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Tournament: championship of France. League 1. Round 1


Throughout the second half of last season, the owners of "Velodrome" led an extra fight with Monaco and Lyon for the second and third ligochempionie places, while the champion title of the national championship was originally and quite deservedly designed Paris Saint-Germain.


Alas, in the early spring in the game Provencal descended. And so Marcel, one by one, lost the principal fights of PSG (0: 3) and Lyon (2: 3). Then came several unintelligible points losses in meetings with the weaker Nantes (1: 1), Montpellier (0: 0), Angers (1: 1) and Gengam (3: 3). As a result, the team of Rudy Garcia took the fourth position, losing "Lyons weavers" only one point:

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Paris Saint-Germain - 93, Monaco - 80, Lyon - 78, Marseille - 77, Rennes - 58 ...


In the current summer off-season, Provencal spent 29 million euros to strengthen the composition. At the heart of Marseille appeared Croatian central defender of Austrian Salzburg Dué Chaleta-Tsar (19 million) and left wing defender of the Birmingham Aston Villa Jordan Amavi (10 million).



So ambitious earlier Toulouse last season, "dipped" to the relegation zone. And only at the last moment the violet managed to avoid parting with the higher division. Taking the eighteenth position, the former team of Pascal DuPra became a participant of additional butt fights, where they won the Corsican Ajaccio for the total of two matches with a score of 4: 0 (3: 0 and 1: 0) and defended their right to play in the elite league of French football.

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And then, soon after the end of the season, the new head coach of Toulouse was the former helmsman Lance (League 2) Alain Casanova. It is unlikely that even now the purple fans have the right to expect the return of their idols to the zone of the League of Europe. Now for one of the outsiders of last season it is extremely important to stabilize your game and gain a foothold in the group of middle peasants.



The previous match of the current rivals for the "Stud Velodrome" ended in a predictable victory for the hosts - 2-0. Among the winners were Florian Thoven and Lucas Ocampos. And now the pronounced favorite of the new meeting again called Provencal: P1 - 1.40, P2 - 9.00.



Three months ago, sports media predicted the inevitable resignation of Rudy Garcia. However, contrary to the opinion of "Ekip" and "France Football", the head coach of Marcel remained at his post. Therefore, today for the only winner in the history of the French football of the Champions League winner (1993) it is extremely important to start a new season with a convincing victory, and then gain a foothold in the group of applicants for new ligochempionskie vouchers.

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Our forecast is Marcel's victory with a handicap (-1) for 1.65.

Marcel spent brilliantly last season, winning in the 38th round with a score of 2: 1 from Amiens, "Marseilles" scored 77 points and settled on the 4th place in the table of the French Premier League. In the summer, the "White-blue" did not sit idle, and held 7 friendly battles, albeit with deplorable results, as a result Marcel received only 1 victory, 2 draws and 4 losses. Throughout 2018, "Provencal" held in their stadium 11 matches, which ended in 2 losses, 7 wins and 2 draws.

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Toulouse in the last match of last season won 2: 1 from Gingam, and earned for the last round of only 37 points was on the 18th place in the rating table of the first league of France. During the summer preparation for the current season, "violets" took part in 8 friendly matches, the results of which are not very inspiring, there are 1 draw and 4 losses for 3 wins. Based on the results of 12 away matches in 2018, the "Toulouse" has 2 victories, 3 draws and 7 losses.


Marcel has not lost to Toulouse since March 3, 2012. during 15 fights, having won 7 wins, with 8 draws. Last season, Olympique won both matches in the championship. On Friday, I expect the continuation of a successful series of Provencals. Bet: Marcel's victory with a handicap is F1 (-1).


Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.6Despite the fact that it is dangerous to start exclusively from friendly matches in places, it is necessary to note the fact that Marcel did not do them very well, the club practically did not win, taking only one victory for a large number of meetings, while the team showed weak defensive football, skipping well, a lot of balls. It's hard to say whether Marcel will behave this way and already in official matches, but an unpleasant residue for him remains and it needs to be taken into account. Miss five goals, as was the last friendly game with Bournemouth, well, this is unacceptable.


Speaking for Toulouse, she immediately wakes up in memory of her last two friendly matches, which the team lost, letting in each of them four goals. No one even waited for such a failure, even in the control meetings. And from whom Toulouse passed, from the English "crystal" and from Nyima. Well, it sounds like a sentence already.

Last season, Marseille took only the 4th line of League 1, which allowed the team to get rid of the need to conduct matches of the qualification of European competition. However, in the summer, Rudy Garcia did not receive the necessary boost and now his team looks meager. Judge for yourself: for the 4 extreme sparring "Provencal" have never won, and the total score was 6:10.

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But Toulouse finished the season on the 18th line of League 1, and was forced to obtain the right to participate in the league 1 through the playoffs. As a result, Debeva's wards beat Ajaccio (0: 3 and 1: 0), so they remained in the elite division. However, before the start of the new season the Toulouse also does not shine and miss in sparring a lot ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Marseille, but at the start of the season it is unclear what conditions the teams are in. Therefore, it is much better to look in the direction of effectiveness, because teams are now missing plenty. So in their full-time meeting there should be a lot of goals ...


Free forecast for the match Marseille - Toulouse: "Total is more than 2". Bookmaker office Marathon offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.42.

The next Friday begins the season in the French League 1. The first match of this tournament will be a meeting between Marseille Olympic and Toulouse. Last season, the future rivals solved completely different tasks: Marcel tried to break into the Champions League, and Toulouse to keep a residence permit in the elite. As a result, "purple" their mission fulfilled, but Marcel will play only in the European League, as well as the season before.

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Bad results

In four matches before the start of the season, Marseille could never win. There are draws with Lisbon Sporting and Villarreal, defeats from Betis and Bournemouth. It is important to note that in each of the matches both teams were hammered, ie. Marcel and in the starting championship for sure will please his fans with productive football. Also do not forget that Marseille is a home team, in the season 2017-18, "port workers" have 12 wins in 19 games.


Four meetings

Toulouse first test match was held July 10 against the team of Villefranche. That meeting was won by future guests with a result of 5: 2. After the Victoria happened over Ajaccio, a draw with Nim 0-0, a defeat from Crystal Palace 1: 4. In the past, the term Toulouse in the away games looked weak, only two wins appear in 19 meetings, 15:33 the difference of the balls.

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Marcel showed not the best results in the preseason, but that does not mean that the "porters" will continue to lose in the official season, especially since Rudy Garcia's squad will play at the Velodrome. Toulouse plays poorly at a party, the Provencals will take advantage of this. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory Marcel 1.46


Marcel will take on his field Toulouse in the starting match of the first round of the French League 1. Last season, the rivals held two full-time meetings and both won the "Provencal". I wonder if the guests will be able to impose an opponent on the upcoming game?


Marcel last season took the 4th line of the tournament table of the French championship. After the summer break, the hosts held 7 friendly matches. In these meetings, the wards of Rudy Garcia won only one victory, playing in this case twice in a draw and suffered 4 defeats.


Toulouse, in turn, took 18th place in the standings of League 1, so she had to play matches for survival. In the final standoff play-off team Rudy Garcia with a total score of 4: 0 beat Ajaccio. As for the 8 off-season control matches, the guests won 3 wins.

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A clear favorite in the upcoming game is Marcel. However, the team is now reliable in the defense does not shine, so you can expect a few dice in the match.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "total more than 2" for a coefficient of 1.46

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Opening the new game of the French championship will be a duel between Marcel and Toulouse. The teams crossed last season, and then today's hosts were more successful - 2: 0 and 1: 2.


"Provencals" last time finished fourth, so they saved themselves from the qualifying confrontations of European competition. Football players Garcia did not gain much, so they look pretty "boring". If you take 4 recent sparring, then there are no victories.


"Toulouse" finished 18th, so we had to fight for the preservation of registration through playoffs. Debeve's team defeated 4: 0 "Ajaccio", which allowed to keep a place among the elite. But before the start of the season the team often missed.

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Forecast for the match "Marseille" - "Toulouse", TB2. Put on a winner in this pair is a risky business, it's better to pay attention to the effectiveness, because even a couple of goals for two they can score.


The championship of France was entrusted to open the finalist of the last Europa League and the team that escaped from relegation only in the play-offs. Will Marseille successfully start the season in front of his fans?


Olympic finished fourth in the previous French championship, showing the best result in the last five years. But the main goal of this club is stable performances in the Champions League and the struggle for the championship of the country. Preparation for the new season wards Rudy Garcia conducted very badly, having won only one of seven matches. In this case, the Marseilles missed every game.


Toulouse took eighteenth place in the season of 2017/18 and for the first time in fourteen years could fall in the class. But in the play-offs, Tefese defeated 4: 0 second-tier Ajaccio. In the summer, the head coach Alen Casanova returned to the team, with whom to connect a certain rise of Toulouse in the early 10-ies. He is again called to bring the club at least to the rank of middle peasants.

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A clear favorite of this confrontation is Marcel. Last year, he delighted his fans with a bright and productive game. This trend should continue and now, so we wait at least two goals scored from the home team.

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The individual total of Marseilles is more than 1.5 at 1.53

The next Friday will be a real football holiday, on the reporting day begins the third round of the Russian regular season. Oh yeah, the championship of France is also starting, it's about this less significant event that we'll tell. Cut the ribbon is entrusted to the pair Marcel - Toulouse. The battle will take place in the most criminal city in France at the stadium "Velodrome".


In the past season, teams fought for quite bipolar goals - the hosts tried to break between two fires, but neither in the championship nor in the European Cups and could not reach heights, and the guests just survived, as if they were the French reincarnation of Bear Grylls. There is nothing surprising in that bookmakers believe that the hosts will win. Let's try to understand, whether somehow the beginning of the season will affect the seemingly predictable outcome.

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"White and blue" last season tried to seep into the top three, but it did not work out. Lyon in the impudent took away from our today's heroes a much-desired lounger in the sun. Now the whole Marseille, who does not thrive with happiness, must at least have seasoned at least a season without the Champions League. You can also recall the fact that in the European League last season, the guys managed to reach the finals, but there met Atletico Madrid, the result is predictable.


The management trusted Rudy Garcia and left a specialist on the coaching bridge. The transfer policy of "white-blue" greyishness - only Amavi and Kaleta-Kar came. Such acquisitions can hardly be called strengthening, since none of the leaders have left. The new season for the "Provencal" begins with a simple challenge, the native "Velodrome" must see the victory of the favorites.



The management of Les Pitchouns decided to make more radical changes - Alen Casanova was called to the helm, which, in addition to the sonorous name, no more achievements. There is nothing to analyze, so our experts decided to check the genealogical tree of the new coach, we learned that he is not a descendant of the very Casanova, so you can safely allow your women to read the material.

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A lot of players left the team, there is not much point in enumerating them. To replace the traitors came Mubele, Gradel, Bastoc, Reine and Issek. To talk about the strength of acquisitions is too early, but we can already say that they are weak. The management hopes that their child in this season will not have to look again to the future with fear. The upcoming championship will begin for the guys with a defeat.


Forecast for this match

"Provencal" perfectly twist mayonnaise from rivals on the home arena, so historically, that "Velodrome" protects the hosts. "Purple" badly act out on the road in the past season and there is no hope for any changes in 2018/2019.

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Bet - the victory of Olympique with a -1 point.