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The English regular championship decided to brighten up the already rich pre-Christmas weekdays. So, on the twenty-ninth, six fights will take place as part of the twentieth round. In this deepest analyst, we want to talk about the confrontation of Leicester against Cardiff. For the umpteenth time we’ll clarify that the Fox home games are held at the stadium called King Power.

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Of course, after the last round, the future owners will be put up with the rank of an obvious favorite. This fact should be reconciled even by the most stubborn guest fans. The powers that be decided to row along the general course. Also its dark imprint on the fate of Cardiff and set the standings of the team. Let's try to understand if there will be another sensation in the English expanses.



We need to make a detailed stop at the last round. On the twenty-sixth, the guys took on the "Royal Force" Manchester City. The poster itself subtly hinted that the "foxes" have no more chances than the future of the Russian cinema. At the fourteenth minute, the Portuguese Silva opened the scoring. For five minutes it seemed that the verdict was signed, but the "blue ones” not only quickly won back, but also pulled out a victory at the end of the confrontation.

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Once the country's champion is now forced to butt for the right to represent England in European Cup tournaments. After nineteen rounds, the guys collected twenty-eight points. The result is worthy of the seventh position in the standings .. The lag from the updated Yuntayted is only four points. No longer need to chew the motivation of future owners. By the way, at their own stadium, the guys won four times out of nine.



In "azure chicks" is not so promising. In the five extreme battles, the guys won only once with three defeats and a world one. It would not be superfluous to recall that drank points happened in the last round against Crystal Palace. The event was so intense that in ninety minutes not a single goal was scored. We hope this does not happen again on the 29th.

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Before the start of the twentieth round of the "birds" have significant problems. Fifteen points scored make the entire coaching staff look to the future with caution. Handicap in front of the eighteenth Burnley only three points. As you understand, the situation is very precarious, therefore you need to nibble each score. Visiting the guys ten wins matches, four of which means victory.


Prediction for this match

After the last tour, I want to believe that the "foxes” will pass the entire New Year period with dignity. The most difficult opponent is already behind, it remains only to beat the "birds". Our analysts believe that in this situation, you can put on the owners.

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Bid - Lester win.


Leicester will try to take three points in a match with Cardiff City next weekend. We evaluated the state of the teams and made a prediction for the match.


"Leicester” in the last round, noticeably pleased their fans and surprised the football audience. "Foxes” took on their home arena "Manchester City” and won a strong-willed victory. Sir Alex was the first to open the scoring, but already five minutes later, Claude Puel’s charges leveled the situation on the football field, and at the end of the second half, thanks to a goal by Ricardo Pereira, the "citizens” were knocked out.

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The victory was for the "Lester" is the second in a row. The tour earlier "foxes" no less sensationally defeated on the road "Chelsea". On the whole, Puel’s houses have recently had quite good performance. For the last three matches - two wins. In addition to "Manchester City" beat "Watford" (2: 0).


In the infirmary of the club, only Daniel Amarti and Mattie James are now.

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"Cardiff City” in the last round was a little bit stronger than the fans after a crushing defeat by Manchester United (1: 5). The Welsh played away from Crystal Palace and were content with a draw with a score of 0: 0.


For the team of Neil Warnock, this is a draw result, interrupted by a series of two consecutive defeats in the Premier League. Before the defeat of Manchester United, Cardiff City lost on the road to Watford with a score of 2: 3. Note that the Welsh are the weakest guest team of the championship. They lost seven of the nine away games, scoring only five goals on the opponents' fields.

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Because of the injury, two forwards, Danny Ward and Kenneth Zohore, cannot help Cardiff. Questionable for the match Jazz Richards and Callum Paterson.



"Leicester” at home won four of nine matches in the championship, tied twice and lost three times.

In four of the last five home matches of the "Leicester" the total has not broken through more than 2.5.

Cardiff City lost in seven of the nine guest meetings.

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In the last five matches on the road, Cardiff conceded 11 goals.

In the first round, "Leicester" beat "Cardiff City" on the road with the score 1: 0.

In four of the last five in-person meetings, the total did not break through more than 2.5.



"Leicester" is coming to a duel in a good mood and good form. There are no problems with the composition. The team started to score well. But Cardiff has problems with an attack, and besides, two forwards have landed in the infirmary. Guests will try to take points due to a good game in defense, but she regularly fails. Therefore, we are waiting for a confident victory of the hosts.

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Our forecast is Lester's victory with a handicap (-1) for 2.00



Now Leicester is the seventh in the NPS standings with 28 points in the asset. However, any mistake can lead to a fall down, and, possibly, on several lines at once, since at a distance of one point there are four clubs - Everton, Watford, Wolverhampton and Bournemouth.

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Already the second game in a row, "Leicester” never ceases to amaze. In the last match, the foxes beat Manchester City 2-1, and before that they defeated Chelsea in London. Thus, for the last 6 games in the Premier League the club scored 10 points.


At home, the situation is slowly stabilizing and if not for the defeat of Tottenham in the penultimate fight at King Power, everything would be quite good. Anyway, but Lester has a real chance to consolidate success.


If we talk about injured footballers, then there are Amartey and James in the squad, who will definitely not get into the application for the match.

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Cardiff City

Wards Neil Warnack are the seventeenth team of the Premier League at the moment. From the relegation zone "Cardiff" separates only 3 points.


Winning the "blue birds" can not have the third game in a row. After two defeats in a row, Cardiff still managed to score one point in a match against Crystal Palace, which was held in London. For the last 6 meetings, the Uornok team collected only 7 points.

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Irreplaceable Fernandinho, weak link in defense and calm of Guardiola

Three main conclusions after the defeat of "Manchester City" from "Lester" Yesterday

Guest games are still worse. Cardiff won the ninth time in a row and Leicester could add problems to the Welsh team.

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In the list of injured Ward and Richards.



The previous fight between these teams was held last month. It was a game in the framework of the championship of England, in which he won the "Leicester", while acting as a guest. "Foxes” managed to beat the opponent not only by the score, but also by such indicators as strikes and possession of the ball.

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Favorites are the owners. On the "Leicester" is set to 1.57, and on the "Cardiff" - 6.10. We predict that the wards of Claude Puel will be able to defeat the Warnock team again and thereby improve their position.


Our prediction is a "Lester” victory with a handicap of -1. This outcome bookmakers estimate odds 1.96

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December 29 at 18:00 in the 20th round of the English Premier League, at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, Leicester will demonstrate his skills to Cardiff.


Leicester has 28 points, which he scored in 19 matches. As a result, the team placed on the 7th line in the standings of the championship of England. Lester outplayed his opponent in 8 battles, in 7 meetings he lost, and in 4 meetings the strength of his rivals was equal. In the last 4 fights, the club beat Chelsea 1: 0 and Manchester City 2: 1, while Tottenham lost 0: 2 and Crystal Palace 0: 1. The club held 9 games in its own field in which it scored 14 points. The last week of the "fox” spent phenomenally, in the confrontation of the champions of England the last three years, gaining maximum points.

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Cardiff played 19 matches this season, in which he was able to score only 15 points. As a result, the team took 17th place in the standings of the Premier League. The team turned out to be stronger than the opponent in 4 meetings, in 12 games she lost, and she fought 3 times in a draw. In the last 5 games, Cardiff lost to West Ham 1: 3, Watford 2: 3 and Manchester United 1: 5, beat Southampton 1: 0, and drew against Crystal Palace 0: 0. Away team spent 9 matches in which scored only 2 points. Note that Cardiff has never won a away game, playing on the foreign field is the Achilles' heel of the Valians.


Since 1920, the clubs held 61 full-time match. Leicester became a triumph in 24 games, Cardiff scored a "Victoria” in 23 games, and 14 games were played with a tie. After successes in the last rounds, in the upcoming game, foxes do not have the right to lose points in their field. Bet: Lester win - F1 (-1).

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Forecast: П1 with a coefficient 1.59


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 20th round of the Leicester-Cardiff City Championship in England, which will be held at King Power Stadium on Saturday December 29, beginning at 18:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers much more highly assess the chances of the home team. Leicester with 28 points ranks eighth in the standings of the championship of England in the first round. On Wednesday, he beat one of the main contenders for first place - Manchester City. Moreover, the Foxes were inferior to 0-1, but because of the goals of Olbrayton and Ricardo Pereira, they won with a score of 2: 1. This was their second consecutive victory. And Leicester lost only twice in the last ten matches, having won four times and tied. By the way, before his match with Manchester City in nine consecutive matches involving Lester scored less than three goals. At home, Claude Puel wards won half of the last ten matches, losing only three times. Before that, Leicester could not win six meetings in a row in his native walls.

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Cardiff City before this round takes 17th place, gaining 15 points and being three points from the relegation zone. In the middle of the week, he played a 0-0 draw at Crystal Palace. Before that, the Welsh lost two consecutive matches, conceding eight goals. Cardiff won only one of the last five matches. And on the road, he does not win 11 matches in a row in the Premier League, scoring only two points. And in 7 of 11 of these matches, Cardiff did not score a single goal, whereas in six cases he missed at least three goals.

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Leicester - Cardiff City. How to play with each other?


In the first round, Leicester beat Cardiff in his field with a minimum score of 1: 0. In the last nine official matches against the Welsh, most of the time Lester suffered only two defeats and scored four wins. The effectiveness of the confrontation in recent years has been low. For example, in five of the seven previous matches between Lester and Cardiff, fewer than three goals were scored, and in three meetings no more than one goal was scored.

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Site analysts Bookmakers.rf believe that Leicester will win, and the performance of the match will not exceed two goals. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict a victory for Lester with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (the coefficients are 6.00 and 6.50, respectively). Bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals can be made with a odds of 1.955.



Lester win - 1.58, draw - 4.23, Cardiff City win – 6.19.

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Leicester at King Power Stadium Takes Cardiff.


Again, the middle team approaches the game with an outsider after two consecutive victories over the top teams. In the last round I caught a team that approached the game with Cardiff after defeating the City. So here, Leicester comes to the game after the victory over the City, and before that there were wines over Chelsea. On team tops are configured powerfully. They do not lose concentration, play number two, sit deep in defense. The last two games Leicester played that way. And then they will have to play the first number, which is given to them is not easy.

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The team failed to beat Burnley, playing positionally, they failed to beat VC at home, playing again with the first number. And here, after two matches that are hard to beat emotionally, it is unlikely to be easier.


Cardiff has no right to just lose concentration. The team in the last round bounced, not losing to Crystal Palace at a party. The "Eagles” were stronger there, but they didn’t realize the moments, sometimes no luck. Although the "azure” moments were, especially in the end they could have taken away the victory altogether. The team at the expense of defense drags the game, in an open game they do not shine.

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Fortunately, Lester recently played soundly on the back line, and often rolls bottoms. To be more precise, in 11 of the last 12 games, the "foxes” had a bottom, including cup matches. Cardiff will play in the same vein as the Eagles. There will be a lot of horse fighting, fouls, standards. "Azure" certainly inferior to the class, but they are fighting for survival. Foxes may simply not tune in properly. I expect a low-profile duel, and the guests are unlikely to lose big.


On Saturday, December 29, 2018, the Championship of England match between Leicester and Cardiff City will be held. Kick-off is scheduled for 18.00 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in the Premier League.

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For the last 12 games against Leicester in all tournaments Cardiff City has never scored more than two goals per game;

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Leicester won seven out of ten previous matches against newcomers to the Premier League (= 2-1);


This season Leicester and Cardiff have scored only one goal in the first 15 minutes of matches - only Crystal Palace scored as little;


For the first time since December 2017, Leicester can win three matches in a row in the Premier League;

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Leicester in this draw of the championship of England scored 12 points in matches, in the course of which he lost - only Arsenal scored as much;


Cardiff City does not win 11 away Premier League away games (= 2-9). In seven meetings in this segment, the Welsh did not score a single ball;


Only one of the last eight goals of Cardiff in the Premier League was scored before the break;

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Lester forward Jamie Vardy played three times against Cardiff in the English Championship and has not scored a single goal yet. Only against Blackpool and Hull City, he spent more matches (4 each), also not scoring a single goal;


Cardiff head coach Neil Warnock won only one of the last ten away official matches against Leicester (= 3-6). At the same time, he has not played with him on a visit since March 2013, when he played a 1: 1 draw with Leicester at the head of Leeds.


Forecast for the match Leicester - Cardiff City according to statistics: the home team will win, scoring more than one goal. In this second half may be more effective than the first.

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