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The English regular championship decided to brighten up the already rich pre-Christmas weekdays. So, on the twenty-ninth, six fights will take place as part of the twentieth round. In this deepest analyst, we want to talk about the opposition of Fulham against Huddersfield. The event is not the brightest, but even such battles look epic in the foggy English sky.


We can talk about favorites. The powers that be decided to put the future owners in the rank of an obvious favorite. Do you agree with this proposal? Winning ratio is about 2.00. Favorable numbers, but we recall that now is the New Year period of the English regular season, and at this time under the already dressed Christmas tree you can find a lot of sensations.

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"Summer Residents" it is time to start winning. For the whole six matches, the guys cannot please their own fans with three points. In the last round, the guys received guests from Wolverhampton in the capital. In that battle, everything was decided closer to the ending - the goal of the Londoners in the performance of Ryan Sessenona answered Sess. So rivals and went home without determining the winner.

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The tournament situation for the "white" spotty - after nineteen rounds, managed to collect only eleven points. This figure is equal to the penultimate position in the standings. The main task of "summer residents is clear - you need to get out of this awkward position and fix it in a safe area. At the moment, the backlog of Cardiff is four points.



Oh, look at the terriers even harder. The guys in the last six games just lost. In the last round, the guys went to visit the renovated Manchester United. The battle turned out to be extremely one-sided - our today's heroes were able to respond to three goals in the performance of Sir Alexis with only one precise shot by Jorgensen in the end of the battle. Grief is read in the eyes of David Wagner.


Future guests have ten points. Such an indicator deserves nothing higher than the last step. There is still a chance to catch on to the English elite division for the next season. To do this, you need to do a trivial thing - start collecting points. It sounds so simple, but in fact, the "terriers" have virtually no confidence in their own abilities. Away guys only once managed to win in nine rounds.

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Prediction for this match

You should not expect from the future match colorful. There will be two teams that will have awkward movements in the attack, as if your obedient servant were at graduation dances. In this situation, you should take advantage of the low total.


Bid - total less than 2.5

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In one of the most principled fights of the upcoming tour, the Fulham Premier League is taking on Huddersfield. Will the teams be able to determine the winner? We offer your forecast.


The team of Claudio Ranieri is coming to the nearest home match after a draw in the last round with Wolverhampton. Played "summer residents" at home. They were the first to open the scoring, but it did not take five minutes to keep the winning score.


For Fulham, this draw was the third in the last five rounds. Also the world "he signed for this period with the" Newcastle "(0: 0) and" Lester "(1: 1). But the team lost to Ranieri Manchester United (1: 4) and West Ham (0: 2).

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So far, the "gardeners" can not get out of the basement standings. They occupy the last place, and from the saving 17th line they are five points behind.


 Fulham has only midfielder Andre Zambo Anguissa in the infirmary.



"Huddersfield” in the last round suffered another defeat. The wards of David Wagner played on the road against the waking up Manchester United. Half of the first half, "Terriers” managed to restrain the onslaught of the owners. However, Mata did not miss his chance, and in the second half of the fight, Pogba noted with a double. Huddersfield itself answered only with a prestige goal two minutes before the final whistle.

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For the team of David Wagner, this defeat was already the sixth in a row in the championship, which allows us to speak of a protracted crisis in the game of "terriers”. During this period, they also lost to Bournemouth (1: 2) and Arsenal (0: 1) in addition to the MJ in guest matches.


Aaron Mui, Tom Smith, Daniel Williams and Abdelhamid Sabiri are definitely not playing the match due to injuries.



Huddersfield lost four out of the last five matches in the Premier League.

In five of the six matches lost on the road, Huddersfield missed two or more goals.

"Fulham" lost at home four of nine games in the current championship.

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Huddersfield beat Fulham at home in the first round with a score of 1: 0.

Fulham has never lost to Huddersfield at home once - six wins and three draws.



After the appearance on the coaching bridge of Ranieri, "summer residents” have already beaten up in the championship "Southampton”, after which they cannot return to the victorious path in five rounds in a row. Nevertheless, the progress in the team is obvious, if we compare the game of Londoners in the autumn. "Huddersfield” at the same time is now no more powerful than "summer residents”. The team still scores little, but there are only more problems in the defense.

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Our prediction is Fulham win for 2.09


Experts of the information and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 20th round of the England Championship Fulham - Huddersfield, which will be held at the Craven Cottage stadium on Saturday December 29, beginning at 18:00 (Moscow time).

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In this game, bookmakers consider Fulham as a favorite, assessing the probability of his victory just below 50%. After the first round of the capital club takes the penultimate place in the standings of the Premier League, gaining only 11 points. On Wednesday, he tied 1: 1 at home with Wolverhampton. And Fulham led 1-0 after the goal Sessenona, but allowed the opponent to recoup in the 85th minute. This was the second consecutive draw "Summer Residents". And from the lose-lose series is now six fights - three times they lost and played a draw. For the whole season, Fulham won only two wins, but both were home. In general, this season, he spent nine matches in his field and scored nine points in them - 82% of the total. Huddersfield is the only club with even fewer points than Fulham.

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Now he has only ten points in the asset. On Wednesday, Huddersfield suffered another defeat - visiting Manchester United with a score of 1: 3. And he conceded 0-3, and only in the 88th minute scored a goal of prestige. It was the sixth consecutive defeat of Huddersfield. Before that, he spent three consecutive matches without losing, gaining seven points in them. Away Huddersfield lost the last three matches with a total score of 2: 6. And he won only 1 of 14 previous matches in a foreign field.



In the first round, Huddersfield beat Fulham with a minimum score of 1: 0. Prior to that, in the 2016/17 season in the Championship, he twice lost to the capital club with a big score - 0: 5 away and 1: 4 at home. In addition, until November's victory, Huddersfield could not beat Fulham in 11 official matches in a row, losing seven of them, including four defeats.

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The site experts Bookmakers.rf predict a victory for Fulham, considering that he will score more than one goal against the opponent. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka believe that the game will end with a score of 1: 1 or a victory of Fulham with a score of 1: 0 (odds of 6.00). Bets on the individual total Fulham more than 1.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.30.



Fulham win - 2.09, draw - 3.33, Huddersfield win – 3.95.

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On Craven Cottage, Fulham takes Huddersfield.


In the form of "gardeners" are beginning to add quietly. It was precisely in defensive terms that they began to act more cautiously, sitting deep in the defense. In the last round with the "wolves" they completely gave up their possession and acted on counter. In principle, they played very well on fast transitions, but despite this they failed to take full three points. Looked better in the first half. Opened an account in the second, but missed 5 minutes before the end. Mitrovich had a chance to score and bring 3 points to the team, but did not realize a couple of good points.


It seems like the team is trying, but the results make it wait. The "summer residents” will have to intensify, especially in the defense in the winter, and I am sure the team will remain in the elite.

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Huddersfield, despite losing to M. U in the last round, left a pleasant impression. The team looked good in the attack, had points to score in the first half, but managed only to distinguish themselves in the end of the game. This was the 6th successive hole for the Terriers, and now they are located on the last line in the table.


Team problem is attack. Less than all scored, less than all create moments at the front of goal, and that's with the results tight. Not only this, one of the best players of the team, Aaron Mui, is also injured.


But at a party "terriers" quite good results show sometimes. They took points from Everton, Burnley. Beat the "wolves". Arsenal beat them barely barely, like Bournemouth. With "cherries" in general should have taken away points. Terriers play well at a party, they score twice as much as at home. Obviously, the second number is easier to play.

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This is a game for 6 points, the battle of the bottoms. And such games are often grassroots, because no one wants to lose, and they focus more on defense. Fulham begins to re-learn to defend, in the positioning, they still suffer, and the "terriers" will try to take advantage of this. I think that there will be an equal battle, and although the hosts add, but in defense they still have troubles. Guests can score, but will the "gardeners” answer with two? Hardly.

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Claudio Ranieri's team does not know the joy of winning six consecutive Premier League matches, ending in three draws and losing as many games.


The last two rounds brought the "summer residents” a draw with "Newcastle” (0: 0) on the road and a lost victory in the 85th minute of the match against "Wolverhampton” (1: 1) at home.

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Having scored 11 points in 19 English Championship bouts, the London team is in the penultimate place in the standings, lagging behind the saving 17 line by four points.


In the first round of the championship, Fulham held nine matches in his arena, in which he scored two wins, made three games in a draw and lost four meetings, the goal difference was 11:20.



The players of David Wagner occupy the last, 20th place in the Premier League standings, earning 10 points in 19 matches and losing one point from their upcoming opponent.

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At the moment, the Terriers have a 6-game losing streak in the English Championship. The last two games they lost with the same result 1: 3 - "Southampton” at home and "MJ” on the road.


The last time the "white-blue" scored points more than a month ago, when in the 13th round of the championship, Wolverhampton unexpectedly overcame 2-0 on the road.

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Nine away matches in this Premier League draw brought Huddersfield one victory, two draws and six defeats, the difference between those scored and missed is 8:19.


Calendar and Table NPS


The game of the first round ended with the victory of the "terriers” with the score 1: 0. The last time these teams played in London in 2016 was part of the Championship. And then "Fulham" defeated his opponent - 5: 0.

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In this bout, bookmakers give preference to the hosts. On their victory offer - 2.15.

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Both teams miss a lot. We predict that in a duel with each other they will exchange effective blows.


On Saturday, December 29, 2018, the Championship of England between Fulham and Huddersfield will take place. Kick-off is scheduled for 18.00 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in the Premier League.

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Fulham lost only one of the last ten home matches of the Championship of England against Huddersfield (+ 5 = 4);


Before the October meeting of these teams, they occupied the last two places in the Premier League standings - as they are now. The last time in the Premier League two teams held each other matches of the first and second round, taking the last two places, in the 2010/11 season - then it was West Ham and Wolverhampton;

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Fulham has not scored a single goal in nine league games this season - more than anyone else in the Premier League;


No one in this England Championship had so few matches without goals conceded, like Fulham (1);


Huddersfield lost all six December championship games this season. Only one team in the history of the Premier League has lost more than one match within one month - Leicester suffered seven defeats in April 2001;

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Fulham only scored five players in the Premier League this season (not counting his own goals) - less than on any other team;


67% of all Huddersfield goals this season were scored by them after the standards (8 out of 12) - this is the highest percentage in the Premier League;

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Alexander Mitrovich scored in four of the first six matches of the Premier League in the composition of Fulham (only 5 goals). After that, he scored only one goal in 13 meetings and has not scored already six fights in a row;


Huddersfield defender Mathias Jørgensen scored three goals this season - no one in his team scored more. In this case, all three matches in which Yergensen scored, Huddersfield lost.

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The forecast for the match Fulham - Huddersfield according to statistics: the game will be scored no more than two goals, and the most likely outcome - Fulham win with a score of 1: 0 or a draw of 1: 1.


The game will take place in London on the field of the Craven Cottage stadium.


This confrontation attracts all lovers of ambiguous matches to itself, since this meeting will differ in special rules. The fact is that in a kind of derby of outsiders, the issue of the last position in the standings, on which Huddersfield now resides after an away defeat from Manchester United, will be resolved. In the camp of David Wagner, the inexplicable happens, because throughout the past year the Terriers never got into the relegation zone and constantly rubbed themselves in the company of middling.

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Mentor David Wagner is well aware that due to the high competition and frankly good start of the current newcomers, his wards should be more vigilant in defense, but the old standards prevail and Huddersfield is now the worst club in the Premier League in all respects. Naturally, in the confrontation with Fulham, Wagner will try to play with full dedication and from a certain angle can afford to interrupt a series of six defeats in a row. Betfair betting exchange expert Mike Norman believes that the Terriers will have a chance to identify their advantage in the experience of the Premier League matches, so he proposes to bet on a complex away win for Wagner players with any score at 4.20. Naturally, this result is practically not considered in the circles of amateur professional gambling, so that the most likely outcome for the guests is the world outcome, because you can try to get on the difficult path of scoring points. The alternative in favor of Huddersfield is a draw with any account with a rate of 3.40.


As for the home team, Fulham, after the change of the head coach Slavishi Yokanovich, took the path of the reload. The last draw with Wolverhampton (1: 1) was an echo of the global outcome in the confrontation with Crystal Palace, so that the concept of the new mentor Claudio Ranieri is beginning to slowly gain momentum.

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There are already results, because after a long stay at the bottom of the team event, Fulham changed position and moved up one line. With such prospects, the club plans to remain in the elite division, and this has very good reasons. Firstly, Ranieri is considered to be a specialist in the guild of top coaches with an excellent reputation, and secondly, who wants to go back to the old swamp (this is about the Championship), from which it cost the club two tense seasons? Analysts from Betfair tried to answer this question and fully supported the Ranieri plan for the game with their neighbors in the standings. At the match with Huddersfield, the hosts put up a reinforced midfield, which should create the necessary pressure to implement the already small number of critical moments (due to class equality). The bookmaker is inclined to more intense attacks of the hosts and proposes to bet on their victory with any score at the quote 2.12.



home win with any score and in any case

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