Maldini: Maradona and Ronaldo are the biggest

Maldini: Maradona and Ronaldo are the biggest

Legend of Milan Paolo Maldini gave an interview to the newspaper "Trud" and show "Code Sport", which talks about his career as a footballer for the semifinal battle between Bulgaria and Italy World Cup 1994, the most talented player who has ever seen and for their lives sidelined.


- Around the world call you "Mister Milan." Is there a greater recognition of it?

- Definitely something very nice. Probably because the life of my family has always been closely associated with the "Milan". My father was a glorious player of "Milan". And I spent in team quarter-century. Today my sons are in children's formation of "Milan".


- It is difficult to spend even one person so much time, but you have made with your favorite team. How did this happen?

- When goals coincide, cohabitation is easy. I was born in Milan, I grew up in the city, my father Cesare game "Milan" and for me there is nothing easier than to stay connected with my roots.


- Do you remember the names of all the coaches you've worked with?

- Yes of course! All of my first coach Nils Liydholm to the last - Carlo Ancelotti. Interestingly, a Papa Carlo partnered on the field and when we were players. All coaches have given me a lot in his career. But always mostly I appreciated the trust.


- You have worked with Arrigo Sacchi, Fabio Capello, Carlo Ancelotti. In each of them won the Champions League. Could you describe them?

- Each of them is different and will take hours to compare them. My luck was that happened in perfect sequence for a footballer. I am a child of "Milan" I grew up near great personalities. My chance was that consistently Sacchi, Capello and Ancelotti were my coaches - each of them at the right time. I won many matches, many titles a great buy.


- What is the talanliviyat player with whom you have played?

- I would say Maradona and Ronaldo. I mean Brazilian, Ronaldo.


- In Bulgaria we have adopted painful loss of "Barcelona" from the "Milan" in 1994 in the Champions League final in Athens. Then driymtima of Cruyff played Hristo Stoichkov.

- During all those years that I was in "Milan", the team is always entered as the favorite in the final match that was playing. Against "Barca" as if it was the only time that we thought for outsiders. And this motivates us very strongly. I remember that inspired each other. It was quite difficult because my partners in the defense Franco Baresi and Alessandro Costacurta were punished. When two players from their rank forced out, it becomes difficult. In this against us was that magnificent team "Barca". But that happens sometimes in sport and especially in football - and an unexpected joy for some and a huge disappointment for others.


- How long you are familiar with Hristo Stoichkov? Do you remember the other matches you played against him?

- I have a strong memory. But those who remember surely the final of the World Cup in 1994 against Brazil and semi-final against Bulgaria. Well, I guess this match is sure to this day is painful for you. More than match "Milan" - "Barcelona", right? I think this year I came to two of the peaks in his career. I guess so is Christ.


- Bulgaria very proud of his performance in the United States. What do you think about the team, who have overcome the semifinals?

- A national team has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup by accident! To reach similar results to a similar level, there must be a great generation of players who play a lot of time together and have successful international careers. I know that many of them had them, but as we add the strong patriotic feelings that are in the Balkan countries, we understand how and why it came to this great success. Bulgaria was a great team who deservedly reached the final box.


- Played're against the two biggest Bulgarian teams - CSKA and "Levski". Do you remember those games?

- I remember the matches of 1988 against "Levski". I was injured and did not play to our success with 5: 2 in Milan. Then we in Sofia with 2: 0. I must have played at least two games against Bulgaria in European competition, but others do not remember. Excuse me, but I played so many matches in my career that I was a little difficult now to recall all the details, especially about them.


- A few months ago we did an interview with Senor Bridal, former sports director of "Milan". He told us that Silvio Berlusconi many wanted to take Hristo Stoichkov. Would he fit this empire?

- Then I was not aware of the plans of management. This is not the work of the players. Surely "Milan" at the time watching the best players on the planet, and Stoitchkov was one of them. It would have been nice to come to us, but even so his career was more than successful.


- You played 902 matches for "Milan". Can you get to elevation 1000?

- If you count the matches for the national team, then surely I passed elevation 1000! Yes, my career is very "Milan", but very Italian!


- Seven times champion of Italy are five times Europe. Which bowl as much their prices?

- The first triumphs are always the best, but I must say the last Champions League, which won with perhaps not the strongest lineup in history had great strong steel straight character. Then we beat "Liverpool" in Athens with 2: 1. Then we took together and the European Super Cup and Club World Cup. These three bought in 2007 were for me a great joy. I knew that my time is running out and this is one of the last chance to win something more significant as a player. I managed to do it and it made me very happy. "Milan" was at the top in Europe and the world with me on the field.


- You have so much success, but also a huge disappointment - against the "Liverpool" in Istanbul. Took a 3: 0 in the first half and eventually lost on penalties. What happened in this Champions League final in 2005?

- Well, what happened? Nothing happened. They played well for 10 minutes, we - 110. But that was not enough. As I said before - that's the beauty of football. I was lucky enough to raise seven championships of Italy, but lost three finals in the Champions League. Also lost the final of the World Cup in the United States, the European Championship finals in the Netherlands. Uncomfortable, but I always accept the result as it is! Otherwise one can not sleep well at night. And you can not reach those others big results. To the top!


- Why such a great team as "Milan" in recent years is presented below expectations of millions of fans around the world, including in Bulgaria?

- Let's say that in recent times there chaos in the management of the club, and this clearly affects the results on the pitch. I do not know whether Silvio Berlusconi will have the desire to continue to invest in "Milan" as it did for many years.

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