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The locomotive very hard started the way in the group stage of the current Champions League, having suffered a fiasco in Istanbul (Galatasaray 0: 3 defeat). But it was a meeting with a direct competitor in the struggle for access to the playoffs of the tournament, after which the chances of Lokomotiv to successfully fight in the group were significantly reduced. On the line of the battle with Schalke and Port, in which Lokomotiv need to collect at least 4 points. With the German club Semin's wards will converge after two victories in the national cup and championship. It's hardly possible to talk about the team's exit from a clear crisis, but still in extreme matches Lokomotiv looks more interesting than a sample of the stratum of the season.


For Lokomotiv, not everything is lost this season, because the championship is at an early stage, and the team really claim even the championship. In the Champions League "railroad" enough to beat Schalke in order to equalize their chances of reaching the playoffs with the rest of the clubs in the group.

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German club, which last season made a qualitative leap in terms of the results shown in the championship, in the Champions League, his way began with a draw in the match against Porto (1: 1). In the last round of the Bundesliga Schalke obtained the first victory in the championship, having beaten Mainz with the score 1: 0. As you can see, the German club is gaining shape in the course of the season, trying to reach the peak to the decisive matches in the group stage of the Champions League.


In terms of staff potential, Schalke looks like one of the group's favorites, but the team lacks a great European cup experience. Also, Schalke has certain personnel difficulties - injured Istanbul and Ochipka, in question participated in the match Gays, Skřubski and Rieter. In the rest, the potential for Schalke is very good, and the wards Domenico Tedesco have all the chances for a successful performance in European competition.

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According to quotes from the bookmakers, we have the following layout for the outcome of this match: Lokomotiv's victory for 3.17, draw for 3.22, Schalke's victory for 2.52. A small advantage is Schalke, due to the game in the top championship. Quotations for total betting from bookmakers look like this: "total is more than 2.5" for 2.46, "total is less than 2.5" for 1.62. These figures predict a match with a low performance.

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Now Lokomotiv has nowhere to retreat, because the defeat from Galatasaray threw the Moscow club to the last place in the standings. Schalke now does not look like a formidable team, which Semin wards can not beat. On the contrary, it is in this match that Locomotive has all chances to score three points.


Bet: Lokomotiv victory or draw (1X) – 1.60.

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The second round of the group stage of the championship league will continue into the coming Wednesday. On the reporting day, a match is expected between the locomotive and Schalke. The Germans managed to reach Moscow this time. At the stadium, "Lokomotiv" will be held this status (in certain) circles match. Residents of the capital, not spoiled by a huge number of similar sparring, will try to fill the stadium cup to the very edge.


There will be two clubs that can cuddle together and start complaining about the unsuccessful start of the fresh season. More detailed about the results, we'll talk in the article itself, and now we will ask you a question - who should be put in this situation? Both teams are in a sorry state, and we will have to choose the lesser of two evils. Let's try to open an alternative bet option.

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Yuri Semin and his guys are in bad condition, we will repeat this fact again, purely for consolidation. In the domestic championship team not so long ago lost to Krasnodar with a score of 2: 1 and rolled the world with the Moscow Dynamo. All this happened not long before the start of the team in the group stage of the Champions League. On a negative background, the guys came to Istanbul, and there already happened what is commonly called "Damn."


Hot Turkish guys instantly attacked Russian prey. As a result, the "railwaymen" were forced three times to remove the round from its own grid. At the post-match press conference on Semin was not a person. The Russian specialist perfectly understands that it was impossible to start with such a major defeat.

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In the extreme round, "miners" still managed to break the sad series in the domestic championship. At our own stadium our heroes of today defeated Mainz. Begin to get out of the swamp with small steps, in spite of three points, the club is still loading in the quagmire called the departure zone. There is no doubt that over time Tedesco's team will be able to catch up with Fortune and Stuttgart.


Let's return to the European competition. In the first round, the "royal blue" played against Porto. "Dragons" - the creature is not easy and they can not be changed simply. The Portuguese have started to press from the start, but the moments have not been transformed into a goal scored. The culmination in the best cultural traditions happened under the curtain - the "miners" managed to come forward, but at the seventy-fifth minute Otavino realized a penalty.


Forecast for this match

"Railwaymen", even at the cost of undermined ways, can not be allowed to get to the Germans to their own penalty. "Miners" are also not going to go far into the Russian mines, so expect a neat football and a few goals.

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The bet is a total less than 2.5.



The current champion of Russia in this season often grieves his fans, than pleases. The start of the team in the Champions League was a failure - in Turkey, "Loco" was defeated "Galatasaray" with a score of 0: 3.


No less a failure was the departure to St. Petersburg to visit the "Zenith", where "Lokomotiv" lost with a score of 3: 5, and in the course of the match, collapsing after the break, conceded and with a score of 1: 4.

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The next match also almost ended in disaster - in 1/16 of the Cup of Russia "Lokomotiv" in Kaliningrad inferior to "Baltic", only at the last minute able to equalize and transfer the game into the extra time, where he pulled the victory - 3: 2.


Lokomotiv is more alive than dead

Home victory of "railroad" over "Akhmat" - in our press review30 / 09/2018

In the last match, "Loco" in his field took "Akhmat", snatching victory with a score of 2: 0 in the end of the meeting.


After 9 rounds of the championship of Russia "Lokomotiv" with 12 points and a difference of balls 10-10 is located on the 6th place in the RPL table.

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In the upcoming match will not play injured Fedor Smolov, Alexander Kolomeitsev, Jefferson Farfan and Maciej Fish.



The German team's business in the national championship is even worse. "Miners" lost 5 games out of 6 at the start of the season and are not in the best form at the moment.

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However, "Schalke" basically lost to top clubs or strong middle peasants. "Herta" not only defeated Gilsenkirchentsev with a score of 2: 0, but also went through the "Bavaria" and shares with her 2nd place.

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The defeat of "Borussia" from Mönchengladbach (0: 2), too, was not a big surprise, the team is very strong.


In the Champions League, "Schalke" started home draw with "Port" (1: 1), scoring in the second half, but after that he earned a penalty in his own net.

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