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Do the Portuguese manage to sit here on the defensive? Somehow even embarrassing for the champions of Europe.

Fernando Santos knows his maneuver. Well, what can be the claims to the coach, who won the last European championship? There, too, the Portuguese were willing to share the initiative and the ball and acted as the second number. Fortunately, there is Ronaldo ahead. He now has a good form, Cristiano scored 4 goals, although he obviously stood with the match against Morocco. Both his previous partners stood by. They look tired. Apparently, so far stiffness and congestion. The Portuguese, for sure, were going to play a long tournament and prepared accordingly. And yet, it's time to show something more. It is very dangerous to hope for a draw. Any random goal will throw this strong team out of the tournament.

Iran is very healthy and selflessly defended against Spain. In selflessness, you will not refuse. Ezatolahi was simply good. However, the forces to rush for Isko and K Persians clearly did not have enough. Already at the beginning of the second half, mistakes were made. However, Iran in the end was going to recoup and quite could do it. There was even a goal from the "offside" position and one killer moment. In general, this is far from being a primitive rival, who will suffer himself and torment the Portuguese. Has not yet said his word to Azmun. If the team Keirush really give the initiative, then the Europeans are likely to have serious problems.

This will be the second match between Iran and Portugal in the World Championships. In 2006, Europeans won with a score of 2: 0 because of the goals of Deco and Cristiano Ronaldo. By the way, then Ronaldo scored his first goal in the World Championships;

Portugal won three of four matches against Asian teams at the World Championships, losing only to South Korea in 2002;

Iran has not won any of the six matches of the World Championships against teams from Europe (= 1-5). The only match he did not lose was in 1978 with Scotland and ended in a draw;

The coach of the Iranian national team Carlos Queiroz in 1991-1993 and in 2008-2010 worked with the Portuguese team. In 2010, he led it at the World Championship in South Africa and under his leadership the Portuguese won the biggest victory in the history of the world championships, defeating the national team of North Korea 7-0;

After a goalless draw with Brazil in 2010, Portugal missed at least one goal in five consecutive World Cup matches, until it won 1-0 Morocco in the last round;

The victory over Portugal guarantees Iran the way out to the playoffs of the World Championship - for the first time in history;

Iran never completed the World Cup group tournament with a victory (= 1-3), scoring just three goals and conceding ten;

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the last five goals of Portugal at the World Championships. The record belongs to Oleg Salenko, who in 1994 scored six consecutive goals for the Russian national team;

In the match against Morocco, Ronaldo scored his 85th goal for the Portuguese national team. This is a record among all European football players (the previous achievement belonged to Ferenc Puskash - 84 goals for Hungary and Spain);

For João Moutinho it will be the 113th match for Portugal. Only two footballers had more fights for it - Ronaldo (152) and Liush Figo (127).

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Iran's national team was able to obtain three points in the starting match against Morocco. The match was extremely tough, Iran in the first half, mostly defended, but the gate "dry" could save the smog. In the second half of the meeting the team of Carlos Keirosh was able to reverse the course of the meeting - the Moroccans no longer had such a large territorial advantage, there were moments also in Iran itself. Before the final whistle, Iran earned a corner, after which the striker Morocco cut the ball into his own net. The victory of Iran and a real chance of reaching the playoffs.

In the second match, the Iranians lost to Spain 0-1, but could show a very worthy game against a more classy team. After the final whistle, Keirosh did not hesitate to praise his team, which, in his opinion, is worthy of playing in the playoffs. In a duel with Portugal, Iran needs only victory, any other result will leave the team outside the playoffs.

"Persian leopards" despite the so pretentious nickname, for which the area in Russia can be shown, played at the World Championship worthy. In the first match, the guys went to the showdown against Morocco and defeated those with a score of 1: 0. Triumph can not be called bright, because the only goal Africans scored themselves in compensated time. A comedy situation that made the whole Morocco shed a tear.

In the second round, "Prince of Persia" has already climbed on the favorite of the group - the Spanish team. Bookmakers did not give chance to our today's heroes, but they were able to hold out dignifiedly and missed only one goal. You can also recall a couple of good unrealized moments. The upcoming confrontation is fundamental for Karlos Kirosh, and here he has a dual choice - on the one hand you need to win in order to go to the playoffs, but Portugal can be beaten Portugal as treason.

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Team Portugal miraculously managed to save a draw in the starting match with the Spaniards. Despite the fact that it was the Portuguese who played twice in the account, we can not name the game of the players Fernando Santos. Spain quickly leveled the

situation, and then came forward. After that, the "red fury" decided that this result suits her and began to "dry" the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo this oversight did not forgive, realizing in the added time penalty kick. The main star of the Portuguese national team was noted in that duel with a hat-trick, and it was his efforts that ensured the team the result.

In the second match, the Portuguese again managed to quickly come forward, and again scored a goal Ronaldo. The national team of Morocco began to storm the gates of the Portuguese, and several times was very close to their capture, but Rui Patriciu was on top. After the match, Santos expressed satisfaction with the result, and also expressed confidence that in the playoffs his team will definitely fall.

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Fernando Santos's squad continues to bend the stick, which has not yet broken after the successful Euro-2016. The team plays from the opponent and strongly hopes at random, and the fact that Ronaldo somewhere can execute a penalty or in the bustle poke the ball into an empty net. At the moment the tactic is working, it remains to make the final breakthrough. The main task of the guys is not to lose, otherwise they will leave Russia in sorrow.

"European Brazilians" simply do not deserve such a nickname, henceforth they can be called "reincarnation of the bus Mourinho." What can I say, even if the Europeans played against the Moroccan national team from defense. Of course, this brought fruit, but given the different caliber of teams, it was strange to watch a similar picture. The main trump card of the Portuguese is defense, which can crack at any time.

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The Portuguese will win, scoring more than one goal, and in their composition again to distinguish Cristiano Ronaldo.

Today at the World Championship will play the first matches of the final third round of the group stage. A distinctive feature is that all the matches of each group will play at one time. Group B play in the evening: in Saransk, Iran and Portugal, and Spain and Morocco in a parallel match in Kaliningrad. A lot of attention of Russian fans will be riveted to these games due to the fact that it is after these matches our rival will be determined in the 1/8 finals. Further, we will analyze in more detail what can we expect in the meeting of Iran and Portugal, as well as whom to wait in the playoffs.

The Iranian team is a perfect example, as possessing modest capabilities and not having any superstars, one can achieve a positive result. Despite the presence in the group of such eminent rivals as Spain and Portugal, as well as a strong Moroccan team, the Iranians continue to struggle for access to the playoffs, while African footballers are already packing their suitcases home. The match against Portugal will be decisive: if they beat the current European Champion, they will leave the group. As they say, everything is in their hands. However, the task is not easy. In the first two matches against Morocco and Spain, wards Carlos Queiroz played in the same style, which is unlikely to change in the upcoming meeting. Namely, the strictest discipline, the game in defense of the full composition, as well as the emphasis on counterattacks after the rival's mistakes. Surprisingly, for two meetings at the World Championship Iran held the ball on average less than 34% of playing time. Below the figure was only in Iceland in the match against Argentina, when the "Vikings" almost all ninety minutes played on the retention of the account. An important factor in the possible success can be the figure of the head coach. Carlos Queiroz - Portuguese, who led the national team for two years since 2008. He may be aware of the enemy's weaknesses. The Iran team has a very large army of fans. Many Russians can also support this team, because Serdar Azmun, Said Ezzatollahi and Milad Mokhhamadi play in it, last season they played for various clubs of the Premier League. In this match, support for the tribunes of Iranian football players is ensured.

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The triumvors of the Euro 2016 on a par with the Spaniards have four points in the asset after two games and divide the first place in the group. Team Fernando Santos plays in the same vein as two years ago at the European Championships. This is not surprising, as we remember, then the Portuguese won the trophy, beating in the final team of France. The composition has not undergone major changes, the coach still trusts the proven fighters. Each of the maximum work out in defense, and in the attack the entire team on his shoulders drags Cristiano Ronaldo. On his account so far, all four goals scored by the national team, two awards to the best player of the match, as well as leadership in the race of scorers. It's scary to imagine what will happen to the team if

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their leader will be injured or disqualified. By and large, in none of the first two games the "European Brazilians" were better than their rivals, but they took four points. This is the paradox of the Portuguese national team. On Euro 2016 they won just one match in regular time, but they got the coveted cup. Team surprisingly squeezes the maximum of their moments. Against Spain: 3 hits on target and 3 goals, with the advantage of both possession and dangerous moments on the side of their rivals. A similar picture and the outcome of the second match with the Moroccans, who in all major indicators outplayed Cristiano and the company, which dealt just 2 blows to the target and won with a minimum score. Undoubtedly, the class of performers is much higher than that of the Iranian team, the actions on the defensive are debugged, but the "crishtian independence" in the attack can play a cruel joke with them.

Teams already met once at the 2006 World Cup, then Portugal won 2: 0

Portugal last won with a difference, more than one goal in November 2017 - a 3-0 win over Saudi Arabia

Iran lost for the last time with a difference greater than one goal three years ago - the defeat of Sweden 1: 3 in a friendly match

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Bookmakers give the Portuguese team a clear favorite of the match, but in fact everything is not so unambiguous. As in the first and second duel, the Portuguese did not look like a strong team, as the Champion of Europe supposed. By and large, four points were earned by the team thanks to the exceptional talent of Cristiano Ronaldo and luck. Iran, on the contrary, does not have bright names, but the national team is strong in team play. It was thanks to the coordinated actions of all lines that the princes of Persia earned a victory in the first match and showed a very worthy result in the second. Such a team to beat large today's Portuguese will be extremely difficult, once and luck comes to an end.

In our opinion, Iran has a chance to score points. The forecast of the AllProSports experts for the duel is the Asian handicap (+1) for the Iranian team. In the betting league, this bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.70.

Both teams preach a defensive style of play, in this situation, one should not expect revelation and a large number of goals. Our experts recommend putting on a total less.

Summarizing the above, it can be noted that both teams specialize in defensive actions, they are easier to play the second number, to act from the opponent. Of course, Portugal can play more variatively at the expense of performing skills of its players, but that's the question: do they need this in this match? The tournament situation has developed in such a way that the team Fernando Santos will arrange even a draw, which means that we will see traditional viscous football, with a lot of struggle, in which lovers of baklau feel very confident. Iran will have to attack with great forces, open up, in this meeting it will not be ninety minutes to sit at its gate in full force and hope for counterattacks. The problem for them is that in the first matches the team did not demonstrate sufficient skillful actions in the attack. Agree, 2 strokes on target gate rivals for 2 matches - to put it mildly, a weak result. There is a high probability that the match will be held under the motto "some can not, others do not want". Therefore, we suggest playing "bottom". Our forecast for today's match Iran - Portugal - TM (2.5) by a coefficient of 1.62.

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