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The Ukrainian club sensationally passed Djurgården at the previous stage of the qualification of the Europa League (1: 1, 2: 1), thereby confirming its readiness to fight at the European club level. Yes, the team does not shine with the staff potential, as in the composition of Mariupol, mostly young players are gathered. In the national championship club from Mariupol held three matches, losing in two of them (Desna, Zarya), but having won at the capital Arsenal.


Mariupol does not change its principles of completing the composition, and the bet is made on the leased Shakhtar football players or on free agents. Before the start of the current season Mariupol has issued lease agreements with a number of players: Chobotenko, Gritsenko, Kiryukhantsev, Pihalenok, Boyarchuk and Churko. On a regular basis contracts with Mariupol were signed by such players as: Fomin, Vakula, Polegenco and Bukovsky. The Ukrainian team is headed by the well-known defender Alexander Babich.

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The French club, most likely, is satisfied with the draw and is preparing to easily overcome the barrier in the form of Mariupol. Famous French club is led by Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet, who took Bordeaux in January 2018 and managed to lead the team into the zone of the League of Europe. In the qualification of Bordeaux, one round has already passed, having overcome Ventspils (1: 0, 2: 1), where he showed far not 100% readiness for the beginning of the season.


Before the start of the current season, Bordeaux lost his main leader. Malcolm was sold to Barcelona for more than 40 million euros. Also, Bordeaux sold Roland to Deportivo for 6 million euros. Having earned serious money, Bordeaux is in no hurry to spend them, signing only with Samuel Kalou from Ghent for 8 million euros. The rate in the season will be made on the proven personnel, and the leaders of the team should become such players as: Plašil, Kamano, de Prevelier, Otavio, Conde and goalkeeper Costil.

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Bookmaker offices give the status of the favorite of the match to the French club, and the success of Mariupol is estimated by the coefficient at 5.30. The draw is quoted for 4.10, and the victory of Bordeaux is 1.67. This alignment of forces in this pair of rivals we see because of the status of teams in European club football, and it is quite natural. Also you can not go past classic quotations for the effectiveness of the match: "total more than 2.5" for 2.13, "total less than 2.5" for 1.80.



Mariupol demonstrated his character in a duel with a strong Djurgården, and now the Ukrainian team is waiting for an even more serious test. Therefore, even in a home match the chances of success for the Ukrainian club are minimal. Bordeaux clearly aimed at the group stage of the tournament, and resources to achieve this goal in the wards Gustavo Poieta is.

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Bet: Winning Bordeaux (P2) - KF 1.67.hampionship of France has not yet begun and at its peak the "Girondins" have not yet come out .

In the coming Thursday, there will be a duel between Mariupol and Bordeaux. The event will be held within the first match of the third qualifying round. Guests from France will receive generous Odessa, and to be more specific, the stadium "Chernomorets", which became a temporary haven for FC Mariupol. The duel attracts with contrast - on the one hand the Ukrainians, dreaming to break into Europe, and on the other the wealthy Frenchmen who already live in this Europe.


By right, the Girondins are considered a favorite, the composition of the French is much better. However, the game tone on the side of Ukrainian footballers, who work hard, in order to adequately win back on the qualification. The early stage of selection often involves sensations, unexpected results, intrigues, investigations. Let's conduct our own investigation in order to find out which coefficient is right.

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The Ukrainian championship has begun, the whole football world has felt this level of increasing football endorphins. Our today's heroes already managed to roll back three matches in the framework of ULP, also the guys played two duels qualifying LE. In the championship the start was not very successful, at the start the guys stumbled over the ribbon and lost to Zare with a score of 3: 1, and then also Desna 1: 4.


Also there was a victory over Kiev Arsenal with the score 2: 1. In the European competition, the "sailors" came together with Djurgården, who is from Sweden. On the road, Ukrainians painted the world, but in Odessa they managed to win with difficulty 2: 1, fate decided in extra time. Ukrainians will try to win back into neat football, but it's hard to believe in what they will not miss. If the goal flies into the gates of the "sailors", then chaos will begin, and goals can pour, as compliments to the teacher on the eve of the exam.

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The French championship did not start, our heroes of today suffer from a lack of game practice. The Girondins played only two official sparring in the selection process - in both cases the squad of Poyet celebrated the victory over Ventspils. The opponent is not very good, in the present stage will have to play against the representative of the Ukrainian team, which in itself sounds like a verdict.

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Gustavo Poyet, like all decent coaches prepared for the players to start the season through friendly matches. Good fights with the participation of our today's heroes in fact was not, you can remember only the victory over St. Etienne. The main drawback will be the visiting character of the match, it is necessary to go to Ukraine, to Odessa, where the cycle of fun and sea foam can drag on for a long time. Last season, the guys rolled back nineteen meetings on the road and in seven cases managed to win.


Forecast for this match

The Ukrainian team is poorly defended, there is no doubt that they will miss in the reporting duel. If they miss, then it will be necessary to recoup (logic is present). In such a situation, complete chaos can begin and goals will fly often.

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The favorite of the upcoming confrontation is obvious. "Mariupol" is an infrequent guest in European competition. "Bordeaux" has a great international experience. We present the forecast for the match of the Europa League.

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