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The central match at the second stage of the qualification of the Europa League for Russian fans will be a duel between Slovenian Domžale team and Russian Ufa. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of the Balkan squad, and the first match of the opposition, which took place a week ago on the "Oilman" brought a tie 0-0. The chances for Ufa to exit in the third round of qualification are preserved, but it is difficult to call them big.


For Domžale the upcoming game against Ufa will be the fourth official in the new season. In addition to the first game of the series, the future hosts held two home games in the national championship. Domžale was stronger than Krško and Rudar, defeating the opponents 2: 0 and 3: 1, respectively. At the moment, Domžale leads the standings of the Slovenian elite league with 6 points in the asset.


The third meeting

Ufa also managed to win back one duel in its national championship. Last Monday, the "citizens" on their native "Neftyanik" fought with the Moscow team Lokomotiv, that match, as well as the fight against Domžale ended in a goalless draw. It is striking that the Bashkirs have problems in the attack and with the implementation, this can prevent guests from qualifying for the third round of the European Cup.

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Domžale regularly plays in the qualification of the Europa League, in the season 2017-18. Slovenes managed to reach the round of the playoffs, where they lost to Marcel. This season, the hosts have the task to break into the group stage. It is important to pay attention to the fact that in their field the Slovenes play very decently, but Ufa often has problems on the road. Our free forecast for this meeting:


Domžale with a handicap 0 1.72

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In one of the return matches of the quarterfinal round of the qualification of the League of Europe, Slovene Domžale and the Russian Ufa will compete. Goals were not scored in the first team meeting - 0: 0. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and break through into the next stage of selection?


In the Slovenian First League played 2 rounds. In the starting meetings of the championship Domžale won with a total score of 5: 1. It is also worth noting that in the last stage of the qualification of the LEF, the wards of Simon Rozhman passed Bosniak Shiroki Breg (3: 3) only due to the best difference of goals scored on the road.


The Russian Premier League kicked off last weekend and in its first round Ufa painted the world with the Moscow locomotive. In preparation for the season, the guests held 8 friendly matches, in which they won only 2 wins. His performance in the selection of LE "citizens" began with the quarterfinals.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming confrontation on the side of Domžale, although they give her a very high ratio. However, it is unlikely that the teams will risk, but will try to play reliably from defense. On this basis, we should not expect a lot of goals scored in the duel.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a coefficient of 1.48


On the second day will be the second qualifying match between Domžale and Ufa. We remind you that it was not possible to reveal the winner in the first meeting - 0: 0. What can we expect from the upcoming game? We'll figure out.

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"Yellow" looked much better, but could not realize their moments. Most likely, the result was influenced by the lack of game practice among Russians. You can not ignore the fact that the team Rozhmana rather weak line of defense.


"Citizens" looked not the best way in the first match. Tomarov's team did not play at all, so it's still unclear how they were going to proceed further. The last match they had with the "Locomotive" in the Premier League, and there was a 0-0 draw. To restore the strength of the club was only a couple of days.


Forecast for the match "Domžale" - "Ufa", 1X. Guests have absolutely no game, so the hosts should please the home audience with a victory. We advise you to pay attention to this.

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There are matches of varying degrees of interest, for example, not so long ago the final of the World Championship was held, in which the national teams of Croatia and France met, and there is a match of the qualification of the League of Europe, where Domžale will face Ufa. Such a sharp transition caused a clouding in my head, but on the next Thursday Better expects a whole breakthrough of such events, which I do not want to see personally.


Bookmakers themselves in confusion, well, how can you with a confident face put in favorites Balkan team called Domžale? A lot of liquid occurrences of mankind in lethargic sleep are recorded after the first match, which was held at the stadium "Neftyanik". Teams developed the mouths of fans who literally lived in a state of yawn, recall that something great event ended with a score of 0: 0.



The team nickname "Abreki", it's like getting acquainted with a girl and saying that your name is Anton. In the new season, the representative of the Slovenian nation has already played four games, in addition to the already mentioned draw in the qualification of the European League, the boys have twice defended the colors of the club in the domestic championship. First, the "yellow" defeated Krkko, and then Rudara. The achievement is strong.


"Abreki" top the tournament table of the domestic championship, but it's too early for Villamovka to open, because only two rounds have passed. In the Russian Federation, the team could not show anything and it's not surprising, as soon as you step on these vast expanses, the level of creativity sharply decreases, you just want to drink vodka, smoke a balalaika and sing with a bear Kirkorov's songs.

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The representative of the Russian championship (already sound threatening) held in the Premier League already one match. "Citizens" on Monday in the home arena came together against the Moscow Lokomotiv. By the way, the battle was also held at the stadium "Neftyanik" and also ended in a headless draw. Fans in the city of Ufa walking along the street hungry for goals, but the season has just begun and Sergei Tomarov, perhaps, will deign to feed the fans.


You do not need to have Legolas's vision to notice a problem in the attacking actions of "citizens". Through the fire and the fire Tomarov still dragged the squad into the third round of qualification and the finish is not so far away. The problem will be the exit character of the match, if in their own stadium the guys show fresh football, in Slovenia they can even go on a hunger strike.

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Forecast for this match

"Abrets" - regular participants of such qualifying competitions, in the last season the guys could even make their way to the playoffs, but lost to Marcel. The Russian team did not take advantage of the home arena in the first match and now the chances are significantly reduced.


Bet - victory Domžale with a handicap 0.

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The club from Slovenia managed to give Ufa a fight in its arena (0: 0), thereby leveling the chances in this pair to pass further. Domžale is a famous club in Slovenia, but the team's success in the European club arena is not high. In the current draw of the Europa League, Domžale exclusively plays in a draw, thus passing Shiroki Bereg and having every chance of a common success in a duel with Ufa. Domžale needs only a victory, because the Slovenes failed to score in Russia, and a productive draw will be a verdict for the wards of Simon Rozman.


About the composition and prospects of players Domžale to speak difficult, because here you can not find well-known names for football fans. The team is young enough, and only Ibricic and Ibrai can be ranked as experienced fighters at a high football level.

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The Russian club was enthusiastic before the start in the European competition, but Domžale showed his teeth in the first match, thereby putting a lot of questions before Ufa. In the starting match of qualification Ufa looked devilishly pale, and in the debut match in the championship Ufa managed to defend the zero with Lokomotiv, the current champion of the country. Ufa is an interesting project, but the project is far from being particularly backed by the corresponding financial opportunities.


As a result, we see only one transfer - the acquisition of Daniel Krugovoy, who is unlikely to become the main player of the team in the near future. Ufa is good in terms of the quality of personnel in the first team, but on the bench the team looks "naked," and the new head coach (Sergei Tomarov) is hard to find resources to strengthen the game in the course of matches.



Domžale is quoted at bookmakers higher than Ufa, and the coefficient for the victory of the home team is 2.54. On the success of Ufa quotations are about 3.19, and for a draw outcome - 2.98. Thus, we have an easy advantage of the team from Slovenia, which was nonsense before the first match. The classical values ​​of total betting on the match have the following quotes from bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5" for 2.78, "total less than 2.5" for 1.48. These figures predict a boring and unsuccessful match for us.

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Judging by the previous matches of Ufa, the Russian team skillfully dries the game and minimizes the threat at its gates. This tactical manner of playing Ufa is easily explained by the desire of the team not to climb onto the trouble and not to chase after a phantom hope. The Russian club is constantly in search of mistakes from opponents. Domžale will also not play a reciprocal game in the return game. Therefore, we really expect a match with low performance, and the bet is profitable to do "total less."


Bet: Total is less than (2.5) goals - kf 1.48.

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