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In the 4 th round of the Spanish La Liga, the Catalan Girona in his field "Montilivi" will take Selta from the city of Vigo. Very interesting duel, in which the hosts are the minimum favorites. It is worth paying attention to the fact that Celta before the pause on the game teams showed a good level of football, has achieved two consecutive victories. For sure Galicians go to Catalonia not in order to lose.


On the 12th line

Before the start of the 4th round Girona placed on the 12th place in the standings. Examples, the Catalans have 4 points scored. In the first round, Girona tied with Valladolid 0-0, then the defeat from Real Madrid 1: 4, and in the third game the Catalans somewhat unexpectedly managed to win Villarreal 1-0.

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Still others

Celta after 3 rounds is located in third place, Galicians on points lose only two grandees: Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the asset of the "heavenly" 7 points scored. Galicians started with a home draw against Espanyol 1: 1, then were defeated Levante 2: 1 and Atletico Madrid 2: 0. The victory over "mattresses" shows that Celta is perfectly prepared for the season, the team is facing the task of returning to the European Cups, trying to impose a fight for a place in the Top-4 of the La Liga.



Girona - a decent Spanish team, but Celta at the start of the season shows a higher level of football. The only thing for the Catalans - the factor of the field, but Celta already in the current championship showed that she learned to play at a party, beating not a weak Levante. Our free forecast for this meeting: Celta will not lose

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Girona did not start the new season in the best way, but this is not a failure. So, for 3 rounds Sakristan's wards managed to "assemble a set" - victory, draw and defeat. And that's strange: the "white and red" won the victory on the road and over Villarreal (0: 1), and at home twice stumbled. At the same time, it is worth noting the defense of the team, which looks quite confident, if you do not take into account the failure from Real - 1: 4 with native fans.


Celta this season remained without the European Cup, and the club is clearly in favor. "Celts" began the season when it was necessary and had time to prepare well for it. As a result, for 3 rounds wards Antonio Mohamed scored 7 points -2 wins and a home draw with Hispaniol (1: 1) in the 1st round. Yes, in the defense of the team is not all right, but in the attack is much better

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The championship of Spain almost overcame the boundary in four rounds - the final fight of this round of competition will be the confrontation between Girona and Celta. The name of the teams immediately gives the impression that we have to see the struggle of the obvious outsiders of the tournament. In fact, everything is somewhat different - one of the participants even manages to be at the top of the peloton.


Both teams managed to create an agiotage after their extreme games, defeating serious opponents. In such a difficult situation bookmakers gave the title favorite to the hosts, which is explained only by the factor of the field. With such a choice you can argue, because future guests before the pause in the Example showed a good level of football, so they clearly are not configured to lose.

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Fans do not expect a miracle from the "white-red", because they know that their favorites are unlikely to be able to outgrow the status of the middle peasants championship. In the last draw of the La-League, they confidently took the tenth place, which may well be regarded as a positive ending of the season. The current start of the Spanish championship is held for the children without much difficulty.

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In the first round, the collective took the exam from the Valladolid returning to the elite, but the spectators did not see the goals scored. Further on, "Montyville" came formidable Real Madrid, to compete with which wards Eusebio Sacristan is too early. Finally, in an extreme game, the guys were staying at Villarreal, whose weak form cost him a defeat at home stands.



"Celts" unexpectedly for everyone after three rounds The examples are on the third place in the standings. Their asset is equal to seven points - it is two less than Barcelona and Real Madrid, and the gap from the nearest pursuers is three points. Opponents of the club will say that the team caught light opponents in the starting matches, and they will be partly right.

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The first meeting ended with a productive draw with Hispaniola, then a victory over the Levante followed. At the last duel, the "heavenly" was accepted by the capital Atletico, no one could expect victory over it. "Mattresses", in addition to being unable to excel, so also missed two balls. To the fact that so many times to hit the gates of Madrid from other teams takes a lot of time.

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Forecast for this match

Future guests enjoy a supportive calendar for them, earning maximum points. The club can hardly stay in the top three for a long time, however, it is quite capable of fighting for a place in the zone of the LEF. The home team, in the opinion of bookmakers, are favorites, but their triumph is hard to believe. Even with the support of fans, it will be difficult for them to resist "heavenly".


Bet - Celta will not lose.

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