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"Liverpool" to a duel with the former team of his mentor is suitable in part. English club players are on vacation now, as they played for the bronze medals of the World Cup a little over a week ago. Accordingly, the appearance of Henderson and Trent is not exactly expected. Like the newcomer of the "red" Alisson Becker. But the location of the team returned to Mohammed Salah and Sadio Manet.

As part of the pre-season training, Liverpool managed to defeat Chester 7-0, beat Tranmer 3-2, draw with Beri 0-0, and beat Blackburn 2-0.


"Borussia" will hold the first full season with Lucien Favre, who built an excellent team in the "Nice". It is still difficult to say how successful the new Swiss team will be. Loud acquisitions, "Borussia" did not. And in the preseason "Bumblebees", except for a victory over "Manchester City" - 1: 0, can not boast of excellent results. The Germans drew with Zwickau 4: 4 and Los Angeles 1: 1, and also defeated Austria 1-0. But the "Borussia" will definitely gain momentum.


"Liverpool" for four games in the preseason pinned twelve goals.

"Borussia" indicators are more modest: seven goals in four matches.

"Liverpool" and "Borussia" played each other four full-time matches. Two of them after the appointment of Jürgen Klopp to the post of mentor of the "reds." Within the League of Europe two years ago, these teams broke up the world in Dortmund - 1: 1, and then gave out enchanting 4: 3 at Anfield.


Despite the fact that Liverpool are constantly trying to improve their game in defense, and Borussia, under the leadership of Favre, seems to be playing more pragmatic football, at the moment it's two attacking clubs. Given that they are not particularly constrained by some tournament layouts, it is possible to wait for goals in the match.


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A day after the meeting with Manchester City, Dortmund Borussia will play against another English team. For the mentor of Liverpool Jürgen Klopp this duel will be very important, since the previous place of his work was just Borussia.


Liverpool proved to be great last season. He finished fourth in the championship and reached the final of the Champions League, where he lost to Real Madrid. Now the Merseysiders are preparing for new achievements. They buy top players for each position and are preparing to give battle to Manchester City and other more powerful English teams. Liverpool has all the ingredients for future success.

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But Dortmund failed in the Bundesliga, taking only fourth place. However, the Bumblebee could directly qualify for the Champions League. Thanks to this exhibition tournament, they had a great chance to show themselves against the background of other top clubs of the Old World.


A small advantage in this match will be in the English. They have a better selection of performers, and, besides, the opponent of Liverpool on the eve of a very difficult game against the wards Josep Guardiola. We are waiting for productive football from Merseyside, because they do not know how.

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Individual total Liverpool more (1,5) at 1,97 (1Хставка)

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