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Even such a scanty tournament, as the League of Nations can sometimes present a gift to simple laborers. On the coming Saturday there will be a clash between the national teams of Italy and Portugal. Instantly this event can be raised to the status of the central sporting event of the day. Future opponents are in the third group of League A, where the Poles also cook.


The tournament situation is adding fuel to the already bubbling tank. The owners have the only chance to qualify for the first line and for this you need to win. The Pyreneans will come to defend the result already favorable for them. By the way, the event will be held in Milan in the arena of "Giuseppe Meazza”, which should give strength to pizza eaters. Let's try to understand whether the nominal favorite can win after the fact.

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The Italian team had a lot of time to think about their own behavior. We understand that even the ancient mammoths know that the team did not enter the World Cup, which was held in Russia, but this fact just needed to be submitted. At the League of Nations "pasta" played three matches in which only once managed to win. The event happened in an away match against Poland. Luz was fixed against Portugal, and the world was painted with the same "pshekami” at home.

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It should also be mentioned that the squad Mancini recently held a match against Ukraine, in which she failed to win. Coaching "genius" Roberto began to spread to the national team, therefore as a result of the owners can not be 100% sure. In the standings of the third group, our today's heroes are located in the honorary second position.



Unlike the future opponent, the Pyreneans played only two matches in the current League of Nations rally. In the starting round, the guys at the native crowd managed to minimally remove the "macaroni”. The only goal scored by Silva. In the second round I had to go to Poland, where there was a real cut. The Poles refused to just give away points, and three goals in the performance of European Brazilians responded with two accurate strikes.

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Guests need to come and play in a draw. Fortunately, the coaching staff for many years taught the team to play by this rule. Moreover, the team has creative guys who can run against such an Italy and score a goal. The tournament situation allows the Pyreneans to play on hold. After two rounds, the guys collected the maximum number of points.


Prediction for this match

"European Brazilians" well revealed at the League of Nations. Offensively, the guests have decent guys, and the defense is reliable. The Italians with the new head coach still could not find the old championship game. In this situation, I do not want to put on the owners.


Bet - Portugal will not lose.

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Match 5 round of the UEFA League of Nations group stage Italy - Portugal will be held on Saturday November 17 at 22:45 (IST) at the San Siro stadium. In this game, teams from group 3 of division A will meet, where the Polish national team also plays. Italy is considered the favorite, although bookmakers estimate the probability of its victory below 50%. For three matches in the League of Nations, Squadra Azzurra scored four points and ranked second. She is three points ahead of Poland and, having an advantage in face-to-face meetings, will definitely not fly to the second division. At the same time, Italy is two points behind Portugal and in order to take the first place in the group, not only has to beat her in an in-person duel, but also expect that she will not be able to beat Poland in the last round. Moreover, if Italy wins against Portugal with one goal difference and not without goals conceded (2: 1, 3: 2, and so on), then it will take first place only if the Portuguese lose Poland in the last round.


In October, Roberto Mancini’s wards, after a 1-1 draw in a friendly match with Ukraine, beat Poland 1-0 on the road, scoring the decisive goal in compensated time. It was only their second victory in the last 11 matches with five draws and four defeats. It is worth adding that in only 2 of the last 14 matches Italy scored more than two goals.

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Portugal won two victories in October - visiting Poland with a score of 3: 2 in the League of Nations and over Scotland in a friendly match with a score of 3: 1. Of the last 11 matches, the Portuguese have lost only one, having won five times and drawn. At the same time, they scored in each of the last nine matches, including four matches in exactly three goals.


In September, Portugal beat Italy with a score of 1: 0. This was her second consecutive victory over her with such an account. Before that, the Portuguese lost six bouts in a row to Squadre Azzurra and could not beat her in 11 games in a row, losing ten of them. This week, according to experts from the site Bookmakers.rf, Portugal will extend the winning streak over Italy to three matches. In this case, the best bet will be to win the guests with zero odds.

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Italy's victory - 2.24, a draw - 3.14, Portugal's victory - 3.41.



Portugal victory with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker 1xStavka believe that the game will end in a draw 1: 1 or the victory of Italy 1: 0 (odds 6.00). Bets on winnings of Portugal with a handicap (0) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.416.

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For me in this group, everything is very clear. The Poles fly into Division B, Italy is second, and the Portuguese will lead the fight for the first ever League of Nations trophy. But nevertheless I will describe the tournament raklsady before the last two matches in this top three. "Squadra Azzurra" already below does not fall. On points, "white eagles” can still catch up with the wards of Roberto Mancini, but because of the worst results in personal meetings, the Polish national team cannot climb to second place. The Portuguese, in the event of any positive outcome of the meeting in Milan, immediately reserve the first place. If on Saturday they lose with a minimum score, then after a couple of days, the Pyreneans will arrange a draw with the Poles at home. A two-goal defeat against Italy forces the guys Fernando Santos to beat the red-and-white guests in Guimaraes.


It is noticeable that now in Italy there are a lot of talented young people, and Mancini in the League of Nations games is trying to let the promising players show themselves, but at the same time does not touch the back line. From here we get a confident game of the national team in defense, but not the best performance in the attack. And the trend with a small number of goals scored last year. It is hard to believe, but in the last 15 meetings, "Scuadra Azzurra” was able to upset the opponent twice only once, in May, with the score 2: 1, the guys from Saudi Arabia were beaten.

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"Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars ...” This phrase from the famous Soviet movie can be rephrased with respect to the Portuguese national team. And I must say that the life of the national team without Cristiano Ronaldo continues quite successfully. I can’t say that the Portuguese did not notice the absence of their leader in the fall, but even without it, the Selesao demonstrate solid results. In addition to two victories in the League of Nations, the Pyreneans beat Scotland 3: 1 and tied with Croatia with a noticeable game and territorial advantage.

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If for the southern teams the result of the meeting is not so important, then they play impressively and without straining. Something similar, in my opinion, on Saturday we will see performed by the Portuguese. Young Italians, I am sure, in the match with the current champion of Europe will want to show their best qualities, so I will give them a slight preference. With goals from the Apennines trouble, then take the hosts through the bottom.


Former Spartak midfielder and Ukrainian national team, and now website expert Maxim Kalynychenko shares his prediction for the Italy-Portugal League of Nations match.

In the first division teams of Italy and Portugal will fight. The sign in itself is decent, and the hosts have been showing quite good results lately.

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The wards of Roberto Mancini occupy only second place in the group, but at first a 1: 1 draw, and then a 1: 0 victory over Poland allowed them to retain their positions in the elite division A. Not so long ago, the "blue squadron” broke up with Ukraine (1 : 1) in the control meeting, although it controlled the ball 66% of the time and hit its opponent 20 times in the goal. At the World Championship team did not hit.


The "team of the elect” failed at the Mundiale, taking off at the first stage of the playoffs. After that, the national team looked confident - friendly matches against Croatia (1: 1) and Scotland (3: 1) turned out to be at a high level. In the League of Nations squad Fernando Santos won both fights with a one goal difference. The confrontation with the Poles was very productive, because the teams managed to distinguish themselves five times.

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Italians seem to be gaining momentum, but the Portuguese are not so simple, though without Ronaldo it will be much more difficult. Both teams are quite disciplined and equal at the moment. For me, there is a draw outcome.


My version is a draw in the first half for 2.04

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Italy v Portugal: will the teams be able to show effective football?

Italy is not in the best shape and scored only one victory in three fights. Will the Italians be able to get together and show high-quality football against Portugal? The answer is in our forecast.


The Italian national team, after failing to qualify for the World Championship, entrusted the construction of a new team, Roberto Mancini, but so far the mentor is not coping well with his duties. Italians produced only one victory in the League of Nations, and that was torn out in the last seconds after the standard. In friendly matches, Italy also does not shine - not a single victory in three matches.


In the last round of the League of Nations, the Italians met with Poland at a party and were able to get the long-awaited victory. In the course of the meeting, Italy had an advantage and created a number of dangerous moments, but it didn’t work to score. After the 70th minute, the Poles refused to play football at all, for which they paid the price - in the 92nd minute after the standard, Cristiano Biragi pushed the ball into the net. Italy now has four points and is two points behind the Portuguese.

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Portugal was not able to shoot at the World Championship, taking off at the stage of 1/8 finals. However, the post Fernando Santos retained and as it turned out, not for nothing. Portugal, even without Cristiano Ronaldo, who took a pause for several months to adapt to Juventus, looks quite decent and is currently leading in the group with six points after two rounds.


In the first round, Portugal beat Italy at home with a score of 1: 0, controlling the course of the bout from the first to the last minute. In the second round, the Portuguese had to work hard to beat Poland in her field - the match ended with a score of 3: 2 in favor of the Santos team, but the Poles put up fierce resistance and had a chance to draw.

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Between these fights, Portugal still beat Scotland 3-1 in a friendly match and it also looked very convincing.



In the last seven home games Italy has beaten Portugal six times

Italy have not conceded goals in only one of the last nine matches.

Portugal scores in each of the last nine matches

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Italy in the last round pulled out a victory over the Poles, which left her chances for first place. Now Italians are separated from the opponent by two points, but the Portuguese at the same time played one less match. Thus, today the Mancini team is obliged to play only for a victory, only such an outcome will allow it to remain in the race for the first place.


Portugal is doing well in the last matches, especially when it comes to attack, which mercilessly punishes opponents for any mistake.


Italians will play at home to win and obviously will not sit back in defense, and the Portuguese will try to crack the most reliable defense of the owners and not leave them a chance for the first line. Playing on a collision course will probably give the audience not one goal scored, because the compositions of both teams have very high-quality performers in the attack.

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