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Galatasaray in the new season shows aggressive attacking football, which brings positive results. No, Fatih Terim's wards already managed to stumble a couple of times (in the Turkish Super Cup and once in the championship), but often win very confidently. In addition, "lions" like to perform with their fans, where they just rip all and all. So, 3 home matches in the new season the team from Istanbul finished with victories, and the total score was 11: 1.


The locomotive shows a much weaker football, although gradually the team comes to their senses. At the start of the season Semina wards could not even score, but with the arrival of reinforcement in the line the attack began to differ. Nevertheless, there is no integral picture of the game for "railwaymen" yet, and they can not play all 90 minutes on an equal footing. Here and on weekends Muscovites managed to play a draw with a weaker Dynamo - 1: 1.

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Galatasaray simply amazes with his game in his native stadium, but Locomotive simply disappoints with his game as a whole. Muscovites very often began to miss, but they manage to score with difficulty. At the same time, the Istanbul people are in great shape, so the game should stay with them .


Match 1 round of the group stage of the Champions League Galatasaray - Lokomotiv will be held on Tuesday September 18 at 22:00 (MSC) at the stadium Turk Telecom.

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In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Galatasaray, taking bets on his victory with a coefficient of 2.00, which corresponds to a probability of 50%. Make a bet on winning Locomotive is offered with a quote of 3.70. Galatasaray won just one of the last seven home games in the Champions League, losing three times and drawing in a draw. Not once during this time he did not play to zero, skipping at least one ball every time. For the last five matches in his field Galatasaray lost three times - the same as for 17 meetings before that.


Locomotive does not win in a foreign field in the Champions League ten consecutive games, losing six of them. But his last victory at the exit in the main European Cup, he won just over Galatasaray - in 2002 with a score of 2: 1. At the same time, he continues his series with conceded goals - it already counts 12 Champions League matches. The last time Lokomotiv did not miss a ball in the foreign field in September 2002, when he played a 0-0 draw at Bruges. In general, the most likely outcome of the upcoming game in Istanbul is a draw. Galatasaray will own a territorial advantage, but will not be able to translate it into victory - the match will end with a score of 1: 1 or 0: 0.

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In five of the last eight home matches of Galatasaray in the Champions League, less than three goals scored. At the same time in 9 of the last 12 fights in his native walls, both teams scored. In the last seven guest matches of Lokomotiv in the Champions League, less than three goals were scored. And he has never scored more than one goal in his previous nine meetings in a foreign field. It is unlikely that Muscovites will manage to hit the target more than once and in the upcoming game. The overall effectiveness of this meeting, most likely, will be at the level of two goals.



draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals.


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Match 1 round of the group stage of the Champions League Galatasaray - Lokomotiv will be held on Tuesday September 18 at 22:00 (MSC) at the stadium Turk Telecom. In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Galatasaray, estimating the probability of his victory at about 50%. The Istanbul club is preparing for the match after a major victory over the Kasimpasha club in the Turkish championship with a score of 4: 1. The double in this meeting was noted by Harry Rodriguez. This season Galatasaray held six official matches, having won four wins and having suffered only one defeat, taking into account the main time. It is worth noting that in four of his last five fights in all tournaments, more than three goals were scored. In the Champions League, Galatasaray has not played since 2015. Then he got into the group with Benfica, Astana and Atletico and scored only five points, unable to get into the playoffs. In general, Galatasaray won only 1 of the last 14 matches in the Champions League, having suffered nine defeats and four draws.

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Locomotive last season for the first time in a long time became the champion of Russia. Protect the title will not be easy - the beginning of the football year in the performance of wards Yuri Semin is not impressive. On Friday, Loco played only a 1: 1 draw with Dynamo. And he conceded 0-1 and recouped after the goal of Anton Miranchuk. And in the middle of the second half, "Railwaymen" remained ten men after the removal of Grzegorz Kryhovyak, with difficulty holding off a draw. This season, Semin's team won only two of eight official matches, as many times losing in regular time and four times drawing in a draw. In half of the meetings, Lokomotiv did not score a single goal, and in the rest he managed to score only five goals. In the Champions League, the Muscovites have not played since 2005, when in one of the qualifying rounds they lost to the Vienna Rapid. And in the group stage for the last time Lokomotiv played in the 2003/04 season and then went to the 1/8 finals, where Monaco lost in a stubborn fight. It is worth adding that he won the last guest victory in the Champions League over Galatasaray - in 2002 with a score of 2: 1. After that, Lokomotiv played four times in a draw and lost six times in the away matches of the tournament. In the upcoming meeting, experts believe the site Bukmeker.rf, he again fails, having missed more than one ball.



Galatasaray's victory - 1.98, draw - 3.40, Lokomotiv's victory - 4.04.

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the victory of Galatasaray; individual total Galatasaray more than 1.5 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). Highly rated Galatasaray victory 1: 0 (coefficient 6.50). Bets on the individual total Galatasaray more than 1.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.11.

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Galatasaray has a record number of matches in a number of championship titles, this is an undeserved team that is part of the continental tournament of the continental tournament. Success of special in the Champions League "red-yellow" was not sought, but still they have something to remember. For example, in seasons 12/13 they were in the quarterfinals, where in a total of two games they beat Madrid Real Madrid. Then defeat in the capital of Spain Galatasaray House revenged 3: 2, but it was a bit, a little pyrene grandmother.


In this regard, you can get a qualification, which will be conducted by the Swedish Elector Ligy Europa.


How do you say that Lokomotiv does not like to join a team? On my face, with this video, I demonstrated the basics of Yuri Stromina, who could talk about it. But such regulation of the tournament and the club rating of the UEFA Champions League is set in the mainstream.


In the Premier League, "Iron Darts" will be played in the tournament tables, and in the semi-rounds will win all the winnings. This is a way of playing - both games and video.

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In the technical description, I prefer the hostess. In this case, offer to pay attention to how Galatasaray plays. This glorious club from Istanbul demonstrated a lot of football, many explosions, but small children allowed themselves to liking. Locomotive Semin shouted contact for the game, which was between the guest and naked, and he stood as a bull Turk.


The Champion of Russia will check his strength in the group stage of the Champions League, where his first rival will be the Turkish "Galatasaray". How will the match end? The answer is in our forecast.

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"Galatasaray" last season issued a powerful ending, which helped him to obtain gold medals championship. The championship status provided the "lions" with a direct ticket to the Champions League group, where they will compete against the Russian "Locomotive", the Portuguese "Porto" and the German "Schalke".


In the new season the team of Fatih Terim again looks great - in five rounds "Galatasaray" scored 12 points and again was on the first line in the table. In the last round, the "lions" beat Kasympashu's home 4: 1 with Garry Rodriguez, double Eren Derdiyok and Serdar Aziz. Another event of that fight was the appearance on the field of the Brazilian creative defender Mariano, who for certain will appear in the mast with the Russians from the first minutes, which will greatly strengthen the hosts.

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"Locomotive" last season suffered for the championship, although it did not show an outstanding game. With a fairly modest selection of players, "railroad" with an enviable regularity won the victory in the first round, which gave them a good start in the finish, which, as it turned out, was enough for "gold." In the offseason, Lokomotiv worked seriously in the transfer market, buying Fedor Smolov, Benedikt Hevedes, Rifat Zhemaletdinov and Grzegorz Kryhovyak. The latter managed in the last round to earn the removal, which, according to Yuri Semin, did not allow the champion to beat the Moscow "Dynamo".


"Locomotive" in this season is experiencing serious problems with the results, and the game "railroad", frankly, causes serious concerns among fans. For seven matches, Semin's team won only two wins, and those happened against the frankly weak teams - "Anji" and "Wings of the Soviets."

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The teams met in the Champions League in 2002 - at that time Lokomotiv lost 0: 1 at home and managed to win 2-1 at home

"Locomotive" held a away match this season four games and only one of them was scored more than two goals

In three home games of the championship, "Galatasaray" missed only one goal

Only in one of the eight official matches of this season, "Locomotive" scored more than one goal



"Galatasaray" on "Turk Telecom" is always very dangerous, especially it is necessary to fear "Lokomotiv", which is now far from its optimal condition. Nevertheless, the mood for the Champions League for the "railroad" will be beyond the bounds, there is no doubt about it. Surrender and discipline will certainly serve the Russians well, but whether this will be enough to achieve a positive result remains a question for now. Both teams adhere to the closed style of the game, trying to protect the rear as much as possible, especially for Lokomotiv, which even in fights with outsiders reveals with great reluctance. Given this, and the importance of points, we can safely assume that many goals in this meeting will not be.


In our opinion, the match will not be fruitful. Forecast - total less than (2.5) goals. In 1xStack this bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.76.

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Lokomotiv's dedication can last 45 minutes, but it's unlikely that the "railwaymen" will be able to offer something more to the rival, so our second forecast is a time / match bet: a tie in the first half and a victory for Galatasaray in the match. Such an outcome in 1xStack is estimated by a coefficient of 5.10.



The current champion of Russia is in crisis, which is not encouraging on the eve of the start of the team in European competition.


Having lost CSKA in the Super Cup with a score of 0: 1, Lokomotiv scored just two points in the first three matches of the RPL: ​​0-0 split with Ufa and Spartak, while Orenburg lost 0: 1 on the road .

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"Wings of the Soviets" in the 4 th round was able to beat the "dry" - 1: 0, and Makhachkala "Anji" still was able to slightly patter nerves in the end - 2: 1.


Then there was a retreat from Krasnodar in the last minutes with a score of 1: 2 and a draw in the derby with Dynamo (1: 1), which Loko finished with ten men after Kryhovyak's removal.


No games, no result: For "Locomotive" and Semina anxious

The reaction of sports media to the result of the capital derby in Cherkizovo 15/09/2018

After seven rounds, "Lokomotiv" with 9 points and goal difference 5-5 is located on the 10th place in the RPL table.

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In the upcoming match will not play disqualified for one European Cup match Fedor Smolov.



Turkish club after 5 rounds in the national championship is leading with 12 points and goal difference 14-6. The top scorer of the team Eren Derdiyok with 3 goals, 2 more goals for a number of players.

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Quick result

Season "Galatasaray" also began with a defeat in the national Super Cup, losing "Akhisar Beledie" - 1: 1 (4: 5 on penalties).


But then the Turks gave a series of three wins in the championship, having beaten Ankaragucu (3-1) and Gestepe (1-0) with Alainaspor (6-0) at the exit.

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Against the backdrop of such a start, the exit defeat of Trabzonspor with the score 0: 4 was a complete surprise. However, in the last match of "Galatasaray" the house defeated "Kasympasha" 4: 1.



Bookmakers consider Galatasaray to be the favorite of the match. The victory of the Turkish team is given a coefficient of 1.95, while for a draw - 3.40, and the success of the "Locomotive" - ​​4.10.

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Forecast: Galatasaray will open an account


The Russian team is not in the best shape, and it will be necessary to play at the famous Turkish arena. With the rabid support of their fans, Galatasaray performs more successfully. We forecast that it will not be possible to take away points from Istanbul to Muscovites.


Forecast: 2-3 goals in a match


The main task of Lokomotiv is not to lose big. With the attack from the "Loco" problems, including the lack of Smolov.

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Forecast: The second half is more effective


In the last match of the Turkish championship, "yellow-red" shipped four, but all in the second half. Also interesting are the variants "to score both - no" for 1.85 and TM 2.5 for 1.75


In the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, the Moscow team Lokomotiv in Istanbul will compete with Galatasaray. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of the home team, and given the latest results of the "railroad" with the exposed line is difficult to argue. Galatasaray is in good shape, is one of the leaders of the Turkish elite, while Loco is somewhat uncertain at the start of the season, has problems with the results in the RPL.

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Super League Leader

Galatasaray after five rounds in the championship of Turkey is located on the first line in the table, has an asset of 12 points, the same number of Kasympashi, but the "yellow-red" has an advantage over the competitor in terms of secondary indicators. After a pause on the national team Galatasaray in his field just met with the team Kasympasha, defeated the opponent with a score of 4: 1.


In the middle of the table

Lokomotiv also held one fight in the RPL after the matches of the national teams, "the railwaymen" in their native walls with some difficulty took a point in the derby against Dynamo. He led his team Pole Kryhovyak, who was too emotional during the first hour of the game, and eventually received two yellow cards that turned into red. Despite the setbacks in the RPL, for Loko the Champions League matches are special, there is no doubt that the Muscovites will do everything possible to bring a positive result from Turkey.

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Lokomotiv goes to Istanbul for points, the team Semin probably will play the second number, try to miss the minimum. Last season, Loco looked pretty good in European cup matches, the team's experience. Our free forecast for this meeting: The individual total of Galatasaray is less than 1.5

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