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On the 24th, there will be a duel between Lokomotiv and Porto. The meeting will take place in the framework of the third round of the Champions League group stage. The teams did not overlap with each other before, so the interest in the match is very large.


The "railroad workers” look disastrous this season, but the team adds a little bit. In the Champions League, Russians are among the outsiders, which is confirmed on the field - 3: 0 rebounded from Galatasaray and 0: 1 from Schalke. If in general, the club can score, and the loss from the Germans was the first on the home field.


"Dragons” demonstrate quite good results, and even in the Champions League look good. At first there was a world 1: 1 with "Schalke”, and then it turned out to beat 1: 0 "Galatasaray”. That's just with departures, well, everything is smooth, and the Portuguese are regularly passing.

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The forecast for the match "Lokomotiv” - "Porto”, TB1.5. Most likely that a couple of goals the team will please us. The Russians need to prove themselves, and the "dragons" will try to improve their situation.


Locomotive this season frankly disappoints with its game, although the team only intensified. In the Champions League, Semin’s wards completely failed 2 starting matches - a defeat away from Galatasaray (3: 0) and a home defeat against Schalke (0: 1). In general, the "railroad workers” have problems with attack and completion, but in the Champions League they are seen very well (against the background of a strong defense). However, one should not forget that at Muscovites everything goes well at home - 2 wins, 2 draws and a misfire with Schalke.


Porto also performs much better than Lokomotiv, both in the Champions League and in the national championship. In the Champions League, Conseisau’s wards managed to score 4 points - an away draw with Schalke (1: 1) and a home victory over Galatasaray (1: 0). In fact, "dragons" have recently played defensively, which is why they score too little. However, on the road the champions of Portugal are constantly missing. Little by little, but miss

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The third round of the championship league will continue on Wednesday. By tradition, a lot of intriguing sporting events are expected on the reporting day. In one of the likes of Borussia, Dortmund will meet Atletico of Madrid. It is safe to say the policy that this event can be attributed to one of the central ones. The event will take place at the Signal Iduna Park stadium.


Without really understanding the whole story, it can be concluded that the final dispute for the first line in the standings will take place between these two teams. I don’t want to single out favorites, of course, because of the factor of the home arena, the Germans look more attractive. However, they will come "Indians" who are able to quietly cut the scalp. We start analytics.

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Borussia Dortmund

As soon as Favre assumed the duties of the head coach, the "bumblebees” began to hum. For example, the standings of the domestic German championship. After eight matches played, the guys managed to find themselves on the first line. This success was achieved thanks to a series of four victories in a row. In this list can be attributed, and the European Cup match against Monaco.


Everything is great not only in the Bundesliga, but also in the championship league. Fans of the "black and yellow" can finally feel the atmosphere of the "eared" tournament to the full. In the starting two matches, six points were gained. In addition to the aforementioned match against Monaco, Bruges was also circumvented in a dispute. In the pocket of Favre six points and hope for the final first stage.



The team both lost the first of September in a fight with Celta, and forgot how much it tastes like defeat. For analytics, we take only the last five battles. During the reporting period, Betis and Huesca were able to outplay in the domestic arena, another triumph is listed in the Champions League against Brugge. Also there were two world against the Real Madrid and Villarreal. Indicators are stable, you can be nominated for victory in a foreign country.

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For general education, it should also be mentioned that in La Liga, the mattress played five away matches and lost only once. Simeone is a cunning strategist. The specialist understands that in the future match the fate of leaving the first place will not be decided, this intriguing moment can be transferred to the home game. For this it is important to reliably play in Germany.


Prediction for this match

The Indians already have a lot of experience with such matches. As practice shows, the team rarely loses them (if you do not take into account the failure last season). In such a situation, you can put with an emphasis on guests.


Bet - Atlético will not lose.

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Match 3 of the group stage of the Champions League Lokomotiv - Porto will be held on Wednesday October 24 at 22:00 (Moscow time) at the stadium RZD-Arena. In this game, bookmakers consider Porto a favorite, estimating the probability of his victory at about 50%. He approaches the match after a major victory over the Vila Real club in the Portuguese Cup with a score of 6: 0. It was his fifth win in the last eight official matches with only one defeat. True, the loss was in principle, a duel with Benfica in the national championship. In general, this season, Porto spent 12 official matches, scoring eight wins and losing twice and tied. On the road, he won three of the five matches of the season in all tournaments, tied once and lost. In the Champions League in the first round of the group stage, Porto drew 1: 1 in a visit to Schalke, after which he beat Galatasaray at home with a minimum score of 1: 0.


On Friday, Lokomotiv beat Rostov in the Russian Championship with a score of 2: 1 - Anton Miranchuk and Solomon Kverkvelia scored a goal. This was the second consecutive victory wards Yuri Semin. In general, this season the "Railwaymen” held 15 official matches, having won five times, losing and tied, if you count only in the main time. In 9 out of 15 of these matches, less than three goals were scored, and in seven matches the effectiveness did not exceed one goal. In his field, Lokomotiv lost just one of the six matches of the season, having won three times and played two draws. In the Champions League after a guest defeat from Galatasaray with a large score of 0: 3 Muscovites suffered just that only home defeat - from Schalke with a minimum score of 0: 1. The analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that their match with Porto will not reveal the winner and will end in an ineffective draw.

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Lokomotiv's victory - 4.22, a draw - 3.32, Porto's victory - 1.97.



draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker 1xStavka believe that the game will end with a score of 1: 1 or Porto 1: 0 (coefficient 6.00). Bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.65.

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The capital club is reaping the benefits of last year's championship, having directly made its way into the group stage of the tournament. Locomotive was very lucky with a lot, since in the face of Porto, Schalke and Galatasaray, the "railroad” got equal clubs as rivals. Despite the successful draw, Lokomotiv failed the starting segment in the tournament and with zero points scored it takes the last place in the standings. Locomotive looks toothless in the attack, still not scoring the gates of rivals a single year. As a result, we have defeats from Galatasari (3: 0) and from Schalke (1: 0), which significantly reduces the chances of Semin’s wards to enter the next stage of the tournament.

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In the game with Porto, Yuri Semin will not be able to count on a number of injured players - Smolov, Rybus, Kolomeitsev, Farfan, and also having a chance to heal the injury to Chorluk. In the championship, Lokomotiv managed to improve things a little after the starting failure - now the team is in fourth place in the standings.



In the Portuguese club, the main task in the Champions League is to show the goods face, which means that the "dragons" are trying to prove themselves as best as possible in order to profitably sell their leaders to European grants. Porto in recent years has slightly changed the configuration vector, reinforcing the composition of experienced players, whereas earlier it was a very young middle-aged club. As a result, as part of Porto, we can observe Casillas, M. Pereira, D, Pereira, Abubacar and other players who are difficult to attribute to the category of talented youth. Despite this, Porto has enough young talents - these are Torres, Diaz, Otavio and Militao. Sergio Conceisao is a very successful coach for this club, as under his leadership the team looks stable in terms of results and is skilled in terms of the game being demonstrated.

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Bookmakers are not particularly appreciated the chances of the home team to succeed in this match, quoting Lokomotiv victory for 4.28. The draw of the match is estimated by the leading bookmakers for 3.40, while Porto won for 2.02. Here, the leading role is played by the reputation and status of Porto in European competition. Totals with average values ​​have the following numbers from bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5” for 2.40, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.64.



Despite disbelief from bookmakers in Lokomotiv’s ability, we know that Semin’s players are capable of more than just being extras in the Champions League. In a duel with Porto, the "railroad workers” are obliged to score points, otherwise the Locomotive will not struggle for even third place. For betters, the advantageous choice will be in favor of the Moscow club.


Bet: Lokomotiv Moscow win with a handicap (+1.0) – 1.42.

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Former Spartak midfielder and the national team of Ukraine, and now VseProSport.ru website expert Maxim Kalinichenko shares his prediction for the Lokomotiv Champions League match Porto.

The leader of Group D, Porto, comes to visit Lokomotiv Moscow, which occupies the last position. Match approximately identical teams in level.


The Railwaymen lost both the Champions League starting matches against Galatasaray (0: 3) and Schalke 04 (0: 1), and the results cannot be called well-deserved. According to the game in Istanbul, the Muscovites didn’t just play a crushing defeat, and the fate of the fight with the Germans was decided by the curtain of the meeting. In the domestic championship now only the fourth place, although in the last matches they managed to beat CSKA (1: 0) and "Rostov” (2: 1).


"Dragons” turned out to be much more successful in today's European competition, because they achieved a minimal victory over the Turks, and in Gelsenkirchen they shared points, having played 1: 1. In the final round of the regular season, the "blue-whites” lost to "Benfica” (0: 1), which was the second defeat of the season and threw the team to the third position. Generally, on the road, on average, the club from the city of the same name misses a goal.

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The Russians are very unsuccessful in this tournament. The Portuguese, too, do not demonstrate something unimaginable, but occupy the first position. For the hosts this is one of the last chances to mark the struggle. In cool Moscow, the host side will burn their eyes, but it is unlikely that the favorite will leave the field without a goal scored.


I advise you to take both score for 2.07 in BC 1xStavka.



"Lokomotiv” very poorly started in the Premier League, for some time even rumors circulated about the resignation of Yuri Semin, but the "railway workers” mentor managed to stabilize the situation. After a series of unsuccessful matches, Lokomotiv beat Akhmat at home, not without difficulty, and then won two major victories over CSKA and Rostov, scoring a winning goal in the minority for CSKA. Now the team Semin is in fourth place and seven points behind the leader of "Zenith”.

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In the Champions League, Lokomotiv has not yet taken points this season. In the first round, the Russians lost without a chance to Galatasaray in Turkey, and in the second round they had the opportunity to catch a goalless draw in Moscow in a match with Schalke, but missed a goal at the end of the match after a corner. Semin considers Porto the strongest team in the group, which is confirmed by the numbers - the dragons lead the quartet with four points.



Porto started quite confidently in the championship, but managed to make some annoying mistakes that ultimately cost him the leadership. Now the team of Sergio Conceisau is in third place, behind "Benfica” and "Braga” two points. In the last round, the "dragons” opposed the "Benfica” in the Portuguese Clasico and lost this duel - passivity in the attack was punished by Haris Seferovich, to the goal of which Porto could not answer with anything.

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In the first round of the Champions League, the dragons had every chance to score more than one point, but in the end they played 1: 1 with Schalke at a party. At the very beginning of the match Porto got the right to a penalty, but Alex Telles missed. After that, "Schalke” used his moment, but the Portuguese still managed to snatch a draw. In the second round, Porto easily figured out Galatasaray at home, confining himself to just one goal.


Conceição will not be able to count on this fight for three forwards - Vincent Abubacar, Tikinho Soares and Hernani.



Lokomotiv has not scored in the current Champions League

Only in one of the last six games Lokomotiv failed to score

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Lokomotiv have won three of the last four matches

In only two of the last five away matches in the Champions League, "Porto” did not miss



Porto quite confidently beat Galatasaray in his field, but in a duel with Schalke the dragon game was completely different, they could well have lost in that match. Obviously, home games for the Conseisau team are much better, so Lokomotiv should have chances. Now the "railroad” are no longer that confused and passive in the attack team, which they were in the game with "Schalke”, lately a lot has changed in the game "Lokomotiv” and in the mood of the players. The owners have nowhere to retreat, and the tribunes will drive forward, so there is every reason to count on effective football from Lokomotiv.


In our opinion, dry guests will not stay. Prediction - Lokomotiv will score. In the Betting League, such an outcome is proposed with a odds of 1.60

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September for the team of Yuri Semin turned out to be not too successful - in the framework of the RPL Muscovites on the road lost to Krasnodar (1: 2) and Zenit (3: 5), tied at home with Dynamo (1: 1), and in The Champions League started with a crushing defeat by Fenerbahce (0: 3).


Under the coach of Lokomotiv, the chair started to roll, but the "railroad workers” managed to turn the tide, pulling out a difficult victory in the Russian Cup match with Baltika (3: 2), after which Akhmat (2: 0) won in their field within the RPL .


October began with a European Cup defeat by an outsider of the Bundesliga "Schalke” (0: 1), but then managed to beat CSKA - 1: 0. A full way out of the crisis can be called a victory in the 11th round of the "Rostov” with a score of 2: 1.

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As a result, Lokomotiv rose to 4th place with 18 points, but in the Champions League there is still zero and the last attempt to catch at the ghostly chances of fighting for the playoffs or a place in the Europa League, at least.



Last season, the dragons, headed by Sergio Conceição, managed to show a consistently cool game that allowed them to win the first championship in five years in the Portuguese championship.


And in early August, the team beat Avesh in the country's Super Bowl with a score of 3: 1 and added another trophy to the club museum.

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In the Champions League, the Portuguese team started an away draw with a crisis Schalke (1: 1). Having conceded in the second half, Porto earned a penalty and equalized the score. In the second round, the Portuguese took three points in a home game with "Galatasaray” - an accurate blow to the account of Moussa Maregui.


After seven rounds of the Portuguese Championship, Porto with 15 points is in third place in the domestic championship. In the last round, Conseisau's wards on the road lost to Benfica - 0: 1.



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Bookmakers consider Porto a favorite of the match. On the victory of the guests, a factor of 2.00 is given, while on a draw - 3.30, and on the success of Loko - 4.30.


Muscovites have nowhere to retreat, defeat can bring the team Semin to the spring without the European Cup. Porto also cannot be called an ideal team, stability is not always enough here, so it is extremely difficult to predict the result here. We propose to put on "both teams score" for 2.08.


On Wednesday evening in Moscow, one of the matches of the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage will take place - Lokomotiv will take Porto.


These groups have never crossed paths, but this will only add intrigue to their meeting.

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Locomotive is only failing the current season, although in recent times the team’s work has noticeably improved. In the Champions League, Semin’s wards are the outsiders of Group D, because they lost both games 3-0 with Galatasaray and 0-1 with Schalke. However, in general, the "railroad” houses are more self-confident and often slaughtered ... And the defeat of Schalke was the first defeat of the Muscovites with their fans ...


But Porto shows good football in the current season, surprising even in the Champions League. Not that it was a direct surprise, but no one expected the leadership in the group of "dragons”. So, Sergiu Conceisau's wards first away tied with Schalke (1: 1), and after the house they beat Galatasaray (1: 0). However, it is worth noting that at the exit the Portuguese team almost always misses ...


Bookmakers allocate a little bit of Porto, but in this match Lokomotiv should not be written off. The thing is that the "railroad” houses are more confident, and the "dragons” on the road are stably passing. Most likely, a fairly open game awaits us (the hosts need to win), so a couple of goals are guaranteed ...

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Free prediction for the match Lokomotiv Moscow - Porto: "Total is more than 1.5". The bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1.41 for this outcome.


Lokomotiv Moscow on October 24, 2018 at 22:00 in the third round of the Champions League group stage will play against Porto at the Russian Railways Arena.


The locomotive is considered an outsider of group D, after all, it occupies the last line, without gaining a single point, and without scoring a single goal, at the gates of its opponents. The worst indicators of "Railwaymen” in the Champions League do not affect the home championship, where they do not lose three confrontations in a row. In the last confrontation in the home arena in the Champions League, Loko played against Schalke, and almost took the first point, but in the last minute missed Victoria.

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Porto ranks first in the tournament table, scoring four points, the same as the previous club. This year, the Portuguese can leave the group if they continue to show decent results. Football players have time everywhere, even in the Cup of Portugal pass further, and in the championship only two confrontations lost.


For the first time in history, Lokomotiv will take Porto in its field, so it will be interesting to see what can be achieved in this meeting. Guests surpass the hosts in all respects and are able to defend with high quality, so the match will not be productive. Bet: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.14

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The most important match for railway workers. Will they remain in business or will the Euroseason be curtailed soon?


Slightly late "Lokomotiv” with the release of hibernation. That is, if he came out of it, that is not a fact. The beginning of the season was terribly lethargic and gray. This includes two defeats in the Champions League from not the most elite opponents. And in the national championship three hard victories were won in a row. This allows you to look at the standings with optimism, where from fourth place you can compete for a place in European competition. But from the fourth place in the Champions League you need to strongly jerk to catch at least for something. In the pair matches with the "Port” must be at least 4 points. Well, where else can you expect to win, if not in your own field?

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"Porto” began the season very calmly and confidently. In Europe, everything is going strategically right: Galatasaray is beaten up at home, a draw has been brought from Gelsenkirchen. Quite satisfied with a calm game and equality on the scoreboard following the results of the game in Moscow. In the championship of Portugal was at the start misfire in the game against the "Guimaraes”. The defeat seemed wildly absurd and accidental, they say, they relaxed and from 2: 0 in the second half it turned out 2: 3. However, in the last round of the dragon primaira, he also beat the sworn enemy - Benfica 1: 0. So the internal affairs are so-so. But there will still be time to fix everything, and now the Portuguese will focus on the Champions League.

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