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Tournament: Champions League. Third qualifying round. Reply matches



On the return game in Istanbul, to be exact, in the "turkish hell" the grandee of Portuguese football arrived in the status of the favorite. After all, in the first home game the hosts "Estadio da Luz" defeated Fenerbahce with a minimum score (1: 0). The victorious ball at the heart of the "Lisbon eagles" was scored by the Argentine winger Franco Servi. The first official game of the new season, the team of Rui Vitoria held in this composition (4-3-3):

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Vlachodimos - A.Almeida, Jardel, Diaz, Grimaldo - Pizzi, Fejsa, Jadson Fernandes - Salvio, F.Ferreira, Servi;


As you can see, at once two replacements occurred in the usual starting line-up of the "Lisbon eagles". In the frame instead of Bruno Varela appeared German goalkeeper from the Greek Panathinaikos Odysseus Vlachodimos, and on the spearhead of the attack of the best scorer, the Brazilian Jonas's substitute was replaced by Argentine striker Facundo Ferreira. But, the main task of Rui Vitoria's team fulfilled, and now in the return match in Istanbul the guests will be satisfied even with a zero draw.

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Phillip Koku lost his first official match in the status of head coach of the vice-champion of Turkey. However, the current regulation of the playoffs of the European club championship allows Fenerbahce to return to the next fourth round of qualification as a result of the return home match.


However, to achieve this goal, Volkan Demirel, Mehmet Topal, Nabil Dirar, Mathieu Valbuena and other stars of the new team of Philippe Coke need in 90 minutes of normal time to beat his opponent with at least a score - 1: 0. With this result, an overtime will be appointed, and then, possibly, a series of post-match penalties. Naturally, the desired score - 2: 0 immediately would have brought "canaries" to the next qualifying stage. But when the score - 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3 will be further Benfica due to more guest balls.

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Who is the favorite in the return meeting of vice champions of Turkey and Portugal? Here, according to experts, a certain advantage on the side of the guests: P1 - 2.75, P2 - 2.60.



Summarize! In the upcoming fight, the new team of Philip Kok needs only victory, while the "Lisbon eagles" will even suit a zero draw. Will the defense of Benfica survive in this "Turkish heat" under the onslaught of attacks by the hosts? Now this is the most urgent issue of the upcoming Istanbul battle.


Traditionally, in this situation, we choose the golden mean, that is, the bet on a double success in favor of the hosts, which initially suits both Fenerbahce and Benfica. Recall, in the last fourth qualifying round the winner of this pair will meet with the winner of PAOK pair - Spartak Moscow.

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Our forecast is a victory for Fenerbahce or a draw (1X) for 1.50.


On Tuesday evening, Turkey will host the most exciting (on the signboard) return match of the 3rd round of the Champions League qualification - Fenerbahce hello to Benfica.


Their first meeting ended with the victory of the Portuguese club with a score of 1: 0, so that for the Turkish team is not all lost

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In the first match Fenerbahce just defended himself and miraculously did not miss more than 1 goal. In fact, in that match, it was not enough to see the work of Phillip Cock, and it was more like "play as you can". Yes, and in the sparring before the start of the new season, the "yellow canaries" showed a nondescript game, because they constantly missed (even from weaker rivals).


But Benfica just gorgeously held the first game, but the team could score and should have been more. However, the players of Rui Vitoria understood how to play against this opponent, and they know how to dominate. Well, it's not strange, because even in the MHC matches against the European grandees, the "eagles" proved themselves worthy and scored goals (not one by one) ...


Bookmakers do not single out any of the teams at all, which is not entirely logical. I understand that in Turkey it's hard to play visiting teams, but in fact Benfica is now in all respects superior to Fenerbahce. In addition, the guests will have more for one day of rest, so that they will also be physically better prepared. Given these factors, I propose to put on not losing guests.

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Free forecast for the match of Fenerbahce - Benfica: "Benfica win or draw". Bookmaker office 1xBet offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.52.


On Tuesday, the Turkish team of Fenerbahce in Istanbul will compete with Portuguese Benfica in the second leg matches of the Champions League qualification. The first match of the confrontation, which took place a week ago on the field of Pyrenean "eagles", brought the hosts a minimal victory 1: 0. Now Benfica in order to go to the next round is enough draw or even a minimal, but effective defeat.


The championship of Turkey has not started yet, "canaries" were preparing for the matches against the vice-champion of Portugal, playing control meetings. Since July 18, four sparring have been recorded, in which the Istanbul team has never lost. Over this period, there are victories over Fulham 3: 0 and Cagliari 2: 1, draws with Altynord and Feyenoord.


Through the matches MCH

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Benfica was preparing for the season, holding the matches of the International Champions Cup, which have become a great help for the "eagles". First, the Lisbon players in the penalties were stronger than Dortmund Borussia after a 2-2 draw. After this, Benfica lost to Juventus and Lyon Olympique. Also worth noting is that the Portuguese championship has already started, last Friday the future guests with some difficulty, but beat in the native walls of Vitoria Guimaraes with a score of 3: 2. Benfica in the current season has a goal to return the league title in Portugal, as well as break into the group stage of the Champions League.




Fenerbahce in composition and capabilities is noticeably inferior to the "eagles", who have received qualitative training through the matches of the International Champions Cup. Our free forecast for this meeting: Benfica will not lose

1.43August 4 at 21:00 at the stadium "Shukru Saracoglu" in Istanbul at the stage of the return match of the third round of the Champions League qualification, the Turkish Fenerbahce will host the Portuguese Benfica.

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Fenerbahce after the last championship scored 72 points and took the second prize in the standings of the Super League of Turkey. During the pre-season training, the "yellow canaries" had 6 friendly matches, in which they won in 2 games, lost in 1 and 3 played in a draw.


Benfica earned 81 points and finished in the 2nd place in the tournament table of the Portuguese Primera-league. In summer, the "eagles" took part in 3 friendly matches: 2 wins and 1 draw. In the series of games of the International Cup of Champions - 2018, the "reds" held 3 matches, in which in 1 game the players defeated (by penalty shootout) and in 2 games Benfica lost. In the first round of the new Portuguese championship the "Eagles" submarine was beaten by Guimaraes with a score of 3: 2.


Fenerbahce (Tuts) and Benfica (Port) met already in 2013 on the European League, then Fenerbahce won on their own field with a score of 1: 0, and lost away with a score of 1: 3. In the semi-final of the Champions League qualification in the first match Benfica won with a score of 1: 0 in his field. I think this time the meeting will be grassroots. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.6

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On August 14, another qualifying return match will take place, in which the "Fenerbahce" will fight with "Benfica". The first meeting ended with the triumph of the Portuguese team - 1: 0. What can we expect from confrontation in Turkey? See the forecast.


"Yellow canaries" acted as the second number in the first game, and their task was not to miss. But the players Koku still missed one goal, but this is not critical. At the tribunes, the collective must act more aggressively.


"Eagles" brilliantly held the first fight, but they needed to score more. The Vitoria squad has picked up the keys to the game with the current opponent, so the return round will look better.

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Forecast for the match "Fenerbahce" - "Benfica", X2. Yes, in Turkey it's not easy to play, but the Portuguese are obviously more powerful. Most likely, that the guests will not lose in this confrontation.


In Istanbul Istanbul at the stadium "Shukryu Saracoglu" in the return semi-final qualifying match of the Champions League, local Fenerbahce will play with the Portuguese Benfica. In the first meeting of the teams "Portuguese" owned the initiative and eventually won with a minimum score of 1: 0. I wonder if the hosts will be able to reverse the course of this confrontation and fight for an exit in the next round of selection?


Fenerbahce in the preparation for the current season played 6 control fights. In these meetings, the "yellow canaries" won 2 wins, playing three times in a draw and having suffered one defeat. It should also be noted that over the weekend, wards Phillipe Cock in the starting game of the Turkish Super League with a minimum score of 2: 1 beat Bursaspor.


Benfica, after leaving the vacation, also held six friendly matches. In these confrontations, "eagles" won 3 wins, one of which in the penalty shootout, played once in a draw and suffered 2 losses. It is noteworthy that last Friday the "reds" in the first round of the Portuguese Primera with a score of 3-2 defeated Guimaraes and scored all three goals for this fight in midfielder Pizzi.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the winning teams give about equal odds. However, in their field "Turks" will be added, so it will be reasonable to put on their victory with a small handicap.

We offer to bet on the outcome of "victory Fenerbahce with a handicap (0)" for a high coefficient of 2.0



It seemed that "Fenerbahce" should at least not yield to the Portuguese team on the game. After all, at the training camp, the "canaries" lost just one match out of six. On the other hand, "yellow-dark blue" was missed in all games except one. Missed and in Portugal.


And in the second half, when they themselves totally settled in their half. Classical for Turkey 4-2-3-1 on the feeling turned into 10-0, because in the second half, the team of Phillip Cock was honored only by one blow past.

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In just 90 minutes, "Fenerbahce" struck on goal four times and only once. But when I missed the goal in the middle of the second half, I began to mercilessly cut the "eagles" on the legs. He "broke" three yellow cards in 20 minutes.



Despite the minimum score (1: 0), the first game can be called successful for Benfica. In the first half, the team of Rui Vitoria watched the opponent and tried when not when to bite. However, it turned out only once in 45 minutes.


But after the break, the "eagles" completely withdrew from the chain and began to attack: 11 punches, 5 - on target, 11 earned penalties and 5 angular.


At the same time, they never got into offside and violated the rules only four times (in the second half). However, immediately note - on the road, "Benfica" is not at all a team like at home.


In the last season of the Primera league in their field "successful" for 17 games scored 47 goals, and missed 9. At the same time on the road for the same 17 matches could score 33 times, and allowed to do the same opponent 13 times.



This couple is especially interesting to Russian fans. After all, her triumphant goes to the winner of the confrontation between "Spartacus" and "PAOK". Naturally, with the passage of Muscovites ...

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The Portuguese know about their peculiarities and know the "delights" of the Turkish stadiums, so they will try to start as calmly and reliably as possible. Hold the ball "eagles" just know how - proved the first match.


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Also in Portugal there was one chip - in the first 15 minutes there was not a single moment. Considering all the facts, we choose the most favorable bet - "First 15 minutes: F2 (0)" for 1.87.

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