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August 24, 21:45 at the stadium "Park Olympic Lyon" will be a match within the third round of League 1 in France, in which Lyon will take Strasbourg.


Olympique Lyon on the basis of the last championship of League 1 could earn 78 points and finished the season for 3 positions in the standings. In the preseason "children" conducted training in 4 friendly matches, of which there were 2 winnings, 1 loss and 1 draw. "Lions" also played 3 games from the series of the International Champions Cup, in which they lost 2 games and won only in 1 match. At home in 2018, "aristocrats" took rivals in 12 games, 8 games brought them victory, 2 losses and 2 draws. In the first two rounds of the new season, Lyon won on the home field 2: 0 from Amiens, and lost to 0: 1 Rheims.

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Strasbourg scored 38 points in the last championship of League 1 and stayed on the 15th place of the table. During the summer months, the players held 7 control games, of which they won 3, lost 2 and divided the points in 2. Visiting in 2018, Strasbourg had 11 matches, of which 1 victory, 2 draws and 8 defeats. In the new league championship, the wards of Thierry Lorea beat Bordeaux 2-0 at home, at home they cut off points with Saint-Etienne 1: 1.


In two extreme games the teams won in their own field, Lyon - 4: 0, Strasbourg - 3: 2. Lyon after the defeat in the last round should take revenge in front of his fans. Bet: Lyon's victory with a handicap - F1 (-1).

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Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.45



To the huge surprise of fans of betting express, in the third in the August weekend, some of the original favorites of top national leagues frankly disappointed with their feeble game. First and foremost, this is the English Manchester United, weak-willed away visiting Brighton (3-2), and Milan Inter, who lost to Stadio Māpey the starting match of the new Sassuolo season (1: 0).

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Disappointed their fans and the French Lyon. After all, after a confident home victoria in the first round over Amiens (2-0), fans of football, remembering the catch phrase from the famous film by Leonid Gaidai, expected a "continuation of the banquet" ...


Alas! Outside of its arena, the grand national football was absolutely no different from many middle peasants of League 1, and therefore quite deservedly lost to Reims (1: 0). And the heroes of the first match with Amiens - Bertrand Traore and Memphis Depay in ninety minutes of the game and could not print the gate is not the strongest opponent. After this fiasco, Lyon dropped out of the group of leaders, and dropped to the tenth position.

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Now the owners of the "Stud de Lumiere" will take a very successful club in the new season from Alsace. After all, in the two previous rounds Strasburg earned four points, and now takes a higher than Lyon seventh position. Recall, in the very first round of the team Thierry Lore, taking advantage of the conflict in the camp of Bordeaux, beat the Aquitaine in their arena (0: 2). And then the owners of the "Stud de la Meno" took the most titled club in the history of French football Saint-Etienne, and earned one point in a duel with the original favorite (1: 1).


This will be the second meeting of the current rivals in Lyon after the return of the Alsatians in the summer of 2017 to the elite. And in the previous match the team Bruno Zhenesio defeated the debutante with a dry score - 4: 0 (Mariano 2, Fekir 2).

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Naturally, after their fiasco in Rheims, the "Lyon weavers" crave revenge. And taking into account the completely different level of the game of the hosts and guests of the "Stud de Lumiere", here the opinion of experts is unequivocal: P1 - 1.35, P2 - 8.00.



For the team, Bruno Zhenesio is extremely important in the two upcoming August meetings with Strasbourg and Nice (August 31) to earn the maximum points. After all, then, after a ten-day September pause immediately begins the group tournament of the Champions League. And although his draw will take place only on August 30th, it is already clear that at least two top rivals from England, Spain, Italy or Germany will get to Lyon, who is in the third basket. Of course, now our choice is obvious.

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Our forecast is the victory of Lyon with a handicap (-1) for 1.50.

Lyon, after stumbling in the second round in a match with Reims at a party, having lost to that with a score of 0: 1, will want to take a rehab here, and the rival is very suitable for this. With him at Lyon in his arena, things are more than excellent. And even if most of the meetings were very long, the alignment of forces did not change. If you take last season, then Lyon won 4-0, as you know, without any hassle. And in the first round of this season in his arena Lyon figured out Amiens - 2: 0. The team of "lions" and Reims would have beaten, be much higher implementation, and the moments were simply in abundance.

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Strasbourg can and started quite well, taking four points for the first two rounds, but it is unlikely that all this can be called stability. Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, all these are serious rivals, but not more serious than Lyon, and two games still do not really mean anything, and especially when one opponent plays in the minority from the 18th minute, and in the other with 13 th. Strasbourg is very lucky so far.

Lyon in the last round unexpectedly lost to Reims, than he subjected himself to a wall of criticism. Jean-Michel Olas, president of the club, could not refrain from it, and when he is angry, an immediate reaction should follow. So everyone is waiting for a response from Lyons in a home match against Strasbourg. In addition, the opponent is suitable, with a not very reliable game of defense, although while he manages to keep the mark - in the first two rounds Strasbourg did not lose. Lyon has a huge potential in attack, in creativity. Fekir returned to the game, Lopez, too, that will add reliability and confidence in the defense, as well as the appearance there of the newcomer Denayer. And in the creative part with Depaem, Traore and Mariano, and so there was no problem - the main thing - the implementation.

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Strasbourg showed up at the start of the season not bad, but mainly due to emotional charge. On the road he used the non-assembly of Bordeaux, and at home Strasbourg by tradition is strong enough and assertive, although with St. Etienne experienced many problems. Visiting Lyon will have them even more. Strasbourg's stance on the counter-attacks may lead to the goals of the guests, but it is unlikely that the defense of the guests will be able to withstand the onslaught of the angry attacking Lyon, who in the last seven home games in League 1 won, also in his field he beat Strasbourg seven times in a row, and the meetings were always effective . Well, he scored at least two goals in the last six matches with this opponent.

Strasbourg is a convenient contender for Lyon, for the attack of Lyon, especially on his field. So we will wait for productive football in favor of the hosts.

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