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Team France began its journey to the World Cup with the group C, which played along with the teams of Australia, Peru and Denmark.


Having beaten the Australians (2: 1) and the Peruvians (1: 0), "lele" provided a place in the playoffs, so in the game with the Danes (0: 0) we were able to relax a little.


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In the 1/8 finals, Didier Deschamps' wards broke the resistance of Argentina (4: 3), which in the course of the meeting were inferior to 1: 2, but thanks to the brilliant game of Kilian Mbagpe emerged victorious.


Europe reaps the fruits of its internal competition

Why will the European team win the mundial for the fourth time?

In the quarter-finals the French also quite confidently dealt with Uruguay (2-0), who played without Edinson Cavani.


Among the injured in the French national team is the defender Samuel Yumiti, but he has every chance to recover.

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Football players of the Belgian national team at this World Cup perform even better than the French.


In their group G, they alternately beat Panama (3-0), Tunisia (5-2) and England (1-0), going to the playoffs from the first place.


Heir to the crown. Mbappa is ready to dislodge Messi and Ronaldo from the throne

In the coming years, we will recall the 2018 World Cup playoffs, as the moment when the status of the greatest football player passed to a new superstar 06/07/2018

The match 1/8 finals against Japan (3: 2) came out for the "red devils" extremely difficult. Up to the 69th minute they lost 0: 2, but before the end of the main time they managed to score three goals in return.

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In the quarterfinals, the Belgians defeated the Brazilians (2: 1). Having spent almost perfect first half, Roberto Martinez's wards were forced to fight back under the onslaught of Brazilians in the second half of the meeting. Despite the missed ball, they still avoided extra time.


Because of the busting of yellow cards in the near match, the Belgians will not help Tom Meunier.

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In the upcoming match, bookmakers give the advantage to a more titled team: the victory of the French national team - 2.55, the victory of the national team of Belgium - 3.10, the draw - 3.20.


Top 10 Losers World Championships: Messi, Cruyff, Eusebio

They never became champions of the world, although they played football very well0 / 07/2018

It seems to us that the chances of success are approximately equal, given the level of play that the "red devils" show.

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They appeared in all their glory in a meeting with Brazil, knocking out one of the favorites of the tournament. The real monsters in the attack were Romel Lukaku, Kevin De Brein and Eden Azar, who could not be deterred by the "Selesao".


How Belgium Shocked Brazil

Four factors that helped Belgium break the dream of "selesao" Yesterday

In the "lele" in the 1/8 finals shone Kilian Mbappa, but the Uruguayans managed to block his oxygen, which should a little alert the French fans.

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Choosing a bet, we would have won the victory of Belgium with a zero handicap for 2.17. The game is likely to be equal, so the chances of overtime are high, but the ability of Roberto Martinez's wards to sharply counterattack can allow them to succeed in the regular time.

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Another forecast - 0 for Lukaku in the confrontation with Olivier Giroux. The Frenchman in this World Championship is modest, but the Belgian is able to improve his position in the race scorers.


In the coming Tuesday again in the Russian Federation will again be covered with a festive table on the occasion of the semifinal match, in which the national teams of France will converge against Belgium. As in St. Petersburg, in the city where so many talented and creative people were born and live, the stadium could be called the "St. Petersburg Stadium". In spite of such creativity of the functionaries, the arena will surely fill up.


Try now to pronounce the billboard of the fight out loud, hear the pathos and beauty in these words. Indeed, this match can be considered worthy of the final, but the tournament grid is cruel and one of the teams will leave Russia in the near future. Talking about the favorites is a useless business, but for the sake of propriety let's look at the quotes from the bookmakers. "Omniscents" give little preference to the nominal owners.

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"Three-color" despite the mentality of the nation even before the start of the championship was considered one of the main contenders for victory. The team has already rolled back five sparring in the Russian fields, where four times celebrated the victory and once the world was painted with the national team of Denmark. Despite the claims of football fans, they say, you play practical football, our heroes of today managed to score nine goals against opponents.


Lloris missed four goals, it may seem that the defense of the "tricolor" is not the most reliable, but it is important to make a remark here that three goals were missed in one match with Argentina. In the 1/8 finals, Didier Deschamps and his faithful musketeers went to Uruguay, a part of which was absent from Cavani. Pragmatic football and here brought the result, first Varan after the canopy scored a go, and then after bringing Musler Grizman scored.

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I've read a lot of responses from not very distant viewers, as if the Belgians sensationally went to the semifinals. On the arrival of the World Championships, the so-called "snowdrops", who are versed in football, were raised. Our analysts even before the start of the championship called the "devils" one of the main favorites of the tournament. Guesses only got stronger in the process of the group stage, when our today's heroes scored nine points after three matches.


Roberto Martinez can also order soldiers to play anti-football, but with such a selection of performers it's just a crime that can be judged. The attacking line among the Belgians is one of the strongest in the world. Why do not we recall the battle in the 1/8 finals against Brazil. South Americans came on the field as a pathos favorite, but Fernandinho poumeril sobvvtenny ardor self-goal. Double the advantage of the Belgian Zinchenko. Brazilians tried to improve the situation, but the goal of Renato Augusto was not enough.

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Forecast for this match

There is a misconception that the defense of the French is strong. Even in the match with the weakened Uruguay, defenders arranged the market "Privoz" from their own penalty, and what to say about the battle with Argentina. Belgium - not Argentina, there is not one football player, but the whole team. We can expect a merry match.


The bet is a total greater than 2.5.


In this game, the winner is not easy to determine. In both teams assembled players from the top clubs, the attack is excellent by their names.

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The Belgians will not be able to help the team because of Meunier's disqualification and, this is definitely a loss. In the previous forecast, I thought that he would not be able to cope with Neimar, but I was wrong. Closed Neimar and closed all on this "mundiale." Martinez will have to break his head, who put on the right flank of defense.



The French return to the team Matuidi team and, of course, it will return the slenderness in the middle of the field.



I suppose that with such a powerful level of attack, as the French and Belgians, teams will be able to score at least a couple of goals.


The time has come for the semi-finals of the World Cup in 2018. The teams of France and Belgium will face the fierce clash against each other. The match between them will be played at the stadium in St. Petersburg, promising to be extremely interesting. One of the two teams must win, no matter how the match develops, and the prize will be a place in the final. There the winner of this match will meet the winner of the match between Croatia and England.

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The news for France


After the French were dealt with Argentina in the eighth finals, the team met another South American team in the ¼-finals in the face of Uruguay. The duel developed well for the European team, which led shortly before the end of the first half, and eventually managed to win by 2-0. In the match against Argentina, the French showed a lot of attacking power, while Uruguay demonstrated calm and power over the game itself. The good news for Didier Deschan before this game is the return to play of Blake Matthew, who was punished in a fight against Uruguay. No missing from the composition of the French is expected. Special promotions for this match can be found on the Winbet betting platform, where you also have the chance to claim an initial bonus up to $ 200.

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The News of Belgium


Looking at the statistics so far in the tournament, Belgium is the only team of the 4 semi-finalists who managed to win each of their five matches so far in the regular time. Belgium has managed to deal not with anyone but with Brazil in the previous elimination phase. The Red Devils won 2-1 over Brazil and deservedly ranked among the last four teams in the race. On the eighth finals, the Belgians coached Japan with a score of 3-2. Beglia shows true power so far and definitely has something to give its fans. Tomah Müniere will not be available for Roberto Martinez because of a penalty, so he will have to make certain changes in his composition. At least there are no problems with injured players.

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France vs. France Belgium - statistics


France has not played so many matches with another rival as with Belgium. The two teams have 73 clashes, with statistics showing 30 victories for Belgium, 24 for France and 19 draws. The World Finals have met twice, and both French are the final winner. For the last time, they met in 1986 when France won the third place against Belgium with 4-2 after extra time. In 2015, the two teams played in a friendly match, which ended with a success of Belgium at 4-3. This is their last meeting. But now they will face each other in a fierce clash where the bet is very big. The winner will fight for the trophy in the final match until the loser will play in the third place. Both teams showed that they can make faulty defenses, but they are also unmistakable in an attacking plan. "The Red Devils" did a lot in their last match against Brazil and showed that their golden generation is not accidentally aiming at the title. France had problems against Argentina but showed very good football against Uruguay. Our opinion is that the French team is more ripe for this final and will be able to reach the trophy battle. Belgium has shown much to this point, but our opinion is that the team will take part in the fight for the third position in the race. As a second option, we will score over 2.5 goals in the game because we expect an open clash.


Match ½ finals of the 2018 World Cup France-Belgium will be held on Tuesday July 10 at 21:00 (MSK) at the St. Petersburg Stadium. Below you can read the forecast for the match France v Belgium.


Before the World Cup began, bookmakers called the main candidates for the trophy. Among them were France and Belgium, but their chances were assessed lower than the chances, for example, of Brazil and Germany. The last two teams in the tournament are gone, but France and Belgium, as many now believe, will converge in a hidden finale.

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In the other half of the playoff grid, there were no real grandees and teams, which were recorded among the real contenders for the victory in the Championship. So it is the winner of the fight France - Belgium can win the Mundial in Russia.


In this pair, bookmakers prefer France. However, the quality of the game at this World Cup, it is unlikely to exceed the much brighter and more versatile Belgium. Roberto Martinez's wards are not perfect, but even when not all they have, they are able to achieve a positive result. So it was in the 1/8 finals in the game with Japan, when, conceding 0-2, Belgium won with a score of 3: 2. So it was in the game with Brazil - in the defense the Belgians made a lot of mistakes, first of all positional, but missed only one goal, but scored two. And it is the high performance of the team that can become the key to success for her.

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As for France, she has so far spent only one really high-quality match - with Argentina, although she missed three times. In the group stage, Didier Deschamps's wards were playing in the power-saving mode - hence the two wins with a minimum difference in the score over strongly inferior rivals in the class and a zero draw with Denmark, remaining the only one in this Championship. And in the quarterfinals, the French were confronted by the bloodless Edinson Cavani of Uruguay, so that the "Tri-color" in general confidently brought the matter to victory, but without a special brilliance on the field - they created two or three scoring chances and scored two goals. France will also play with Belgium - carefully but efficiently. Will she bring this success? Many are impressed by the brighter national team of Belgium, but the finale from this pair is likely to come out on the whole more powerful and traditionally more successful in the international arena France.



the victory of France 1: 0

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