Libertad - River Plate

Libertad - River Plate

Local derby. Both teams are from the same city and the distance between their stadium is about 3 km.

This is the first game of the Clausura 2016 Paraguay.

Apertura 2016 ended with the following ranking of the two teams:

Libertad Asuncion - first place. Performance as host - 7/2/2 and goal difference - 22/14. They have one of the best defenses.

River Plate Asuncion - last place. Presentation by guest - 3/2/6 and goal difference - 10/23. The team with the worst goal difference.

Has played 2 matches between them respectively ended with victory for Libertad as a result and in both games is 3: 1.

Fundmentally Paraguayan championship is very effective.