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The wards of Christian Streiha, who works at the head of the team since 2012, set before themselves only one goal this season - maintaining a propiska in the elite of German football. The club does not have outstanding financial capabilities, trying to work in the transfer market as a plus. At the beginning of this season Freiburg looks good, and in the two extreme rounds he managed to score 4 points, rising to 12th place in the Bundesliga standings. It is interesting that Freiburg plays according to the classical tactical scheme 4-4-2, which is now rarely used in modern football.


Few people expect from Freiburg to improve the results, because in its composition the team looks frankly weak. The leaders of the team are such football players as N. Petersen, Franz, Gunther, Shvolov and Koch. Also note the newcomers of Freiburg, who were signed this summer - Flecken, Lanehart, Heintz, Gondorf, Sallay, Borrello and Waldshmidt.

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Last season, Schalke made a real breakthrough, taking the place in the top three, thereby gaining the right to play in the Champions League. In the new season the team entered with serious personnel changes, and Schalke under the leadership of Domenico Tedesco started the championship just depressing. The team takes the last place in the standings without having scored a single point in their asset (4 matches and 4 losses). Schalke is very weak in terms of attacking actions (only 2 goals scored), and the defense team is extremely unreliable (8 goals conceded).


In the summer, Schalke parted ways with a number of notable football players - Koke, Goretzk, Hevedes, Kehre and M. Mayer. In return, the club signed Uta, Shkribski, Serdar, Mascarella, Mendil, Sanaa, Rudy, and was leased from Chelsea Baba. The composition of the team looks good, but the interaction between the players is clearly not enough, because of what we see the problems of Schalke with the achievement of the results.

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Despite the impotent game of Schalke, the bookmakers give the advantage to the team of guests, and the victory of Tedesco wards is estimated for 2.29. The success of Freiburg is estimated by bookmakers with a coefficient of 3.66, and the draw of the match is 3.30. The effectiveness of the match in the form of popular total betting is quoted by bookmakers as follows: "total more than 2.5" for 2.12, "total less than 2.5" for 1.84.



Freiburg is not the most convenient opponent for Schalke, if you look at the match from a statistical point of view. Plus, Freiburg has a serious advantage of his field. In terms of rates, we are interested in other statistics, according to which in the full-time duels of these teams is very rarely scored more than two goals, and this is a direct step to betting on the classic "total less."

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Bet: the total is less than (2.5) – 1.84.


Unexpectedly, in the middle of the coming week, the next, already the fifth in a row tour of the regular German championship, was squeezed in. The next Wednesday will be a sparring between Freiburg and Herta. Such a cultural event will take place in Baden-Württemberg at the "Black Forest-Stadion" stadium. Both teams at the start of the season are not impressive, but in the reporting match there is a special intrigue - will the guests be able to score the first points.

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"Cobalt" now look extremely weak, even the newborn boy, who was allowed to fight the MMA fighters, look more muscular. In this situation, the favorite is obvious, but we do not recommend you to hurry to put on the hosts, because sooner or later the guests should break through. Let's try to foresee if this significant event will happen on the reporting round.



Before pausing for the games of national teams, the team of Streiha also looked helpless - in the starting two rounds, it was not possible to unearth a single point. A short pause has benefited the "Brazilians from Breisgau" and they instantly managed to score points. At first, the guys in the home arena were not allowed to defeat Stuttgart. That fascinating match ended with a world 3: 3. Separately, I want to praise the character of the team, which twice lost during the match.


In the extreme round, feeling courage, the boys and did manage to win Wolfsburg with a score of 3: 1. "Wolves" at the start of the season gave a series of impressive results, but the "Brazilians" did not care. After all these emotional upheavals, the squad of Christian Streiha collected four points, which allows us to hope even for the struggle for European cups.

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Schalke 04

Indicators of the "miners" do not even want to comment much - in the starting four rounds the guys only lost. Spurred the guys Menchengladbach Borussia, Wolfsburg, Herta and Bavaria. Domenico Tedesco, whose dual citizenship is already certainly coming up with a plan to escape to Italy. However, even there he is certain to be recognized after all the shame that he survived the sausages in the country.


Do I need to specify that the "Royal Blue" is located at the very bottom of the standings? The guys are rightfully moving in the relegation zone. It's strange to see similar results from the club that represents the country in the Champions League. By the way in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, our heroes of today painted the world with Porto. Now the "miners" need to think about how to stabilize the situation on the domestic scene.

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Forecast for this match

"Miners" played well in European competition against the Portuguese grandee, now you just need to go to Freiburg and get the first three points. To do such a scam is real, so you can take a chance and put on the guests.


Bet - the victory of Schalke 04.


During the season, both of their meetings were left for the "miners" (0: 1 and 2: 0), but maybe in the new season we will get revenge from the "brazilians from Breisgau"?

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In general, Freiburg does not shine during the season, but does not fail. In the championship wards Shtraikh show their average level and with each match added. In total for 4 rounds "Brazilians from Braygau" got 4 points - first 2 losses, then a draw with Stuttgart (3: 3), and afterwards there was a victory over Wolfsburg (1: 3).


In turn, Schalke only disappoints in the course of the season, because the only normal result the team showed in the cup game - a victory with a score of 0: 2 over Schweinfürth. In the Bundesliga, Tedesco's wards have lost all four meetings, with the total score of 2: 8. It is also worth noting that last week the miners at home played a draw with Porto (1: 1) in the Champions League.

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Bookmakers are slightly inclined to win Schalke, because in general they are more powerful than Freiburg. However, the "Brazilians from Breisgau" are gradually gaining shape and are stuck, while "miners" continue to disappoint. Most likely, in this match the guests again will not shine (after all they are tired), so it makes sense to bet on the hosts, or rather on their goal ...


Free forecast for the match Freiburg - Schalke: "Freiburg will score". Bookmaker office Marathon offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.41.


One of the matches of the fifth round of the German Bundesliga will be a duel between Freiburg and Schalke 04. For Gelsenkirchen, the upcoming meeting can be decisive in terms of Tedesco's future. "Cobalt" very poorly started in the season, another defeat in the championship may cost this post specialist. In turn, Freiburg recovered slightly after a weak start, the team of Streich climbed into the middle of the Bundesliga's table, having played well twice after a pause.

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Four points

After a pause on the national team games, Freiburg held two meetings and never lost. At first, the "Brazilians" in their field did not lose to Stuttgart, having played with "avtozavodtsami" 3: 3, although twice lost in the course of the match. And after, they got the upper hand in the away match against Wolfsburg 3: 1, although the "wolves" started the season with a series of victories. Now in the asset at Freiburg 4 points.


With a steering wheel

But Schalke has four defeats in 4 games of the Bundesliga, the offenders of the "cobalt" are: Wolfsburg, Herta, Menchengladbach Borussia and Bavaria. Naturally, Schalke with zero points is at the bottom of the standings, ie. in the departure zone. Also, Schalke played one duel in the group stage of the Champions League, in the home game with Porto Tedesco team scored only one point.

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Freiburg scored six goals in the last two matches, while Schalke missed at least once at each of the last five meetings. Given these statistics, the bet on the home team's goal in the confrontation looks logical. Our free forecast for this meeting: Freiburg will score


Another game of the Bundesliga on Tuesday will be a meeting between "Freiburg" and "Schalke". Last season, the current guests looked more successful. Will they repeat their success this year? We'll figure out.

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"The Brazilians" are not pleased with their performances, but there is nothing so far failed. Soccer players Shtraikh spend a mediocre season, and a little bit added. Now they have 4 points - 2 fiasco, after the world 3: 3 with "Stuttgart" and 1: 3 beat "Wolfsburg".


"Miners" so far only upset, although the last game year ended for them "silver." So far, the team Tedesco has had 4 fights and stumbled in all with a total score of 2: 8. It is important to note that in the recent game of the Champions League, they managed to paint the world 1-1 with Porto.

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Forecast for the match "Freiburg" - "Schalke", TB0.5 from the guests. Given not the most optimal form of guests, most likely, that the hosts will be able to please the fans at least naked.

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