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Iceland - Croatia forecast for the World Cup Group D match. Croatia already qualifies for the direct elimination phase and Iceland will hope for a miracle. Will the players of Heimir Hattlinggill succeed in doing the unthinkable and taking part in the 1/8-final in their World Cup debut?

In the following lines we will analyze the performance of both teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Iceland - Croatia.

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Two years ago, Iceland shocked Europe and managed to reach the 1/4-final of the European Championship in France. However, the current situation of the Icelanders is far more unfavorable. The chances of participating in the phase of direct elimination go through a mandatory victory over the already ranked "chess players" and the failure of Nigeria against Argentina.

An advantage for Iceland will be the fact that Croatia already qualifies for the 1/8-finals. We expect coach chess player Zlatko Dalić to give a chance to a large number of his players, who are hanging with 1 yellow card. Team captain Luka Modric may also get a break after a long season in his club club Real Madrid. Yes, the Croats also have excellent performers on the bench, but certainly the chances of Iceland will be greater in the absence of big stars.

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Iceland - Croatia Statistics

Croatia has never scored three consecutive World Cup victories.

Croatia retained 3 dry nets in its last 4 World Cup matches.

Luka Modric managed to score 2 goals in the World Cup 2018 with only 2 accurate strikes in the opponents' goal.

Iceland may become the second debutant to participate in the phase of direct elimination after Slovakia in 2010.

Iceland - Croatia News

We do not expect any changes in the composition of Iceland.

The Croats will come out with a large number of players who did not take part in the first two matches of their team. We expect Matteo Kovacic, Marco Piaza and Milan Badel to start for "chess players" from the opening minutes.

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Iceland - Croatia Bet

Croatia's high coefficient of victory is not a surprise, given the ranking in group D. For us, however, the final result will be in the different direction. Iceland is the team that needs more than three points and we expect them to be more active on the pitch.

Our forecast for Iceland - Croatia is Victory for Iceland or Raven. The recommended bookmaker for such markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.

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This match was very important for both the participants themselves and for the Argentina national team, which yesterday lost to Croatia without a chance. Iceland actively started the fight, several times dangerously threatening the gate of the national team of Nigeria. However, the defense of the wards of Guernot Rore coped without any problems with the attacks of the islanders. In general, in the first half the game was held, mainly in the center of the field, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the teams went on a break with a score of 0: 0.

In the second half Nigerians stepped up, and in one of the attacks managed to realize at the time. Victor Moses gave an accurate pitch from the right flank to Ahmed Musa, who shot the gate of Iceland's national team: 1: 0 in favor of Guernot Ror's charges. Iceland now had to recoup, and the Nigerians, in turn, did not sit out on the defensive. Soon the Africans increased their advantage. Ahmed Musa wonderfully figured out in the opponent's penalty area, beat the goalkeeper and hit the already empty goal: 2: 0. The islanders had nowhere to go, and they continued to make attempts to recoup. In the course of the remaining time they had a one hundred percent chance, as a goal was scored to the Nigerian national team. Gilfi Sigurdsson approached the ball, but ran the ball into the stands. The final whistle of the referee recorded the victory of the Nigerian national team with a score of 2: 0.


2: 0 (0: 0)

Goals: Ahmed Musa (49 ', 75')

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All six of his victories in the World Championships Nigeria scored in the games against the European teams. And in five of the six matches, she kept her own gate intact;

For the first time Iceland lost the match of the group stage of a major tournament (+ 1 = 3);

The last four goals of Nigeria at the World Championships were scored by Ahmed Musa (in 2014 he made a double in a duel with Argentina, which his team lost with a score 2: 3);

Gilfi Sigurdsson in a match against Nigeria struck two blows on the target gate of the opponent in the first 6 minutes of the game - the same as in all 90 minutes of meeting with Argentina;

It was only Nigeria's second victory in the last 14 matches at the World Championships (= 3-9, in 2014, she beat Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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Iceland squad played two different fights at the World Championship. On the one hand, a draw result in the starting match with Argentina can be fully credited to the team's assets. Icelanders conceded in the course of the match, but managed to recoup. On the other - a complete failure in the meeting with Nigeria. We missed the wards of Haymir Hadlgrimsson twice, not scoring a single goal. And they made only three hits for the whole match on goal in Nigeria.

Our experts have prepared another forecast for the match Iceland - Croatia, in which they determined the winner of the meeting.

Chances to get further and write a new page in the history of Icelandic football is. It is necessary to go out and beat Croatia. Experience of victories over the opponent at the coaching staff is available. With "checkers" Iceland played in the same qualification group. Then the wards Hadlgrimsson lost on the road 0-2, but the home was stronger 1: 0.

On the prospects of the Icelandic team in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.

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Taking a quick start to the 2018 World Cup, the Croatian team after two rounds secured a ticket to the 1/8 finals. In the first match, the "checkers" on the class took three points in a duel with the Nigerians - 2: 0, after which Argentina was knocked out, sending three unanswered goals to the South Americans. The situation in the group for the Croats will not change in case of defeat. Not the fact that Nigeria will beat Argentina, and if so, the Africans Croatia beat.

Marcelo Brozovich will not play because of the disqualification. In addition to him, a number of other players who Zlatko Dalich intends to give to rest on the eve of the playoffs are at risk of appearing on the bench. Rebić, Vrsalko Rakitic, Manjukic, Corluka hang on the cards.

On the prospects of the Croatian team in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.

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Croatia at the current World Cup did not miss a single goal.

In both matches Iceland at the 2018 World Cup played a bet on the total less than 2.5.

In the last four face-to-face meetings, only one team scored.

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