How to bet on football

How to bet on football

Why football bets as favorites?


Football bets are probably the most popular way of betting in Bulgaria at present. Many people with even the slightest interest in this topic are in some way involved. The goal is to know the outcome of a meeting, and according to your bet, you earn money. If you your forecast is wrong, you lose money. It's nothing complicated. However, you should consider whether doing overall strategy game just for the thrill and fun of or have decided to borrow seriously and earn big money.


how to bet on football


The most common way to bet is to use bookmaker. Now many are actual online bookmakers who offer various promotions. In fact, this is the option of early bass with a friend who has the opposite view for a match. Of course prepares bookmaker odds in its sole discretion for any possible outcome and is already a matter of choice for the customer to make a bet. Industry with football betting is already huge and there are many sites with bookmaking goal worldwide. In these pages like ours you can find estimates for them.

So what we have included in this post:


    Why bet on soccer are so commercial

    How to bet on football, using a variety of bets

        Bet on victory


        The stakes above and below goals

        Exact result

        Both teams to score, goal-goal

        Bet of the first half and the end result


        long-term bets


        Live Betting


How to bet on football, using different types of bets


There are a bunch of different types of bets, from which you can choose from. This diversity can be seen even slightly confusing for the novice, but it offers us a chance to choose and thus profit. Naturally, some bets are much easier to implement than others, but ultimately, a serious study all can be understood. For new in this endeavor it is better to stick to simple early bets while entering the matter. If you want to have success in betting and make money from this endeavor will still need to familiarize yourself with the more complex bets. Very often big odds and favorable signs can be found precisely there, it should be borne in mind that in different countries certain terms in betting with different names and have different meanings. That's why on our website you can see a wide terminology explained meanings. You can always help and support act for a site for betting.


    The first and very popular bet is winning


    This is a very simple example. One of the most popular bets on the internet was the case and is easy to understand. In football there is always a winner, so therefore leave factor and equality so-called X. These odds for a match will depend on who is favorite and who is an outsider. The one with the smallest ratio hence is expected the team to win. For example, if you play Barcelona, ​​Gijon, you would probably expect Barca to beat, so you bet the favorite, though its rate is lower ..

    The handicap is another very popular bet in matches


    It is close to that to win, but we play with artificial advantage for one of the teams. It may be one, two or more goals, and accordingly to it to make its forecast. For example, if it bet against Barca Gijon, but with a handicap of -3 goals for Barca will be hoping they can beat 4: 0 as to come your forecast. This is quite useful when chasing a higher coefficient and believe that a team can beat a difference. It can be used and where do you think superfavorit will not win a lot or even not fight against your opponent.

    Betting above and below goals


    These bets gained enormously in popularity in recent Pogodin. And they come in a great variety with most bookmakers. The idea is to know exactly how many goals will be in a match for a team for half a minute and so on. For example, Barcelona played with Gijon and you expect the meeting to have over 2.5 goals. The pledge will come if the game were scored at least 3 goals. In the past, the standard was precisely under and over 2.5 goals. But now there are all varieties. Over 0.5 goals over 1.5 goals over 3.5 goals over 4.5 goals, etc., and their equivalents in below. Live games allowed to come sometimes to more than 9.5 goals. The idea is, if you hesitate to sign, but believe that will fall pretty goals, not looking outcome, but rather the number of goals.

    You have the opportunity to bet and accurate result, either for final output, half minutes, etc.


    Then you need to hit how many goals will be scored one and how the other team and it read in its forecast to have success. Here the odds are great and often play with less money.

    Separately have another bet gathered force - goal-goal


    Again, if you do not know who will win, but believe both attacks will razpishat you a very pleasant factor in most cases to bet on both teams to score.

    We must not forget the option first half - final result


    You can predict which team will lead a holiday or a draw will and who will win in the end or it will draw. This is advantageous when you believe that a team is the favorite and can even lead to the break. This will catch the bigger factor. If you believe in surprise, you can put the first half in favor of one team and the outcome in favor of the other extremely large factor. The same is true if you believe in solid draw or a draw in a twist.

    Other popular bets are special bets


    They are sometimes just for fun, but quite serious players use them. These bets are not always influence the outcome. Such examples are the first scorer of corners in the match cards in the match. In goalscorers can bet on the one that scored the entire game to score more than one goal, or more than two goals. Naturally, in any bolder prediction rate increases. Charts you can play in minutes or half the match. For example, Barcelona, ​​Gijon will have 4 cards for 90 minutes, 2 in the first half, one in the range 1-10 minutes. All these options can be found in the list of betting opportunities. In corners again applies exactly the same variety.

    Another type of bets are long term bets


    You can use them as a winner in the league, tournament or any other race. For example, support Barcelona to win La Liga before the season, you will have to wait until the end of the campaign to see if your team will win and will bring you victory. Of course, sometimes it can bet and more during the event.

    Combinations of bets should also be mentioned


    So-called accumulators are not easy to knowledge, but rather bring profits. These include several of the aforementioned projections, combined in a certain way - that in a straight column, whether in the system. In the first case all your predictions must come out to make a profit. She does is calculated by multiplying the bet on the first factor in each subsequent coefficient. Naturally, there are many systems that give you the right example of a mistake, but reduce the size of your potential profit. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, leaving you to decide what you are looking for and what is more advantageous combination.

    Live betting, which many have evolved in recent years


    It was there that make great investments top bookmakers and the interest is huge. We wrote Betenemy and a proven time strategy on live betting, which can help any player increase their chance of winning. In live betting you can track an event and to bet in real time on its output, some of gorespomenatitite opportunities and to take advantage of better odds or to search surprise that earlier was not. For example, Gijon can hold Barca 30 minutes without a goal and thus bet on a higher coefficient of Barcelona, ​​believing that they will still fight. This is also a double-edged sword, because a lot of people play without following meetings and more chasing his sixth sense. This is a mistake, it is important to monitor objectively game and find a hole in the odds of buukito. Quite professional players namely so accumulate profits. Overall bets live quite a serious matter which brings profits as long as you have studied carefully. From our website you can directly observe the results of the meetings live, as well as detailed statistics to them.

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