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One of the central matches of the second round of the group stage of the Champions League will be a duel, which will take place at Old Trafford. Manchester United will take Valencia. Both teams have problems with the results in their national championships, it is possible that the head coach of the losing side will lose his job in the near future. Bookmakers believe that Manchester United have good chances to win on Tuesday, but at the same time, betting on a pure Victoria "devils" looks like a risky option.



Problem MJ

After a pause on the game teams, Manchester United played five official matches in various tournaments, and in all five games, the Mourinho team missed their goals. Also worth noting is that the Sir Alexs flew out of the League Cup, losing in the Derby County penalty shoot-out after a 2-2 draw, in the last round the Premier League lost 1: 3 to West Ham.

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After a disgraceful defeat from Juventus, Valencia slowly began to recover. At first, the Levantians did not lose to Villarreal 0: 0, then Celta miraculously "bounced", Aspas scored the second goal in the 82nd minute and brought "heavenly" the most important point. And after that, the "mice" proved to be stronger than Real Sociedad on "Anoeth", Victoria 1: 0. Valencia is still far from its peak, but with the crisis Manchester, the "orange" certainly has a chance, at least not to lose.

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As part of Valencia, a sufficient number of masters, able to decide the fate of the episode, and Manchester United forgot when he played at zero. In this pair, the bet on the guest's goal looks good. Our free forecast for the game:


Goal of Valencia


Manchester United in his current not very confident state, even in the Champions League, managed not to spoil his mood, getting there in the first round more than a confident victory, beating in Switzerland, Young Boys 3-0, although it was read great problems before the match against the team Maurinho. There is a hope that at least in the Champions League the club will not play a fool, everyone will do what is required of them, as long as there is such a feeling that in the Premier League, in the games there, Manchester United players do not fully do their work, from there is a mass of failures. While on the domestic arena Manchester United has the worst start in the last decade, and this is against the backdrop of such a start in the Champions League.

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Valencia, in fact, the same failed start gave out, only in the example, after seeing the first victory only the other day in the last round. There are not many defeats, yes, only here are the games in the attack as it was not from the very first meetings, so it is not. Somehow the defense was saved, draws were drawn on it, but this is not to say positive, Valencia by definition should play actively.


The next match of the current day in the Champions League will be the confrontation between Manchester United and Valencia. Both members are terribly active at the start of the season, both for clubs of their level. Perhaps, in the reporting meeting, the losing side will lose the head coach, but will not run ahead. Bookmakers believe in the success of the hosts, regardless of their weak condition.


Experts are sure that the favorite will not be able to keep his goal at the castle. With this point of view, one can argue, given the low effectiveness of the guests in the last battles. "Mancunians" do not shine with the game on the defensive, but their players of the defensive line, even taking into account the bad form are required to stop the opponent's attacks. Will the fans on the stands Old Trafford witness the long-awaited triumph of their favorites?

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Manchester United

If the chair can really shake under the man, then in the case of José Mourinho, they must walk with staggering. The Portuguese specialist experiences the strength of the nerves of the bosses of the club for the results of his work. The tactics of the "bus" failed, as a result - only the tenth place in the Premier League standings. The team does not win already for three games to the series.


Not so long ago there was a sortie from the Cup of the Football League - behind the side of the tournament the team left a modest Derby County, headed by Frank Lempard. The former Jose José, so to speak, returned the debt for Chelsea. In the Champions League, things are somewhat different - in the first match, the "red devils" did not feel resistance from Young Boys in their own stadium.

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"Bats" at the start of the current season is more like a prey than a predator. The club, which took the fourth place in the last drawing of the Examples, now does not show even similar indicators. After a total of seven rounds of the Spanish championship Marcelino's wards settled on the thirteenth position in the peloton, earning eight points. If the results do not improve, then the Spanish coach runs the risk of losing his job.


Until the last round of the League, the "orange" and did not go without victories at all. Only in the extreme game the team managed to get the long-awaited Victory - on the road was minimally beaten by Real Sociedad. It is difficult to say that it helped the guys overcome the middle peacetime championship, given that the previous rivals were of similar level. In the first match of the Champions League, the Spaniards in their field without a chance gave themselves to Juventus, in fact they lost hope of going to the playoffs.

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Forecast for this match

Future guests before the reporting battle need to seriously work on the implementation - two goals in the five last meetings is not the level of the Champions League member. The hosts, having problems in the defense, must keep the gate on the castle.


Bet - the individual total of Valencia is less than 0.5.

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