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"Inter" returned to the Champions League thanks to the guest victory over "Lazio" in the last round of the last championship. This allowed "neradzuri" to take the fourth place.


However, the results of the Spalletti team in the current season indicate that it may be a bit early, "Inter" returned to the Champions League, although without doubt, such a success was necessary to the team as the air. "Black and Blue" in the first four rounds of Serie A earned only four points, losing "Sassuolo" (0: 1) and "Parma" (0: 1), drawing a tie with "Torino" (2: 2) and defeating only " Bologna "(3: 0). And "Parma" "Inter" lost in his field.

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Against the backdrop of all this, Lautaro Martinez and Shime Vrsalco risk missing the match.


In the group stage of the Champions League, "Inter" for the last time played in the season 2011/2012. Then "neradzuri" earned ten points, and went to the "Marseilles", from which flew to the 1/8 finals.



"Tottenham" for the upcoming fight is also suitable in a depressed mood. "Spurs" this Saturday lost at home to "Liverpool" - 1: 2. Now the team of Pochettino is six points behind the leaders. However, the failure of the London club does not indicate any crisis at all. "Tottenham" remains a balanced and powerful team, which in the last two games is just a little unlucky. In the first three rounds of the Premier League, the "spurs" beautifully dealt with Newcastle (2-1), Fulham (3-1) and Manchester United (3-0), only after losing to Watford (1: 2 ) and "Liverpool" (1: 2).

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His class Tottenham showed in the previous Champions League, when the team of Mauricio Pochettino landed in the same group as Real Madrid, APOEL and Dortmund Borussia. In this quartet, "Tottenham" won first place, without losing a single match. With the "Real" in Madrid, "spurs" played 1: 1, and at home defeated "creamy" 3: 1. However, in the 1/8 finals with the team Pochettino happened "black" four minutes with Juventus. In Turin with the Italian club, the British played 2-2, and the home team won 1-0, but Higuaín and Dibala turned the game in four minutes.


Note that Hugo Lloris will not be able to help Spurs in this match. In question, Bamidele Alli and Moussa Sissoko also participated.



"Inter" won only one of the last four fights.

At home, "Inter" lost in 3 of 11 previous official matches.

They scored "neradzuri" in 8 of these 11 meetings.

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"Tottenham" in the Champions League lost only one of the nine past fights.

Scored the "spurs" in all these meetings, and did not miss only two matches with APOEL.

"Inter" with "Tottenham" played each other four fights, in which they obtained two wins. "Neradzuri" at home won 4: 1 and 4: 3, and "spurs" on "Ouart Hart Lane" won - 3: 0 and 3: 1.



In this confrontation solid looks "Tottenham". "Spurs" are one of the grants of the Premier League, with which it was difficult to play "Real" and "Juventus" last season. What can we say about the modest "Inter"? However, the defense of "spurs" is far from ideal, and for "neradzuri", which for the first time in a long time will appear in the group stage of the Champions League, the upcoming duel will be of immense importance. Team Spalletti will play with redoubled energy.


Our forecast - both will score 1.78

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The last tour of Serie A last season gave a spark of hope and a bright future. In it, "Inter" at the last minute beat "Lazio" and, as a result, drove the "eagles" from last place in the Champions League.


However, the new season for "Nerazzurri" was not asked: in four starting rounds they lost points three times (two defeats and a draw). But to say that the Spalletti team plays disgustingly, too, is impossible.

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In the championship of Italy "snakes" sit proudly in second place in the average number of created moments - 13.5 beats per match. However, the completion quality is still plowed and plowed - only 9.3% of the implementation.


"Manchester United" shows interest in the striker "Inter"

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Here and in the last match with "Parma" "black and blue" paid for their extravagance. The whole game "Inter" was dominated: 24-8 on the blows, 67% possession of the ball and 10 filed angulars against the 1st. However, on the 79th minute Milan defense missed Dimarko, and he scored the only goal in the meeting - the victory of "Parma" 1-0.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham have also lost their match of the last round. But the rival of the "lily-white" was much more serious. "Liverpool" Jürgen Klopp is now just in a crazy form, which proved in a personal meeting with the team Pochettino.


The same Londoners created 11 points, but only three hits were sighting, and the return goal of the home team occurred only in compensated time.

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This is the second defeat of "Tottenham" in a row - in the fourth round of "spurs" with a similar score "flew" to "Watford".


"Tottenham" can spend the entire season at Wembley

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Interestingly, Mauricio Pochettino's team is also among the top 3 most hitters in the Premier League - on average, the Londoners inflict 12.2 hits per game.

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With such activity we predict goals. Given the current form of opponents - goals in both directions. In this case, somewhat more likely, we see the result in favor of "Tottenham". Simply because Mauricio Pochettino is known for his ability to draw conclusions after failures.


Forecast: "2X + Both will score"

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So, our bet is "2X + Both will be scored" for 2.51


Inter after six years returns to the Champions League. And in the first round will be the battle for second place in the B quartet (the first has already been booked for Barcelona). Both teams will only play to win, to be rehabilitated for the last setbacks in the championship.


In the previous weekend, the Milan club sensationally lost home Parma with a score of 0: 1. Yes, and before that Spalletti wards showed mediocre results. It is the Champions League who will answer the question whether Inter is ready for this season. So far, the form of its main performers has not been impressive.

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After three straight victories at the start of the Premier League, Tottenham stalled a bit. Defeat 1: 2 from Watford and 1: 2 from Liverpool drove Spurs to sixth place in the championship. The closest match is an excellent occasion for Pochettino's players to test their strength against the backdrop of one of the strongest clubs in Italy.


The chances of winning teams in this game are approximately equal. Spurs are a more experienced team in European competition, but Nerazzurri play at home. We are waiting for a very competitive match, in which the exchange of effective blows is possible.


Both will score at 1.81

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Inter broke into the Champions League after so many years of wandering, but can the team there to show something? At the moment, he is seriously doubtful, because the start of the season at "Nerazzurri" turned out very blurry. Not only that for 4 matches Spalletti wards won only once (0: 3 with Bologna), so they are on Saturday and lost at home to Parma - 0: 1. And in general the team looks somehow smeared on the football field, as if the players do not know what to do ...


Tottenham also started the new season well, but gradually slides down. If at first the wards of Pochettino gave out 3 wins in a row, then after twice they conceded. Yes, on Saturday, the "spurs" lost to Liverpool (1: 2) and here it is not worth blaming them, then the defeat from Watford (2: 1) was quite unexpected. In general, the London team shows a decent football, but the goalkeeper's position is now "in question"

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Match 1 round of the group stage of the Champions League Inter - Tottenham will take place on Tuesday September 18 at 19:55 (MSK) at the San Siro stadium. In this game, bookmakers slightly more appreciate the chances of the Italian club, but it seems that the status of the home team plays its role. Inter is not the best way to start the season and is preparing for the match against Tottenham after home defeat from the newcomer to the Serie A Parma with a score of 0: 1. Wards Luciano Spalletti this season had four matches and scored just one victory with two defeats and one draw. In both lost fights Milanese remained without goals scored. In the Champions League, Inter did not play since the 2011/12 season. Then he reached the 1/8 finals and lost by the sum of two meetings to Marcel. The first six and a half years of the fight in the main Euro Cup should be very difficult for Inter and no one can guarantee a victory.


Tottenham also lost at the weekend - at home to Liverpool with a score of 1: 2. And he conceded 0-2 and only after that scored one goal - Erik Lamela scored. This was the second consecutive defeat of "Spurs" with such a score. Before that, they won three consecutive wins with a total score of 8: 2. In the Champions League, the London club last season reached the 1/8 finals, losing to the sum of two meetings with Juventus. At the same time in the group stage, Tottenham took first place in the quartet with Real Madrid, Dortmund Borussia and APOEL, having won five of six matches and not suffered a single defeat.

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In the 2012/13 season, Inter and Tottenham have played each other in the playoffs of the Europa League. Milanese then lost away 0-3, and the home in regular time was won with the same score. In extra time the opponents exchanged goals and in the end, the next round was Tottenham. In the upcoming game specialists of the site Bookmakers.rf consider the chances of the representative of the English Premier League undervalued, despite two successive losses in the championship of his country. And in this case, it will be beneficial to bet on winning guests with a zero handicap.

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the victory of Inter - 2.63, a draw - 3.27, the victory of Tottenham - 2.78.



victory Tottenham with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). In the second place in popularity, Inter's victory 1: 0 (coefficient 8.00). Betting on Tottenham's win with a handicap (0) is accepted with a coefficient of 1.98.

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Inter, who won the Champions League eight years ago, has lost the ability to participate in the main club tournament, but the team of Luciano Spalletti should be taken seriously. In a group where Barcelona is the clear favorite, the Milanese are likely to fight for the second line with London's Tottenham.


The rivals have vivid memories of meetings in the 2010/11 season, but it took too long to take them into account. If we talk about what is happening now, then both teams approach the game not in the best shape. Inter at the start of the championship won just one match, and on Saturday in his field lost to Parma, a newcomer to Serie A.

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Tottenham have three wins in five meetings, but Spurs also lost two games in a row. On Saturday, Mauricio Pochettino's team lost to Liverpool at home. The strength of the opponent should not be invoked: in fact, Tottenham looks mediocre at the start of the campaign - and the Spurs won matches were no exception.


No team now deserves to be considered the favorite of this meeting. Draw seems a very likely outcome. A more cautious option is to bet on "both will score." Inter is desirable to beat the home of a direct competitor, and Tottenham rarely leaves the field without a goal scored - and last season the team Pochettino regularly scored, even in games with the strongest European teams.


Inter will take Tottenham in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League. The game has a very important strategic importance, because in the quartet with Barca and PSV it is likely these teams will compete for the second place in the software.

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Neradzurri started the season in disgust, in Serie A, unlike last season, they do not stick to the beginning, there are defeats from Parma and Sassuolo, a lost victory over Torino, that is, Inter Milan is playing modestly in his field. Tottenham a different level and the hosts will be difficult as not cool. Transfers Balde Keita and Ningollana have not justified themselves yet and the team looks fragmented.

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Tottenham in the field Giuseppe Meazza will be considered the favorite. The field, which in zero was a permanent residence permit in the Champions League for two clubs for a long time did not see the main tournament of Europe. Spurs the same season started confidently with three wins, but the last two defeats from Watford and Liverpool somewhat knocked down the winning spirit of the guests. Nevertheless, Pochettino certainly team more played. There is Erikssen, Son, who returned from the Asiad to 23 years old, not to serve in the army, Alli is restored and the guests will be quite capable on the road, the more they play exactly faster.


Still fresh in the memory of the memories of the matches teams in 2010. Incomparable 4-3 in Italy in favor of the hosts and 3-1 in favor of the spurs at White Hart Lane with the goals of Bayle and Pavlyuchenko. now some other times. Tottenham under the leadership of Pochetino finally became a top club, while Inter Spalletti's second season tends to stability and raise the level of the game. At this point, at this particular point of development, guests are stronger, they combine great and problems with the composition gradually go to the side. So we play their zero start with the main bet, while the X2 through the OZ and ITB guests alternatives

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