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Next Saturday will come another holiday, which will bring for a whole pack of gifts in the form of interesting football events. As part of the duty, the tenth in a row tour of the English regular season will meet Liverpool vs. Cardiff City. One of the main contenders for the champion title will take on their own territory the guys who hang out on the verge of an abyss.


The legendary Enfield is once again ready to don red and synchronously sing the couplets that "you will never walk alone." Who is our favorite? With such a question, you can even approach the grannies at the entrance and they will look at you as if the person who takes an iPhone on credit. Obviously, Klopp's squad is obliged to beat such a gray opponent. And how will things really be? Let's figure it out.

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Merseyside people confidently began a new campaign, but from the twenty-sixth of September to the seventh of October there was a black strip. During the reporting period, a lot has been lost, our heroes are still fighting adequately on all fronts. In two extreme battles appear victories only - managed to beat Huddersfield in the regular season and the Red Star in the championship league.


Nine rounds of the English Championship are behind, the "Reds” are currently located on the second line in the standings. Twenty-three points do not allow to squeeze into the first position. There, with identical indicators, the brazen Manchester City sat down. The "eagles" just scored ten goals more. In such a situation, Klopp's squad needs not just to win, but to do it confidently.

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Cardiff city

In the last round, the "birds” were surprised. In a dispute with Fulham, our heroes of today managed to win in their native arena. Particularly striking is the fact that the team has hammered in as many as four goals, however, and missed two. And what is so surprising, you ask? The problem is that before the aforementioned match, Cardiff lost six battles to the series. After such a black band legs could finally fall.


Such a pompous triumph allowed the guys to rise to the seventeenth position in the standings and temporarily leave the disgusting departure zone. "Blue Birds" are in the bosom as much as five points. Fulham has a similar indicator, but Londoners went crazy in the last round, therefore they are now forced to wander outside of the buoys. Away from Cardiff, not a single victory in four games.

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Prediction for this match

In the native arena, the "red” tourists prefer to throw a lot of Easter eggs into the basket. "Enfield" for Klopp and his loyal guys has always been a great irritant. Therefore, we can expect a productive game from at least one team.


Bet - Liverpool individual total more than 2.5.

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On Saturday evening, the main part of the matches of the 10th round of the English Premier League will be held, in one of which Liverpool will take on Cardiff City.


The last time these teams met in the season 2013/2014, when the Reds confidently won twice - 3: 1 and 3: 6. I wonder what awaits us in their current meeting?


Liverpool started the gorgeous new season, but at the end of September the team had a difficult period. Then Klopp's wards had 4 matches against the grandees of European football (Chelsea, Man City, Napoli), and failed to win a single game - 2 draws and 2 losses. However, within the framework of the Premier League, the "Reds” still did not stumble - 7 wins and 2 draws, and the total score was 16: 3. And after the break for the national team games, the mersisaydtsy began to win ...


But Cardiff returned to the Premier League to surprise, but so far the team has nothing at all. As a result, for 9 rounds, Neal Warnack wards scored only 5 points - a victory, 2 draws and 6 defeats (the total score was 8:19). The music was just last weekend, the Azure Birds got their first win of the season - 4-2 with Fulham.

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Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of Liverpool, with which it is not worth arguing. In fact, Cardiff does not shine, but on the road only fails. Most likely, the hosts will calmly dominate and tear up the defenses of their rivals, and they will start doing this from the first minutes of the meeting ...


Free match prediction for Liverpool - Cardiff City: "Liverpool victory in the 1st half." At such an outcome bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1.42.


In the framework of the 10th round of the Premier League, Liverpool will take over Cardiff City at home. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of the future owners of the field, with which it is difficult to argue. The Klopp team is again in excellent shape, the latest results of the mersisiders speak about it, but the Welsh had a good match of the last round against Fulham, even managed to get out of the relegation zone.


One of the leaders

Liverpool is coming up for the upcoming meeting in an excellent mood, the "Reds” in mid-week defeated the Serbian Red Star 4-4 in the UCL 3-0 round, and before that, they won 1-0 against Huddersfield. Before the 10th round, Liverpool is located on the second line in the standings of the championship of England, has 23 points in assets, is inferior to the leading MC only in goal difference.

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Holiday Cardiff

In the last round, Cardiff City managed to win, and the Welsh scored four goals against Fulham. Unprecedented case, for future guests, who had previously been marked by weak defense. This victory enabled Warnock's team to rise in the standings to 17th place, now the "blue birds” 5 points, and the best difference scored and missed goals, rather than Fulham.



Liverpool in his field is very effective, and Cardiff City has problems in defense, so it is likely that the "red” in the upcoming game will achieve a crushing victory and score at least three goals. This pair looks like a good bet on the individual total of the home team. Our free game prediction: Liverpool Individual Total is over 2.5


On the twenty-seventh, the tenth round of the Premier League will take place in which Liverpool will fight with Cardiff. The teams met 4 years ago and then the mersysayds were stronger - 3: 1 and 3: 6.

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The "Reds” started powerfully, but so far the team has slowed down a bit. Klopp's squad in 4 recent rounds never indulged with victories - 2 draws and the same fiasco. But within the framework of the championship, the defeat club did not tolerate - 7 wins and 2 draws under a total score of 16: 3. In an extreme duel managed to win.


The Birds have been promoted, but so far they are not pleased with their game. Footballers of Warnack earned 5 points - a victory, 2 peaceful outcomes and 6 times failed with the scoring statistics 8:19. It is important to note that it was in a recent match that they managed to win a 4-2 win over Fulham.

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The forecast for the match "Liverpool" - "Cardiff", P1 in the first half of the meeting. Guests are not yet pleased with their game, and are unlikely to be able to repel the mersisayds.


In the 10th round of the Premier League on October 27, 2018, at 17:00, the match between Liverpool and Cardiff will be held at the Enfield Stadium.


It performs well in the 18/19 season of the Premier League Liverpool, and therefore occupies the second place, having 23 points in the piggy bank, exactly the same as the leader of the table. Good performance on 16: 3 goals and missed balls, which shows how well the club acts in defense and at the same time in the attack. Moreover, after four fights on their own lawn, the "Reds” still did not miss the goals. In excellent condition are the players Salah and Man, who have already distinguished themselves at the gates of opponents 4 times.

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Cardiff is located on the seventeenth place and may well be in the relegation zone, if it does not try in the following confrontations. The first victory was won by the footballers in the previous confrontation, against Fulham, with a score of 4-2. Away the club managed to score only one goal and never won, but missed a lot. "Azure Birds" are new to the Premier League, because before that they had played in the Championship.


Twice the "Reds” took Cardiff in their home history and won both times, with a big score. Liverpool is a clear favorite in this confrontation, because the guests do not reach the level and status of the owners, so the Reds can easily win the victory. Bet: Liverpool victory with a handicap - F1 (-2).


Forecast: F1 (-2) with a coefficient of 1.56

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One of the contenders for the championship takes a fighter for survival. It would seem that intrigue is completely absent. But the Premier League regularly presents surprises, so do not dismiss guests.


After nine rounds, Liverpool scored 23 points and, together with Manchester City, shares first place in the standings with a goal difference of 16: 3. In the week, the mersysaydtsy demonstrated a master class at the Red Star in the Champions League (4: 0), but before that they didn’t look so convincing - only 1: 0 victory over Huddersfield, 0: 0 draws with Manchester City and 1: 1 with Chelsea, as well as 0: 1 defeat against Napoli.

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In the last round, Cardiff won his first victory in the current Premier League draw - Fulham was defeated 4: 2. Thus, the Dragons with five points climbed to the seventeenth line of the standings. However, the figures of the wards of Warnock in away meetings are not impressive - just one point and one goal scored in four games.


The owners are the absolute favorites of this confrontation. They should easily defeat their opponents and continue to chase the champion title. The game promises to be spectacular and quite effective.


Liverpool individual total is over 2.5 at 1.55



"Merseysaydtsam” still manages to keep the brand and not let go of "Manchester City” in the lead. Both teams now have 23 points, only the team of Jürgen Klopp scores an order of magnitude less - 16 goals against 26.

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The last three rounds of the English Premier League "Liverpool" ended up in the "bottom". But you can understand the "red": go try to score at least two goals against Chelsea and the mentioned champion of England.


But in the Champions League it is still "windy” - in the last round, the "mersisaydtsy” "thundered” in their field "The Red Star” (4: 0). And specifically: 22-3 for strikes, 11-0 for hits on the target. Not a bad workout, frankly ...



The team of Neil Warnack will not settle in the new status of the elite club in England. Five defeats in a row right up to the last round "provided” to "Cardiff” the 17th line of the tournament table.

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Fortunately, fewer competitors missed (19) - that's all the salvation. In the last round, the "azure birds” staged a shootout in their "nest”. "Fulham” arrived to visit the wards of Warnock. He came, got four "banks” and hurried back to London (Cardiff won 4: 2).


Interestingly, the Welsh also dealt 22 hits in the last game, but they turned out to be much less aimed than the guys of Jürgen Klopp - just five hits on the target.


Cardiff simply has disgusting statistics of away matches: three losses in four matches and seven goals conceded with one goal scored.

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Plus, the defense of the Reds in their stadium inspires respect - not a single one that was missed in four games. Consequently, our bet on the "dry” victory of the home team for 1.68 must fully justify itself.


On Saturday, 10.27.2018, the championship match of England between Liverpool and Cardiff City will be held. Kick-off is scheduled for 17.00 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in the Premier League.



This will be the first match between Liverpool and Cardiff from the 2013/14 season, when the Merseysides won both fights against the Welsh - 3: 1 at home and 6: 3 away;


Cardiff City cannot beat Liverpool in the English Championship since December 1959, when they competed in the second division - then the Welsh won with a big score 4: 0;

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In each of the last ten official matches between Liverpool and Cardiff City, more than two goals were scored;


Liverpool lost only 1 out of 45 previous Premier League home games against top division novices (+ 35 = 9) - he lost to Blackpool in the 2010/11 season. Under Jürgen Klopp, the mersisides won all seven such matches with a total score of 21: 2;

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Cardiff City lost 14 of the previous 15 Premier League matches against teams from the Top 6, not having won even once. In 12 stretches, he missed more than one ball;


In the last round, Cardiff City beat Everton 4: 2. And in this game he scored as many goals as in the remaining eight matches of the season;


Liverpool lost only 1 out of 49 previous Premier League home matches against teams that have the word "City” (+ 30 = 18) in the title - in January 2017, he lost to Swansea City;

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Mohamed Salah took part in six goals of Liverpool for the last five matches in the Premier League against new top division players (3 goals and 3 assists);


Neil Warnock played Enfield four times as a coach and each time his teams lost without scoring a single goal;


Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson can become only the second goalkeeper of this team in the entire history of speeches in the Premier League, which for the first ten rounds of the championship will play at least seven times. Previously, only Jose Reine managed to do this.


The forecast for the match Liverpool - Cardiff City according to statistics: the hosts will win without conceding goals and with a big score, and in their composition at least one goal will be scored by Mohamed Salah.


The experts of the bookmaker's "Paris-Match" gave a forecast for the match of the English Premier League Liverpool - Cardiff, which will be held on October 27, beginning at 17:00 (MSK)

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One of the leaders of the Premier League will take on his field outsider championship. This season, the Reds have good performance statistics, which allows it to be one of the leaders in the standings.


Together with the "Manchester City”, "Liverpool” heads the standings, having in the asset 23 points. The loss happened in the matches with "Chelsea” and "Manchester City” - two draws. Losses, as we see, not yet.

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In the middle of the week, the wards of Jürgen Klopp successfully performed in the Champions League, beating "Red Star” with a score of 4: 0, so they return to the English Championship in good spirits.


Cardiff has long been in the relegation zone. There were only two draws in the assets of Neil Warnock's wards, and the team always lost in the rest of the meetings. However, in the previous round, the Welsh for the first time this season scored three points. The victim of an evil "Cardiff” was "Fulham”, which was beaten with the score 4: 2.

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This victory not only allowed Cardiff to rise higher, but also leave the relegation zone. Now the team is in 17th place.



No one doubts that "Liverpool” will be able to take the maximum in this fight. But how obvious will be the advantage of the "red"? The team is now in great shape, so it is worth hoping for her confident victory - the coefficient on the victory of "Liverpool” with a handicap (-2.5) is 1.88.

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Despite consistently good results, Liverpool rarely makes a spectacle this season. The last game with Huddersfield, despite the victory, can even be called weak - Liverpool acted unusually passively and allowed the modest opponent to hold the initiative.


The defeat of the Serbian Red Star a few days later could become a useful therapy for the Mersisideans, who have become too reliant on their defense. Against Cardiff, they can break through - especially since Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane overcame their "droughts”. Neil Warnack team is a potential competitor of the same Huddersfield, and in the last round the Welsh won their first victory in this championship. But Cardiff is hardly enough class to confront Liverpool on Anfield. Newcomers to the Premier League were defeated in their field by 0: 5 Man City, although they were able to fight Arsenal. Nevertheless: Liverpool allows its opponents to attack significantly less than Gunners, even on a bad day.


We expect in this meeting a dry victory for the Reds, as well as a possible defeat - you can try to take the odds of -2.5.

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