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Japan is on its way to continue with the finals and everything is in their feet. "Samurai" won their good starting position before the last game due to success over Colombia with 2: 1 and 2: 2 against Senegal.
In the first match, the Japanese were lucky and started with a penalty shootout and a red card for the opposing team, and the Colombians were unable to last physically for the rest of the match. Senegal was the better team on the pitch against Japan, but the Asians got to some clean positions and deservedly won a point.
Poland is disappointed and is already out of the championship after just two World Cup matches. The Poles reached just one goal and scored five goals for the losses from Senegal with 1: 2 and Colombia with 0: 3.
Polska had more control over the ball and hit more than his African opponent, but was tactfully frustrated by the rapid counterattacks of the lions. Against Colombia, the Poles only reached seven corners, with just two strikes. South Americans easily reached success, and the outcome might have been more expressive.
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Japan - Poland Statistics
Japan has no defeat in the group stage of the home championship in 2002.
The Samurai retained only one dry net in their previous 15 games and in the last three of them the 2.5-goal line was covered.
Poland lost eight of its last nine World Cup matches.
The Polish team allowed a fall in their previous 11 World Cup matches.
At least three goals scored in Poland's previous five games.
More detailed World Cup statistics for both teams can be found on the site of Japan and Poland.
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Japan - Poland News
The senior coach of Japan will bet on the same eleven of the previous two matches. The attack will be led by Yugi Osaka, who will be supported by Haraguchi, Kagawa and Takashi Onuy.
Adam Navalka can make a rotation in his lineup with a view to the fate and the poor performance of the team so far. Camil Glick entered as a reserve against Colombia, and now he can start as a champion if he feels fully rebuilt.
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Japan - Poland Bet
Poles are required to win a point in the last match or at least to perform significantly better than their previous two matches. We are finally expecting the team to create something more dangerous in the attack, and it would be unfortunate Lewandowski to finish without a goal.
Japan should not lose to be sure of participating in the semi-finals. Asian players showed a very fast game in the top positions and the ability to take advantage of their counter-attacks. Such will be the case against Poland, as Europeans will look for goals for partial shuffling.
Our forecast for Japan - Poland is Over 2.5 goals in the game. The recommended bookmaker for such markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.
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Team Japan in the first fight with Colombia received an unexpected bonus in the form of removal of the opponent's player and a penalty in the opening of the meeting. Taking in the account, the Japanese preferred to give the initiative to the opponent, but such a plan immediately failed - Colombia equalized the score. In the second half of the meeting the Japanese exhausted the opponent and scored the winning goal.
In the second match with Senegal, Japan was not a favorite, but it was impossible to record the team of Akira Nishino as an outsider. Senegal owned the ball, created moments and came out naturally ahead. Japan did not rush to recoup at once, but found its own moment. In the second half, the Africans again came forward, but the Japanese were not ready to give their points to the rival, having won back for the second time. The coach of the national team of Japan would be delighted with the game of his team, saying that this draw is worth their weight in gold.
Our experts made a separate forecast for the match Japan-Poland, in which they bet on the winner in the match.
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Poland failed the first match with Senegal. Team Adam Navalka was considered the clear favorite meeting, but advances did not justify. Senegalese did not give a sigh to the Polish defense, over and over again attacking it. As a result, by the 60th minute the Africans had already had two advantages, which was quite natural for the game. The Poles were able to score only a goal of prestige, no more.
The second match with Colombia was decisive for Poland, the defeat knocked out any of the teams from the tournament finally. In the first half, the Polish team tried to translate the match into a more relaxed channel, constantly knocking down the Colombian pace. As a result, such a strategy proved to be a failure - Colombia scored a goal, forcing the Poles to go ahead with greater forces.
In the second half, quick Colombians scored two more goals at Wojciech Szczęsny's goal, depriving Poland of the chances of a playoff. It is noteworthy that Adam Navalka after the match did not recognize his guilt for the defeat, completely assigning it to his players.
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Teams once met in a friendly match in 2002, then Japan won 2: 0
In the previous six meetings, Poland scored 10 goals
In the qualification Poland scored 28 goals, 16 of which on the account of Robert Lewandowski
Japan misses in each of the last nine matches
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The national team of Poland was considered one of the main contenders for reaching the playoffs, but failed its fans. Explicit mistakes Navalki when choosing a starting lineup for a duel with Columbia led to a failure, the mentor himself, however, does not feel guilty for himself. In any case, the Poles owed their fans one cool match, let him already and will not decide anything for the team as a whole. Japan will be motivated, but the team is clearly suffering from the game on the defensive, for a long time the team has not played a zero.
In our opinion, "dry" Japan will not remain in this match. Forecast for the duel - the individual total of the national team of Poland is more than one goal. In the betting league, such a bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.67.
Forecast of the outcome of this match can be found here.
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