France - Albania

France - Albania


Probable teams:

France: Lloris, Sagna, Rami, Kosielni, Evra, Grizman, Cante, Matyudi, Pogba, Giroux, sequins

Coach: Didier Deschamps

Albania: Berisha Agolli, Moors, Ayti, Hysa, T. Jack Kukes Abrashi, Lenia, Sadiku, Roshi

Coach: Gianni December Biazi

France accepts Albania in the second match of Euro 2016. Domestic Tension on the "roosters" is huge because of the high expectations the team and this is seen clearly during the match against Romania, won with 2: 1 after 89 minutes Dmitry Payet. If successful today, graduates of Didier Deschamps will provide a ranking of eighth-finals, which will bring tranquility and breeder can afford to release more reserves in the last match of the group stage with Switzerland.

According to some media in France, Deschamps could now leave the bench two big stars Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann, who disappointed with his performance against the Romanians. In their place they will start Anthony Marcial and Kingsley Coman, but that seems unlikely.

The membership of Albania will certainly have a change in the starting line-up because Lorica Tsana captain is punished for red card, which occur during the losing 0: 1 from Switzerland. It is expected Gianni December Biazi to put in its place Frosinone defender Arlind verses, who did not play against "clocks."

Interestingly, in the last two matches between the teams France will win - 1: 0 for Albania in the summer of 2015 and 1: 1 in the fall of 2014, both meetings were friendly. The last "roosters" beat this opponent in 2013 evrokvalifikatsiyata with categorical 3: 0. The overall balance between them is 4 success for France, one for Albania and 1 draw with goal difference 12: 3, it is thanks to victory 5: 0 for the French in 1992 in qualification for the European Championship in Sweden.

Our forecast is that Albania will hamper France, but will not be able to withstand large pressure and will fall by 2: 0, we expect the second goal to be scored at the end of the match.