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The Berliners successfully returned from the winter holidays, having defeated Nuremberg 3: 1 in the last tour away from home. Thanks to this victory, Hertha with 27 points in the asset and goal difference 29-28 has risen to 7th place in the table of the German elite. "The old lady” in her field plays strongly, in 8 championship bouts, losing only 1 time, gaining 15 points with a positive goal difference of 14-11. In the attack of the Berliners, a pair of Ondjey Duda, Vedad Ibishevich in their assets of 9 and 7 goals scored.


Schalke scored two wins in a row in the Bundesliga. Gelsenkirhen's students finished 2018 with Victoria over Stuttgart 3: 1, and after a winter break at home stadium beat Wolfsburg 2: 1. After 18 rounds in the asset Schalke 21 points, with a negative goal difference of 22-25, and only 12th place in the table. The team lacks stability, there is no bright sniper in the club, plus Schalke plays poorly at a party. In 9 matches of the Bundesliga, the team earned 9 points, winning only twice.

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In the first round, Hertha won Schalke 2-0 away. Considering the unfortunate game of Gelsenkirhen players on the road, plus the strong play of Berliners at home, in the upcoming game "Old Lady” on Friday will take exactly the points, at least one, or even all three. Bet: Hertha will not lose - F1 (0).


Forecast: F1 (0) with a coefficient of 1.98


The 19th round of the German Bundesliga will open Friday's match in Berlin, where the local Hertha will take on Gelsenkirchen Schalke.


At the start of the season, the "old lady” won away on the road with a score of 0: 2, but can the Pitmen take revenge now?

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After 18 rounds, Hertha takes the 7th line of the tournament table, having gained 27 points. Thus, the wards of Pal Dardai during the season managed to win 7 times, 6 times tied and lost 5 times, and the total score was 29:28. However, in 2019, the "old lady” began very "hard” - defeat from Menhengladbach Borussia (0: 1) and Fortuna (3: 1), but after that there was a victory over Nuremberg (1: 3).


In turn, Schalke takes only the 12th line of the tournament table, which does not correspond to the club's ambitions. In total, for 18 championship bouts, Domenico Tedesco's team scored 21 points - 6 wins, 3 draws and 9 losses, and the total score was 22:25. Interestingly, in 2019, the Pitmen played just 1 match, in which they showed themselves worthily - a home victory over Wolfsburg (2: 1). But on the road the team consistently misses ...

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Bookmakers almost do not single out any of the teams, for whatever reason. So, Hertha now does not shine, but still at home to play much easier. At the same time, the Pitmen obviously "wound up”, but on the road they let in from everyone. That is why I expect scoring extravaganza on both sides ...


Free prediction for the match Hertha - Schalke: "Total over 2". The bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.58 for this outcome.

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Next Friday begins the next round of the German regular football championship. The program will be opened by Gert, to which Schalke will visit. The event starts at 22:30 Moscow time. If you live in Berlin, you can even hurry to the Olympic stadium there. The event is difficult to call top, but a certain intrigue is present in it.


Bookmakers do not dare to allocate an obvious favorite for the future opposition. The strongest of this world believe that enemies have equal chances to win. Inveterate Berlin fans can immediately protest "all-knowing." Historically, Hertha often shows decent football in her own stadium. Let's try to understand how far "miners” penetrate into the opponent.

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The guys not so long ago were glowing on the domestic scene. On the twentieth, the guys went to visit Nuremberg. The process in the first half was equal - the enemies exchanged killer arguments. After the break, only one client entered the courtroom. Our today's heroes, thanks to the double of Duda, managed to snatch a well-deserved victory with a score of 1: 3. It is a bit early to sing an ode, for in the five extreme matches there are three defeats.


The capital team before the start of the ordinary tour collected twenty-seven points. The indicator is worth the seventh position in the standings. The main task at this moment is to catch up with Wolfsburg, who has one point more. "Wolves" brazenly occupy a place in the zone of the Europa League. The "old lady” in her own apartment received eight visitors. Exactly half the cases managed to win.

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The Pitmen also started the second round of the championship with a victory. The guys of the twentieth in their native stadium were once already mentioned Wolfsburg. At the very beginning of the fight, Kalijuri managed to realize a penalty for the hosts, but the "wolves” after a short period of time dared to recoup. The outcome of the match was decided in the second half, when the same Kalijuri scored the decisive goal.


After eighteen matches, the Royal Blue collected twenty-one points. How inconvenient it turned out that the guys are not playing a card game. This figure is only the twelfth position in the standings. The gap from the future opponent is six points. The Pitmen went down to foreign mines ten times this season. Only three such campaign ended in success.


Prediction for this match

The principal match of two teams that have a good offensive potential. In most recent matches, our today's heroes interrupt the minimum total.

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Bet - total more than 2.0.


The next Bundesliga round will open in the capital, where the local Hertha will play against Schalke. Will the guests continue to score points? - The answer is in our forecast.


This season, the Bundesliga in the asset "Hertha" already have some serious achievements. What is worth only a dry victory over the "Bavaria” at the end of September! Here we also add the winnings of the Eintracht European League participant and do not forget about the success in the match with the third club of the tournament - Borussia Mönchengladbach. In total, the team of Pal Dardai scored three points per game seven times.

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The statistics of the "Old Lady” has a reverse side of the coin - these are five defeats, including from the newcomer - "Fortune” Düsseldorf. Before Christmas, Berliners took one point out of nine possible. In the first round of the coming year, the capital's football players left no chances to Nuremberg in his own field. They are seventh with 27 points.


Approximate composition and injured.

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Hertha: Jarstein - Stark, Lustenberger, Torunarigha - Lazaro, Duda, Grujic, Maier, Plattenhardt - Selke, Ibisevic (c)

Doubtful: Kraft (calf)

Out: Dilrosun (thigh), Kade (ankle), Leckie (Asian Cup), Luckassen (ankle)

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"Schalke” is extremely distant from its last year’s second position. "Zero Four” successfully performed in the Champions League group and went to the spring playoffs. In the Bundesliga, the team of Domenico Tedesco occupies a completely unsightly twelfth place. All because of a failed start of the season. Then for 30 days the "blue” suffered five defeats in a row.


Guests learned what it is to be in the departure area. They gradually rise up. Before and after the winter break, they beat Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, respectively. Overall, December was a bad month for them. In February, just two trials in a row - meetings with Borussia M and Bavaria.

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Schalke: Nübel - Caligiuri, Sane, Nastasic, Oczipka - Bentaleb, Stambouli (c), Rudy - Skrzybski, Uth, Schöpf

Doubtful: Bentaleb (thigh), Harit (hamstring), Konoplyanka (illness)

Out: Burgstaller (Achilles), Di Santo (knee), Embolo (foot), McKennie (suspended)



"Hertha" did not win every second home game.

Schalke won in the last two fights.

The personal meeting of the first round in Gelsenkirchen ended with the score 0: 2.

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Schalke is trying to get out of the tournament pit. Now a member of the Champions League does not even have to dream about the future League of Europe. Especially with the upcoming fights with the leading clubs of the Bundesliga - 2018/19. We expect that the guests will continue to score points and, at least, will not lose.

Predict the winnings of the second with zero odds with a coefficient of 2.06

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"Old Lady” before the 19th game day in the German championship is in the seventh position, having 27 points in its assets and is only one point behind the sixth European Cup.


The Berlin team finished the year with a guest defeat against Bayer in the championship with a score of 1: 3. In the winter break, "Hertha” held one control match, in which she defeated "Arminia” - 4: 1.

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The first match of the second round in the Bundesliga brought to the wards of Pal Dardai an exit Victoria over Nuremberg (3: 1).


Transfer digest. January 15-21

Who entices the star of "Real” in Italy, what will end the saga with the transition of midfielder "Zenith”, will the German midfielder move to Manchester and other transfer news of recent days?

Eight matches of the German Championship of this season, held in Berlin, brought the "white-blue” four wins, three draws and one loss, the goal difference - 14:11.

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Gelsenkirchen team after 18 matches of the championship of Germany is located on the 12th line in the standings, earning 21 points in these fights.


The Pitmen won the last two matches in the Bundesliga. At the end of last year, they defeated Stuttgart (3: 1) at a party, and in early 2019 they beat Wolfsburg (2: 1) in their native lands.

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Between these meetings, the players of Domenico Tedesco held a test game with the Belgian "Genkom”, in which they painted the world game - 2: 2.


Nine away matches of this season the Bundesliga ended for Schalke with two victories, three draws and four defeats, the difference between goals scored and missed is 9:11. At the same time on the road "blue" do not lose already three fights in a row.

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In the first round of this season, "Hertha” beat visiting "Schalke” with a score of 2: 0, and last season the Gelsenkirchens won both meetings - 1: 0 and 2: 0.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give a slight preference to the hosts: the victory of "Hertha” - 2.75, the victory of "Schalke” - 2.85, a draw - 3.30.

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In fights between these teams, as seven meetings in a row, there was no record of a draw. We predict that in this meeting this series will be interrupted.


The 19th round of the German Bundesliga starts the match between Gerta and Schalke. In this fight, bookmakers do not see a clear favorite, considering that the opponents have approximately equal chances for success. You can argue with the exposed lines, because Hertha is a historically home team, this team is in good shape, judging by the result of the previous match.

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Hertha is striving to break into the European Cup zone by the total of the German champion. After 18 rounds, the Berlin team is in the seventh position in the tournament, this group has 27 points, which is one point less than Wolfsburg has. In turn, the "wolves" are located exactly in the zone of the Europa League. In the first round of the second round, Hertha defeated Nuremberg on the road with a score of 3: 1, showing a very good level of football.


There is a victory

Schalke, too, managed to win in the opening round of the second round, the "cobalt” proved to be stronger than Wolfsburg, Hertha’s direct competitor for a place in Europe. However, that match was a home match, while on the road with "cobalt” statistics is not very good, only two wins with 4 defeats in 9 meetings. However, we note that in terms of personnel, guests have an advantage over their hosts, it is quite possible that the field factor is compensated by personnel and there will be a draw.

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The match between Herta and Schalke is not easy to predict, but we believe that Hertha has more chances for a positive outcome of the match than Schalke, and we offer a bet on the home team in this pair. Our free game forecast: Hertha will not lose

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In the nineteenth round of the German championship "Hertha" and "Schalke" will converge. At the very beginning of the current season, the clubs met, and then the current owners were more successful - 0: 2. Will they be able to repeat their success at home? See the forecast.


The "old lady” is now the seventh, since she has 27 points in value. Football players Dardai in the current game year has achieved 7 wins, in 6 cases a draw and 7 losses in the scoring goal 29:28. In the new year, things are not going very smoothly - 2 losses and victory.

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