden have met twice. It was in 2005 and 2009 in the framework of friendly matches. And for two matches, the team scored 1 goal for two. Of course, many years have passed since then, but today's pre-match hands can not say that we are waiting for a productive match. The Swedes will try to score, and if they succeed, they will leave the whole team back. Well, Mexico will play with a focus on defense from the first minute. In this football, many goals are rare. Therefore, the rate on TM (2.5) with a coefficient of 1.73 seems justified.

Bubble between the national team select for Mexico and Sweden e in the ranks, 27 juni, from 17:00 on the stadium "Ekaterinburg Arena". If Mexico was victorious for the sake of light, or would it be important to write down, what is important is success, which is one gigabyte in 1/8-final?

Dramatically on live on the Internet, you can glide online online, in the kyato nyuma is a favorite. Mexico's record-breaking record in the bitcat with South Korea is a success track with 2-1 in the fray. Equally, the tuft of the reserve "El Tri" is suspended on the classaranet in the group F, regardless of the result in the friend of the environment. Juan Carlos Osorio ima causa da Bude nezavlnuvan trail is still rude silno nazyvayane na atkuvavschata si formatsiya, koyato that is chosen for Svetovata bath. Is Mexico prodolzhi so impressive on Mondial 2018?

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Realizing the winning goal against Germany at the start, Irving Lozano, re-turned against the Koreans. Javier Hernandez - Chicharito managed to get his spot on the tournament for the fiftieth time in the Mexican jersey and he also became only the third Mexican to score in three different World Cup titles (after Cuautemoc Blanco and Rafa Marquez). LA Galaxy striker Carlos Vela totally enjoyed his free role in the attack by providing for his teammates and also scored by a penalty in the first half. The next challenge for the Mexicans is Sweden, which on the same day lost to Germany by 1: 2.

Sweden and Mexico have met only once in the World Cup in the past. The clash was in 1958 when Sweden scored 3-0. Although Sweden needs three points here, I doubt that Jane Anderson will change his defensive approach to an opponent like Mexico. El Tri owns a host of creative players capable of damaging any defensive play he has played before. I think there will be a disputed fight with a lot of battle in the center of the pitch and we will not see more than two goals.

Prediction: Under 2.5 goals at odds 1.65 in WINBET

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