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This season Aragonese "Huesca" for the first time in its history plays in the example. Deeds of debutants are not going either shaky, or rolls.


In their first match in the elite division, Leo Franco's wards scored an away victory over "Eibar" (2: 1) thanks to Alex Gallagher's double in the first half.


In the second round, "Huesca" left the defeat in Bilbao, conceding two goals from "Atletico" in the second half, but managed to recoup at the last minute.

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Messi escaped the Russian hangover


Outing tour ended in a devastating defeat in Barcelona. Messi and the company shipped 8 newbies to the newcomers, but Huesca managed to realize two of its points - 2: 8.

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In the first home game of the season the Aragonese took on their field "Rayo Vallecano", losing with a minimum score of 0: 1.


After the 4th round of the "Huesca" with 4 points and the difference of the balls 6-12 takes 11th place. Alex Gagliar scored 3 goals.


Real Sociedad

The club from San Sebastian goes on an absolutely identical schedule, having spent the first three games of the season on the road. In the opening match, "Sociedad" won a strong-willed victory over "Villarreal" with a score of 2: 1.


In the match of the 2nd round, the Basques missed the victory over Leganes. twice scoring at the beginning of the match, but giving the opponent a chance to win back - 2: 2.


Completed the exit series wards Asier Garitano opened the score in the match, but allowed the opponent to recoup and in the last minutes lost to "Eibar" - 1: 2.

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And in the last match, Real Sociedad lost to Barcelona 1: 2 in the field, scoring at the beginning of the match and losing twice after the break.


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As a result, "Real Sociedad" with 4 points is 12th, behind "Huesca" on additional indicators. 2 goals scored by Willian José.



Bookmakers consider Real Sociedad to be the favorite of the match. To win the Basque team is given a coefficient of 2.15, while for a draw - 3.40, and the success of "Huesca" - 3.50.

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Forecast: Draw or Real Sociedad and TB 1.5


Both teams go through the tournament until completely identical. On the Aragonese side will be the home field advantage, but in a match with the "Rayo Vallecano", which suffered three defeats before, it did not help much.


Forecast: Draw or "Real Sociedad" and both score

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Nevertheless, the second time, "Huesca" will try not to disappoint their fans. We predict that the match will end in a draw.


Forecast: Goal from the 76th minute to the end of the match


In the meetings of both teams there are regularly goals in the scored minutes, besides none of the matches they played "on zero", and the dry "Huesca" lost only once. An interesting option is "to score both" for 1.80 and TB 2.5 for 1.95.

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The opening of the 5th round of the Spanish Examples will be a match between Huesca and Real Sociedad.


The last time these teams crossed here in 2010, when they broke up the world - 1: 1. I wonder if one of the teams will win after 8 years?


Huesca started the season well, but quickly "blown away". First wards Leo Franco gave victory over Abar (1: 2) and a draw with Athletic (2: 2), and then failed twice. And then the failure with Barca (8: 2) can easily be explained, then how to explain the failure of the "Oskenese" in the home match against Rayo Vallecano 0 (0: 1)?

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But Real Sociedad acts in the same line, and even the sequence of victories, draws and defeats is exactly the same. However, Asier Garitano wards missed much less, which pleases - 7 against 12 at Huesca. And, of course, it is worth noting that in every game the "royal" are hammered, and in the last round even Barcelona - a defeat with a score of 1: 2.


Bookmakers a little leaning on the side of Real Sociedad, with which it is worth agreeing. The initial fuse of the hosts has already disappeared, but the guests are gradually gaining momentum. In the last match, "royal" showed a decent football, and are unlikely to slow down now ...

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Free forecast for the match Huesca - Real Sociedad: "Victory of Sociedad with a handicap of 0". The bookmaker office Pari-Match offers a 1.55.


The fifth round of the Spanish La Liga starts with the match of Huesca - Real Sociedad, the newcomer of the elite division will fight with the team, which sets itself the goal of getting into the European Cups for the next season. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of the guests, but you should pay attention to the fact that Huesca started in the season is not so bad, whereas the Basques can hardly be called a historically strong visiting team.


In 16th place

Huesca in the first round of the Spanish championship was able to score three points in his asset, the future owners of the field were stronger than Abar at a party, beating an opponent with a 2: 1 result. In the second game day the Aragonese gave battle to another Basque team, Athletic from Bilbao, through that 2: 2 fight. Then Huesca lost in Barcelona "blaugranas" 2: 8, and stumbled in the first home game at Rayo Vallecano 0-1. It would be nice in the upcoming game to please the native audience with scored goals and a positive result.

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A similar scenario

Dynamics of scoring Real Madrid Sociedad almost repeats the movement of Huesca. At first, the Basques on the road took points with Villarreal 2: 1. Then they played on the road in a draw with Leganes 2: 2, and twice lost in a row: Eibar and Barcelona 1: 2. As a result, Real Sociedad with 4 points on the 13th line of the peloton.



Huesca in the first home game of the season could not not have scored points, even scored a goal in the gates of Rayo Vallecano. For the upcoming meeting, the Aragonese are set up as the last and decisive battle. And given that Real Sociedad in the defense of enough problems, we can assume that at least one goal at the gates of the Basque, we'll see on Friday. Our free forecast for this meeting: Goal Huesca

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In the fifth round of the Spanish Examples on September 21, 2018 at 22:00 at the stadium "El Alkoras" meet Huesca and Real Sociedad.


By the beginning of the fifth round, Huesca occupies the 16th position in the table with 4 points scored. At the moment, the team was able to win only once, in a duel against Abar 2-1. After that, with the "Basques" managed to draw a 2-2 draw, and the last two rounds were lost, and with a significant advantage. "Blue-pomegranate" lost in the match with Barcelona with a score of 2-8, after which already in his field lost to Rayo Vallecano 0-1. While the players are performing poorly, but soon everything should be corrected.

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Real Sociedad is located on the 13th place with four points and won, too, only once. This victory went to the team in the very first round of this season, on the road against Villarreal 2-1. After that, a similar situation with the rival followed. The players played a 2-2 draw, after which they lost the next two games. "Royal" club on a visit if it loses, then scores at least one ball, and this is an indicator of diligence.


For the history of personal meetings between these teams, four meetings were played, three were stronger than Real Sociedad, and only once Huesca managed to withstand a draw. This time the guests also have to continue the series without defeats in the face-to-face meetings, the team class from San Sebastian is higher. Bet: Real Sociedad will not lose - F2 (0).

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Forecast: ะค2 (0) with a coefficient of 1.5


Both teams perform completely different tasks: Huesca's goal is not to fly in the debut season in La Liga, but Real Sociedad - if possible, catch on to European cups. But after four rounds they have the same number of points scored.


Huesca started very vigorously - in the starting two rounds she defeated Eibar 2: 1 and played a 2: 2 draw with Athletic. But then followed a nightmare defeat 2: 8 from Barcelona and 0: 1 from Rayo Vallecano. Thus Huesca sank to the sixteenth place to analyze her mistakes at the beginning of the championship and not allow them anymore.

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Sociedad has an absolutely identical start. First win 2: 1 over Villarreal, then draw 2: 2 with Leganes, and then two defeats in a row - 1: 2 from Abar and 1: 2 from Barcelona. So far, Chury-Urdin go fourteenth, showing a pretty attractive football. But in the future, they can fight for the zone of European cups - this club is obliged to its strong and combat staff.


Just more sophisticated elite division and are favorites of this meeting. Given the ability of both teams to attack and their problems on the defensive, we will probably see an exchange of goals scored.


Both will score at 1.75

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Rivals on Friday match spend the season, as if under a coin: victory in the first round, draw in the second and two successive losses in the next two rounds. However, if for Huesca 4 points in the starting 4 matches - not such a bad result, the fans of the team from the Basque country obviously expected more, especially after a confident victory in the starting match of the season.


However, the team Asier Garitano has, at least two good reasons for which she could not get hold of a large number of points for this day. The first reason is not the most simple calendar and lack of luck (in two games, the decisive goals, depriving them of points, the Basques missed at the last minute), but the main reason is injury. Real Sociedad lost the main central defender Diego Llorente, as well as just three players, important for the attacking actions - Adnan Yanuzay, Sandro Ramirez and most importantly - the best scorer Willian Jose.

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For the match in the field Huesca last seems to be put on their feet, so Asier Garitano can count on a little more efficiency at the gate of others, but with the defense while nothing can be done. To play on zero does not work, and not only in the match against formidable Barcelona.


Approximate compositions

Huesca: Werner - Miramon, Etcheit (Semedu), Pulido, Luisinho - Galliard, Musto, Melero, My Gomes - Gurler (Hernandez), Avila


Real Sociedad: Rally - Saldua, Elustondo, Moreno, Hernandez - Ruben Pardo, Ilyarramendi, Subeldia, Surutusa - Oyarsabal, Willian Jose (Huangmi)

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Real Sociedad played all the matches of the season on "both will score" and in Friday's match the trend is unlikely to be broken. Too good attack from the Basques, not to score (especially if Willian Jose is really back in combat form), but too unreliable was the defense with the loss of Llorente, to keep the gate in the castle, and even in the away match.


At the same time, the attack force of the Garitano team can be more influential on the result than the weakness of the defense, and the final victory may be on the side of the guests. The score 1: 3 is seen in this confrontation as an ideal reflection of pre-match hands and assumptions.

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