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Manchester city

In the past season, Pep Guardiola was able to bring a holiday to the streets of the city - a victory in the English championship and the cup. However, in the championship league the guys fell through, flying without the chances of the mad Klopp and his Liverpool. The next step of the Spanish specialist is clear - to try to win the Champions League and keep the dictatorial position in the Premier League. The composition of the "eagles" is completed, therefore the acquisitions of Sandler and Marez look more like cosmetic corrections.

Do you enumerate the players who will not be able to take part in the nearest match? Persuaded, on the Russian Mundiale participated Stones, Company, Sterling, Walker, De Boyuin, Silva, Bernard, Aguero, Danilo, Jesus, Fernandinho, Mendi and Aguero. All these guys are still on vacation and probably will not come to the United States of America. Such a composition can be taken and the World Cup.

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Borussia Dortmund

The main "bumblebees" that sit in glass offices after a disastrous season were wearing jackets and with an intelligent look began to solve problems. It was decided to hire a new head coach, to the helm came Lucien Favre. The Swiss specialist is no longer in the wizardry of the German team, because he coached Herta and Borussia from Mönchengladbach.

Of course, the "black and yellow" also have representatives of the World Cup, but they are much smaller than that of the opponent. On the field the guys will come out that they have missed football for the summer. It can be recalled that the management also sold Andrei Yarmolenko in West Ham, it is difficult to call this loss strong. But the loss of Socrates can significantly weaken the already unreliable defense line.

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Guardiola is certainly a gentleman and an ingenious motivator, but in the future match everything plays against his charges. On the field, the British will come out unarmed guys, who can be fired upon by the Germans. In this situation, you can bet on "bumblebees".

Bet - the victory of Borussia Dortmund with a handicap.

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In preparation for the new season in the International Cup of Champions the best teams of the Old World will play. So, the champion of England will check for the strength of the participant of the Champions League from Germany. The favorite of the pair is obvious, but in companionable tournaments anything can happen.


After the triumph in the Premier League, Josep Guardiola's wards have not yet played matches. In addition, the vast majority of team leaders were involved in the World Cup. Therefore, the townspeople probably will play a semi-reserve. The game with Borussia is an excellent chance to prove yourself to Riyad Marez, the only team newcomer.

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But the Dortmunds had already had a friendly sparring a week ago. There, they beat Austria with a score of 1: 0. The new Bumblebee coach Lucien Favre begins to play his game charts to successfully apply them in practice next season. Will they be effective against the background of a well-known opponent - we will see on the night from Friday to Saturday.


Bookmakers give a slight advantage in this match is the Dortmund. Yet they are in the best game tone. But the class of Manchester City players, as well as the ambitions of their head coach, will not allow citizens to just give a positive result for themselves.

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Last season, Man City spent simply chic, winning the Premier League with a confident margin. However, now Guardiola will have to start everything from the beginning, and at the moment a part of important players for him is still missing (due to a long participation in the 2018 World Cup). Most likely, now "citizens" will act as the closest reserve and beginners, so expect a tactical miracle on the MCH is not worth it.


But Dortmund Borussia failed last season, because in the Bundesliga took only the 4th line. As a result, the leadership replaced the head coach - Peter Bos was replaced by Lucien Favre. Now the "bumblebees" are quite active in the transfer market, but it is unlikely that they will start playing smoothly from the first matches. Although about a week ago the Dortmunds had already managed to beat Austria by 1: 0.

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Bookmakers do not sing out any of the teams, because it's unclear what compositions they will come out on the field. And at the start of the preseason, players usually look tired, which is why they do not fend on the field. That's it because of this, and I expect a hard struggle and a minimum number of goals.

Free forecast for the match Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund: "Total is less than 3.5". William Hill bookmaker offers a 1.54 odds on this outcome.

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Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund forecast for friendly match from International Championships Cup. The friendly "Champions League" has begun and the tournament for another year will delight us with clashes between the leading European teams. The start of the show gives one of the richest teams in the world against one of the most appealing ones.

In the following lines we will analyze the performance of both teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund.

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Manchester City picked up the English Premier League title with more than 19 points ahead of the second Manchester United. The team, however, did not reach anything serious in the Champions League again and lost to the Liverpool quarter-finals.

The English start their preparation relatively late and the friendly match with Borussia will be the first check for them. "Citizens" kicked off their official meeting on 5 August with Chelsea for Shamed Communists, and a week later they are coming to Emirates's Arsenal in a first-round Premier League game.


Borussia Dortmund recorded one of his weak seasons in the recent Bundesliga releases. The "Yellow and Black" had just qualified for the Champions League after finishing only fourth with an equal number of points with the fifth Bayer Leverkusen.

The Germans have already begun their preparations for the new season and even played their first control meeting. It was against Austria Vienna and the success was for "Be Faw Be" with the minimum 1: 0. The season in Germany starts on August 26, but 6 days earlier, Borussia will face Gretter Fürth for the German Cup.

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