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The players of the Italian national team this year for the first time in a long time could not get through to the final of the World Cup.

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In 2018, in a friendly match, "Squadra Azzurra” lost to Argentina (0: 2) and France (1: 3), tied with England (1: 1) and the Netherlands (1: 1), and also defeated Saudi Arabia (2: one).


In the League of Nations, Roberto Mancini’s wards started in September with a home draw against the Polish team (1: 1), having gone from defeat thanks to a penalty in the end of the meeting.


In the second round, the "blue squadron” on the road lost to Portugal, which coped with a rival and without Cristiano Ronaldo, confidently played in defense, and after the break, scoring the only goal.

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In October, the Italians held a friendly match with a team of Ukraine, exchanging hammered balls in the second half - 1: 1.


And in the last match in the League of Nations wards Mancini forced out a guest victory over Poland, despite the great playing advantage, scoring only in the last minutes - 1: 0.


The group room has an interesting situation. Poland lost two matches and once played a draw. As a result, the "red-whites” in the next draw of the League of Nations will play in Division "B”.

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Italy has 4 points, Portugal - 6. Face-to-face confrontation can dot the i's.



The Portuguese national team in the 2018 World Cup played modestly, reaching only the 1/8 stage, where it lost to the Uruguay team (1: 1).


In September, the Portuguese in a home friendly match went to peace with Croatia (1: 1). Skipping from Ivan Perisic, wards Fernando Santos responded with a goal Pepe.


Then they started in the League of Nations with a home victory over Italy (1: 0), and in the second round in October, the Polish team won away (3: 2). The Portuguese missed the first, but scored three goals, not allowing opponents to win.

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In the last friendly match, the Portuguese national team defeated the Scotland team (3: 1) - the hosts scored the prestige goal in the last minutes, losing 0: 3.


If in the upcoming match the teams share the points, the sponsored Fernando Santos staked out the first line behind them and will play in the final part of the tournament in the summer.

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If in the fifth round the Italians will be stronger than the guests, then the first place will be played out in the battle of Poland and Portugal.


Note that the match with Italy is not called Cristiano Ronaldo, and defender Pepe disqualified. In addition, Moutinho, Nani and Quaresma are out of bid.



Bookmakers consider Italy to be the favorite of the match. Mancini’s odds are 2.25 for a team’s victory, while 3.15 for a draw, and 3.50 for a Portuguese team’s success.

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The guests are in a better position - they are satisfied with even a draw, besides, the Portuguese are in the League of Nations so far better. We predict that in Italy they will not lose.


The Mancini wards have obvious problems in the attack - in the last ten matches they managed to score more than one goal only for Saudi Arabia. Given the intense defense of both teams, many goals are not worth waiting for.


The options TM 2.5 for 1.60 are also interesting, "Both will score - no” for 1.75

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The home team had already recovered from a whole series of matches without victories and obtained a complicated profit in the last match with the Poles. Mentor Roberto Mancini has not yet decided on the final bid for the game, but for all reasons, his players will play with a priority of three points, because the Italians have nothing to lose. To ensure the maximum result "Squadra Azzurre” it is necessary to take three points, if, of course, the national team does not have plans for the difficult passing of the Euro 2020 qualification.


The Portuguese occupy the first line in their quartet and have six points in the asset after two wins. Wards Fernando Santos also use the handicap, because they played one less game. The current European champions are trying in every way to preserve the backbone of the main team, but you can't say much about changing generations, especially since Santos has already changed tactics with an eye to watching new players.

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According to the preliminary estimates of the majority of football analysts, this meeting will be held with a slight advantage of the Italians and will conclude with their home victory. Vedran Ostoich tends to high mutual pressure and believes that at least three goals will be scored in the match. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.



This team triumphantly completed their performances in the French Euro 2016, beating the host of the tournament in the final with a score of 1: 0. Since then, as part of the guests, little has changed, but the merit of coach Santos is that his players learned to act without the coordination of their leader, Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the tactical transformations, the Portuguese approach the tournament seriously, as the national team needs to increase its European rating, partially lost after losing to the national team of Uruguay in the 1/8 finals of the World Championship 2018. Guests play in a measured manner and have already managed to beat the Italians in their field by a score of 1: 0, and also in the assets of the southerners, the willful exit success in the confrontation with Poland (3: 2). For all the prerequisites in the composition of Portugal, no changes are foreseen, so Santos will play from the defense and will not postpone his counterattack indefinitely. The team of experts from LS Bets believes that under certain circumstances the San Siro Arena will not allow the Italians to dominate, and the guests will bring the match to a logical conclusion in their favor. The bookmaker offers to bet on the away win of the Portuguese national team with any score at a factor of 3.60. The result is very profitable, but Italy’s motivation in the fight for rating should be taken into account. Against this background, analysts at the Unibet betting exchange artificially equalized the chances of both teams in terms of goals and recommend betting on a draw with any score at 3.30.

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After such an unsuccessful performance in the qualification of the World Championship, Gian Piero Ventura, who was previously considered the most sought-after specialist in his field, was dismissed from the post of head coach of the Italians. The defeat of the Spaniards in the group stage placed Italy in second place in the team event, and then the hosts had to go through the Swedish team in the play-offs. During the 180 minutes of the game, the Italians could not print out the gates of the Scandinavians and as a result, after the defeat of 0: 1 in Stockholm (second game 0: 0), "Squadra Azzurra” for the first time in 60 years did not represent their interests at the world championship. Venture was replaced by Roberto Mancini, formerly known as the national team midfielder from 1994 to 2000, and Mancini managed to shine in working with St. Petersburg Zenit. Roberto assured that in any case he would prepare the national team for the mandatory passage to the final of EURO 2020 and his result as a coach in the preparation of the 2022 World Cup qualification in Qatar may depend on this result. So far his efforts have not brought the expected success, because after three matches in the asset of the Italians, only four points were gained in two confrontations with representatives of Poland (1: 1 and 1: 0). The hosts do not depart from the classic closed game and prefer to defend themselves in matches against any opponents. In a collision with Portugal, this approach can play into their hands, since guests are more likely to spend forces on organizing the siege of the Italian gates and quickly slow down in dynamics. It is possible that Mancini is waiting for this, so Coral experts predicted the competitive victory of "Squadra Azdzurra” and suggest putting on this result with a quotation 2.25.



Speaking about the possible performance, you should pay attention to the tactical characteristics of both teams. Porto

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An important confrontation in group 3 of League A. It is not even about fighting for a particular place, here longtime top rivals will face up.


Italians have already achieved some success. Under Mancini, in the last round of the League of Nations, the first victory in official meetings was won. She allowed to avoid relegation from League A of this new tournament. Not the greatest achievements for the football nation, but after a serious failure, returning to the top is hard and slow. It is worth noting that, under the banner of Squadra Azzurra, Roberto gathers a very disparate audience, there is no base club. The players are regularly called and get playing time from Cagliari or, for example, Sassuolo. It is hard to say when it will be a big team out of this scattered material. Here such matches as the upcoming give an idea where Italy is heading.

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Portugal is also going through a transformation. If earlier Ronaldo’s absence was a one-off, now it’s not worth waiting for him soon, and maybe he won't play for the national team anymore. While partners are doing well. The victory over Italy, and over Poland, also testifies to this. More began to take the cool players who previously remained in the shadow of a big star. For example, revealed Bruno Silva from Manchester City. He has an amazing technique and a lot of sharpening gears ahead. But in Milan, guests will still be very hard. It is unlikely that Italy will take first place in this group, even if it wins this meeting, but it will definitely try.


The experts of the betting shop "Paris-Match" gave a forecast for the match of the League of Nations Italy - Portugal, which will be held on November 17, beginning at 22:45 (IST)


Under the leadership of Roberto Mancini, the Italians perform very poorly, without showing good results. In the three matches of the League of Nations, Squadra Azzurra played a draw with Poland, then lost to Portugal and then won against Poland.

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Glimpses in the game were observed just in the last meeting, when the Italians owned the initiative and in the end still endured the opponent - 1: 0.


In order to win the group, the Italians need to win Portugal, but still, even in this case, little will depend on it. The Portuguese in the reserve have another game with Poland.


The Portuguese act on their level, showing pragmatic football and extracting positive results. The team got two wins out of two, seriously aiming at the first place.

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It is worth noting that Portugal stands in the League of Nations without its main leader, Cristiano Ronaldo. The forward is not called for the November matches.



Compared with the first match, Italy is slightly stronger, and therefore fully capable of fighting Portugal. That owners are considered the favorite, and the coefficient on their victory is 2.20.


The League of Nations is entering its final stage: by the end of this month we will know all the winners of the group stage. On the nose of the Italian national team the decisive match against the Portuguese national team. For the Portuguese, the meeting will not be the last; they have fewer Italians by one game and will hold their final match against the Polish team.

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The Italians, led by Roberto Mancini, still have ghostly chances of winning in group A 3. For this, they need to beat Portugal as big as possible and hope that the Poles in Lisbon will at least not lose to the Fernando Santos team. Frankly, this scenario looks very utopian. Because it will be very difficult to count on the already unmotivated Polish team in the final round, and the Italians themselves still have to break the resistance of the reigning European champions in the most difficult match. "Squadra Azzurra" will hold the eighth match under the leadership of Roberto Mancini. A flurry of critical arrows fired at the start of his work with the national team, "Allenator”, died down after a great match with the Poles in Warsaw. Despite the modest victory in added time (1: 0), the Italian football community was very pleased with the quality of the national team game. Mancini slowly delineates the circle of players he needs. So Roberto's favorite at Zenit, Domenico Criscito, who played in all matches at the start of the League of Nations, has not been involved in the national team for the second time in a row. His place on the left edge of the defense was taken by Cristiano Biraghi, who won the coach’s confidence in a goal against Poland. The backbone of the central midfielders is gradually being formed. In Mancini's favorite "4-3-3” two places are fixed for Verratti and Zorginho. Mancini coach in the late formation - a rejection of the classic forward in its purest form. In St. Petersburg, Roberto rarely used Dzyuba, preferring to him more mobile Kokorin.

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A similar situation is now taking shape in the Italian national team: the nominal midfielder Bernardeschi is the closest to the opponents' goal, and the drawn forward Sebastian Giovinco is regularly drawn to the MLS national team. In the center of the attack, a miniature Lorenzo Insigne was also tried, the place of which is still on the left flank. We will not forget about the drive-in Chiro Immobile, who, for now, has to be content with the role of a reservist. So the search for optimal combinations in the attack continues. But it seems that Mancini in the key match will stop on the version with Bernardeschi. As they say, they aren't looking for good from the good. However, Portugal is still not Poland, but because the Italians will have to act with an eye to their own gates. If the hosts leave free zones for the guests, retribution will come quickly, and even two masters in defense of Bonucci and Chiellini are unlikely to help their goalkeeper. Let's not forget that Italy has no net opornika in the squad, which means that any edge or loss of additional cargo will fall on the shoulders of defenders. Therefore, most likely, in the first half of the match we will have to wait for a very careful and closed football. Italians will rely on long positional ball pranks, the presence of Verratti and Jorginho have this, and standard positions. It is assumed that the Portuguese will act more on counterattacks. If the game unfolds, in the second half. In this regard, it is appropriate to think about the "2nd half better than the first” bet by 1.57, or consider a more risky option with a 1.9 draw in the half.


The Portuguese national team confidently held 2 first matches in the League of Nations. Victories over Italy and Poland practically provided the team with Fernando Santos first place in the group. Now you just have to beat the Poles at home, and the "case is in the hat." After the World Cup for the national team has not played a single game Cristiano Ronaldo. The best scorer in the history of the national team decided to give time for adaptation in Juventus and not to distract with calls to the League of Nations matches.

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Cristiano will help the national team in the spring matches of the selection for the European Championship, but in the meantime, Portugal is doing well without its leader. In the absence of Ronaldo, Sevilla forward Andre Silva took on the role of first violin in the attack. It was he who brought the victory in the Lisbon match with the Italians and scored the Poles in Warsaw. The right wing of the attack in the 4-3-3 scheme is firmly fixed on Bernard Silva from Man City, he is also one of those who often takes over the game and is very dangerous in a 1-by-1 game. In the middle of the field, midfield William Carvalho, and the defense manages fearless Pepe. Trump this team - a fusion of experience and youth. Moreover, in contrast to the Italian national team being built only, Portugal is already a fairly well-played team, many of these guys won Euro 2016 two years ago and participated in the World Championship in Russia. Fernando Santos has been heavily criticized for being a second-class player in matches with equal or stronger opponents. However, it is now that


"It would be great to get into the playoffs, but for us and second place in the group would be a good result," said Roberto Mancini at the pre-match press conference. "The League of Nations helps young people to progress; this is an excellent preparation for the selection to the European Championship.”

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The invention of the tournament took place at a good time for Mancini. He is experimenting and holding his first matches at the helm of the Italian national team as part of the official competition - these games still have weight, unlike the friendly matches. After the first two matches - with Poland and especially with Portugal - Azzurra was heavily criticized. But the control game with Ukraine and departure to Poland were accompanied by completely different comments. Italy adds, and the victory over the Poles became the first in a year in the official match. Do not miss Azzurri for the first time after a goalless draw with Sweden, which cost them to get to the World Cup.


Match with Portugal - the last for Italy in the group. The Mancini team still has a chance to become the first - you need to win and hope that the Portuguese will not then win against Poland. However, the situation in Portugal is much more comfortable, because even in case of failure in the Apennines, they can take three points in three days later at home.

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Portugal again plays without Cristiano Ronaldo, and this is a plus for Italy. Another good news is that the team Fernando Santos missed in four of the last five matches. Not only statistics speaks in favor of Italy (at home in official matches they have not lost since the summer of 2016), but also their position - there is absolutely nothing to lose Azzurri, so you can not be afraid to lose. Mancini is building a team that relies on the game from a position of strength, and a home game with Portugal - a chance to try to dictate conditions against a strong opponent.


And statistics - Italy won ten of 11 home games against Portugal, never losing. In Milan (the match will take place on San Siro) SkuadraAdzurra has not lost since 1925. Successful series may well last - for the guests this match is clearly not so important from a tournament point of view.

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Indicative compositions

Italy: Donnarumma - Florenzi, Bonucci, Chiellini, Biragi - Verratti, Jorginho, Barella - Chiesa, Immobile, Insigne


Portugal: Rui Patrício - João Cancelu, Ruben Dias, Pepe, Mario Ruy - Ruben Neves, William Carvalho, Rafa Silva - Pizzi, Bernardo Silva - Andre Silva

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