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Russian football is returning to the world stage, all sporting events are hidden in the corners. Indeed, not everyone will survive this competition. As part of the duty, already the eleventh round of the elite championship, Lokomotiv will face up against Rostov. This event looks like Alexander Nevsky against the background of its own doublers.


The event will take the capital of the Russian Federation. "Rzhd Arena" has already prepared the stands in order to take in the gentlemen from Rostov. Do not lie if we say that the event is central to the whole tour. Both teams have set themselves big goals, which can only be achieved by the mountain of corpses and blood. I don’t want to single out a favorite, but for the sake of pro forma, we’ll designate that bookmakers are on the hosts side because of the venue of the battle.



Semin and his loyal players in front of an awkward pause for the matches of the teams demonstrated competitive football. Let us pass from pompous words for example - in the last four sparrings, our today's heroes lost only once. This misunderstanding happened in the Champions League match against Schalke. Germans do not lose shame. CSKA, Akhmat and Baltic managed to beat.

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The standings of the Russian championship is a microcosm that you want to admire. Serdy all experienced warriors, Muscovites are located on the seventh position. Pockets Semin difficult to call reliable, but at the moment there are fifteen points lying around. Rubicon at the moment - catch up with Rostov, who has come off three points. How convenient it turned out that it was with them Loko to play in the coming Friday.



Fans of the "blue" at a loss. "Tractor drivers” in their own "Rostov-Arena” often lose, but unexpected victories are obtained at a party. For example, well, who expected that they would succeed in defeating CSKA and Spartak on enemy territory in an alien crowd (note that both opponents are from Moscow). On the reverse side of the medal appear defeats on their own site from Orenburg and the Wings of the Soviets.


Valery Karpin used to play passively. In battles with notorious favorites, the Russian specialist prefers the tactics of an aggressive ostrich - first hide his head in the sand, and then, when the opponent has reached the maximum point of relaxation, hit back. This tactic has already worked perfectly in battles with the leaders of the championship. There is no reason to depart from it.

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Prediction for this match

Dip into the Russian margins - last season, Loko twice beat the "combiners” with an identical score of 1: 0. The southern armies have not developed a strategy for fighting the capital club.


Bet - Lokomotiv victory with a handicap of 0.


On Friday evening in Moscow one of the matches of the 11th round of the Russian Premier League –Lokomotiv Grozny Rostov will take place.

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Last season, these teams overlapped twice, and both times won the "railroad” - 0: 1 and 1: 0. I wonder if the blue-yellows will be able to take revenge in the new season?


Lokomotiv extremely uncertainly entered the current season, but now things have improved the team. As a result - the 7th line of the RPL after 10 rounds. During this time, Semin’s wards earned 15 points, because they won 4 times, tied three times and lost 3 times (the total score was 11:10). It should be noted that the "railroad workers” still appear in the Champions League, where they are only failing ...

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Rostov, for the time being, occupies the third line of the RPL, since it has 18 points. So, Karpin's players in the new season managed to win 5 times, tied three times and lost 2 times, and the total score was 10: 4. However, in the last match before the break, the "blue-yellows” unpleasantly disappointed - the home defeat from Orenburg with the score 0: 1.


Bookmakers are a little inclined to win Lokomotiv, is it reasonable? In fact, the "railroad” is not in the best shape and scores a little, but the "yellow-blue” show excellent football, especially at the exit. Given these factors, I propose to put on guests, but with reinsurance ...


Free prediction for the match Lokomotiv Moscow - Rostov: "Victory Rostov or a draw." Bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1.61 for such an outcome.


The central match of the 11th round of the RPL will be a duel between Moscow Lokomotiv and Rostov. The pair is very remarkable, both teams set high goals for the current season, are competitors for a place in the European Cup zone.

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Recruited form

Before a pause at the national team games, Lokomotiv got into shape, in the 4 extreme matches the team of Semina lost only once with three victories. Luz was recorded in the Champions League match against Schalke, victories appear over the Baltic in the Cup of Russia, Akhmat and CSKA in the RPL. In the standings of the Russian championship "railroad" are on the 7th line in the peloton, 15 points in the asset, three points behind the Rostov and the third position. A victory on Friday is unlikely to raise the "red-green in the TOP-3, but at least Loko will be equal on points with one of his competitors.


Able to play with strong

Rostov this season shows amazing results, the Karpin team managed to beat CSKA and Spartak away, but in the home walls the yellow-blue lost to the Wings of the Soviets and Orenburg. It is obvious that the Rostov citizens are perfectly able to play the second number, i.e. act on speed, use the opponent's mistakes. But Rostov himself is the first number in favor. Surely, the coaching staff of Loko uses the negative experience of the "people's team” and the army team in order not to fall for the Rostov-on-Don team.

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Locomotive last season twice beat Rostov with a score of 1: 0, the "railroad workers” have an "antidote” against the southerners, therefore in the upcoming meeting it is optimal to rely on the home team. Our free game prediction: Victory Loko with a handicap 0


In the eleventh round of RPL October 19, 2018 at 20:30 Lokomotiv Moscow at the stadium "Russian Railways Arena" will take Rostov.


Lokomotiv Moscow is in seventh place in the RPL standings, and the team has fifteen points in the piggy bank. Naturally, the club will try to reach the cherished five before the end of the season, but the start was terrible, and now the results have seriously improved. In the last confrontation, the "Railwaymen” were able to beat CSKA away, with a minimum score of 1-0. On their own lawn, the players have not yet lost in the championship 18/19.


Rostov started a good new season in the championship, and so now the team can be satisfied with the third position in the table, with a score of eighteen points. Seven confrontations in a row the players did not lose to their opponents from the RPL, but in the previous meeting they still lost to Orenburg in their field, with a minimal advantage of the opponent 0-1.

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Lokomotiv Moscow defeated Rostov in the two previous fights, with the same score 1-0. Both clubs are in great shape and hardly home stands will help the "Railwaymen” to achieve better results, because ahead of the European Cup, and the guests can give all their strength in this fight. I think the match will be grassroots. Bet: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with the coefficient 1.69


On Friday, we will be delighted with our game "Lokomotiv” and "Rostov”, who will hold their eleventh round of RPL. In the past game year, the teams overlapped twice and the Muscovites were more successful - 1: 0 and 0: 1. Will they continue in the same vein? Let's figure it out.


The "railroad workers” started weakly, but gradually the team added. Now the club is in the seventh position, because the players of Semin managed to earn 15 points - 4 wins, three draws and as many losses with a total score of 11:10. It is important to note that the team also plays in the Champions League, but so far only loses.

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"Blue-yellow" are in third place, because it has an asset of 18 points. The squad of Karpin took the upper hand 5 times, another three times a draw and 2 fiasco under the scoring 10: 4. That's just before the break, they grieved - 0: 1 losing to Orenburg.

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The forecast for the match "Lokomotiv" - "Rostov", X2. Teams are pretty powerful, and both need glasses. Most likely, the guests will be able to earn at least 1 point, because the "railroad workers” are not in a good mood now.


On the eve of the Champions League match Moscow Lokomotiv will meet with a very uncompromising opponent, who plays superbly in defense.


After the crisis at the start of the season, the current champion of the country is gradually gaining momentum. Now Lokomotiv is in seventh place with 15 points on its list. In the last two rounds, the Railwaymen celebrated victories - 1: 0 over CSKA and 2: 0 over Akhmat.

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But Rostov with 18 points is located on the third line of the tournament table. However, in the last five rounds, Karpin's players celebrated only one victory - 1: 0 over Spartak three weeks ago. And in the last game, the Rostovites unexpectedly lost to the novice elite Orenburg with a score of 0: 1.


Both teams demonstrate approximately the same level of the game, so it will not be easy to identify a clear favorite. What Lokomotiv that Rostov prefer to play very carefully. In this case, you should not expect a successful match.


Both score (no) at 1.64

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September for the team of Yuri Semin turned out to be not too successful - in the framework of the RPL Muscovites on the road lost to Krasnodar (1: 2) and Zenit (3: 5), tied at home with Dynamo (1: 1), and in The Champions League started with a crushing defeat by Fenerbahce (0: 3).


Under the coach of Lokomotiv, the chair started to roll, but the "railroad workers” managed to turn the tide, pulling out a difficult victory in the Russian Cup match with Baltika (3: 2), after which Akhmat (2: 0) won in their field within the RPL .


Experience beat youth. Judicial errors did not break Lokomotiv

The reaction of the media to the result of the Moscow derby08 / 10/2018

October began with a European Cup defeat for the outsider of the Bundesliga Schalke (0: 1), but in the last match Lokomotiv defeated CSKA - 1: 0.

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As a result, Lokomotiv rose to 7th place with 15 points. The goal difference is 11-10.


Among the injured in the "red-green" appear Fedor Smolov, Alexander Kolomeytsev, Maciej Rybus and Jefferson Farfan.



But the players of "Rostov" are located on the third line in the Premier League standings, gaining 18 points. The difference is scored and missed 10-4.

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In August and September, the Pitmen issued a seven-game win-win series, during which they tied three matches in a row in the Russian championship with Rubin, Ural (1: 1) and Ufa (0: 0).


As part of the Russian Cup, Donetsk team defeated Syzran-2003 on the road with a score of 4: 0, after which Spartak Moscow won with a score of 1: 0 at Otkritie Arena.


But in the last match a successful series of Rostovites was interrupted by home defeats from Orenburg with a score of 0: 1.

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Last season, Rostov lost the match with Lokomotiv with the same score 0: 1. The last time in Cherkizovo Rostov won in 2015.



Bookmakers consider Lokomotiv to be the favorite of the match. To win the team Semin given a factor of 2.35, while a draw - 2.95, and the success of "Rostov" - 3.75.


"Lokomotiv” in the last matches pulls victories on the teeth and in the last minutes, and the Rostov team have given a long win-win series. The most likely outcome of the match is a draw.

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"Loko” has performance problems, and "Rostov” missed only 4 goals per season - you can safely put it on the "bottom”, it is possible that the audience will not see goals.


The options "both score - no” for 1.55 and TM 2.5 for 1.40 are also interesting.


Locomotive is very hard to enter the new season, although the team has only become stronger. Apparently, Semin could not set up his children in the desired fashion, but now everything is falling into place. So, for 10 rounds of the RPL "railroad" scored 15 points - 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, and the total score was 11:10. In the last matches, Muscovites sort of solved their defense problem, but still stumble a bit ...

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Rostov is pleasantly surprised this season, and now deservedly occupies the 3rd line of the Premier League. In total for 10 fights, Karpin's players managed to score 18 points - 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, while the total score was 10: 4. And here it is interesting: on the road "blue-yellows” are much more successful than at home - 3 wins and a draw (total score was 4: 1). And in general, Rostov players everywhere play very powerfully in defense


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 11th round of the championship of Russia Lokomotiv - Rostov, which will be held at the RZD-Arena stadium on Friday, October 19, beginning at 20:30 (Moscow time).

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In this game, bookmakers consider Lokomotiv to be the favorite, although they estimate the probability of his victory below 50%. Wards Yuri Semin after ten rounds ranked seventh in the table of the championship of Russia, gaining 15 points. In the last round, they beat CSKA on the road with a minimum score of 1: 0. And the only goal scored by Benedict Höwedes, who excelled in the 88th minute, the "Railwaymen” scored, playing with ten men - in the middle of the second half, Eder was removed for two yellow cards. It was the second consecutive victory of Lokomotiv without conceding goals. Before that, he did not win in three fights in a row. In his field, the champion of Russia has not lost in the last 13 matches, having scored seven wins and played a draw six times. In ten fights in this segment, he managed to leave his own goal intact.


Rostov is currently sharing third place with Spartak, gaining 18 points. In the last round, Valery Karpin's wards lost to Orenburg at home with a minimum score of 0: 1. Before that, they did not lose in six fights in a row, winning three times and tied. As a guest, the Rostov team do not lose in the last four matches. They won three of them with the same score 1: 0. Before that, Rostov did not win on foreign field in 11 games in a row, losing seven of them.

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Last season, Lokomotiv twice beat Rostov in the Russian championship with the same score 1: 0. Before that, he could not beat him four games in a row, losing three of them and scoring only one goal. By the way, in none of the last four matches between Lokomotiv and Rostov we scored more than one ball, and in eight of their ten previous fights with each other at least one team did not score.



Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Lokomotiv will justify the status of the favorite and win, without missing a single ball. Profitable bet on total less than 2 goals. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict Lokomotiv victory with a score of 1: 0 (coefficient 5.50). The second most popular draw is 1: 1 (a factor of 6.00). Bets on a total of less than 2 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.79.

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Lokomotiv's victory - 2.31, a draw - 2.93, a Rostov victory - 3.35.



none of the last seven away games of Rostov in the Premier League had more than two goals;

nine of ten previous home matches of Lokomotiv scored less than three goals in the Russian Championship;

Lokomotiv has not lost any of the last 13 home games in the Premier League.

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