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Tuesday night, the England team in Leicester will take the Swiss team in a friendly match.


The last time these teams met during the selection for Euro-2016, when the English won twice with the score 2: 0. I wonder if the Swiss will be able to take revenge even in the sparring?

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England squad had a good World Championship, but ended up without medals - 4th. In fact, wards Southgate much where lucky, but in general on the field they did not always look great. That is, at times, the English directly "tore", and then could half an hour just "roll cotton wool." Well, it is worth noting that now the "three lions" have a certain problem with the composition.


But the Swiss team inexpressingly held the World Cup, because lost in the first round of the playoffs in Sweden - 0: 1. In fact, the Swiss had to pass, but they just were not lucky. In any case, Petkovic's wards are trying to dominate the football field, but absurd mistakes are often made in the defense.


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win the England team, which is not entirely reasonable. And, the English at home play much better, but this is a friendly game. In addition, the Swiss are quite powerful, and the British are not doing well. And on this note I expect an equal game and a couple of goals scored ...

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Free forecast for the match England - Switzerland: "Total is more than 1.5". On this outcome 1XBet bookmaker offers a coefficient of 1.4.


Team England next Tuesday will take in his field, in Leicester, the team of Switzerland. Both teams took part in the League of Nations a few days ago, but the results of the rivals were diametrically opposed. The British approach to confrontation with the "neutrals" fully armed, will do everything possible to please the gathered fans and improve their mood.

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Three lesions

The English team in the last three matches only appear defeats. At the World Cup, "three lions" lost in extra time to the Croats in the semifinals, and after, in the game for 3rd place, were weaker than Belgians 0-2. On the eighth of September, the English at Wembley in a stubborn struggle lost to the Spaniards 1: 2. Although in the second half had a number of points, and in general, did not look much worse than their opponent.



If the British have not been able to win for some time, the Swiss team in the first match of the League of Nations surprised with a plus sign, beating the Icelanders 6-0. "Vikings" for some time, as they look not in the best way, but still the islanders remain a battle-worthy team, and six unanswered goals at their gate show that the Swiss are currently in good shape.

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The national team of Switzerland should be respected, this team is not afraid of anyone, probably will not be afraid of the semi-finalists of the World Cup. But the composition of the British is much stronger, plus the "three lions" the highest motivation, which appeared after a home defeat from Spain. In this pair, the stake on the hosts has very good chances of entering. Our free forecast for this meeting:


The England squad showed good results in the last matches, and the composition was slightly updated. Already at the World Cup 2018 the team played with the new goalkeeper Pickford and updated the line of defense. Perhaps in this match the coach decides to try new young players. In the native walls of the English team feels very confident and in the last 10 matches has never lost. In general, at home the British leave little chance to their rivals, so they miss so little.

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In guest matches Switzerland plays no worse than at home stands. Only for the last 10 games the players lost only 2 times in a match with Portugal 0-2 and Sweden 0-1. Previously, with the defense team was very difficult to cope, but today it allows teams to score and can quickly respond. On a visit, Switzerland held a draw with such teams as Brazil and Spain, which means that the players are in excellent condition.


Between England and Switzerland they met quite a few times, but never the guests could not win against the British. The official games of September of the team were held in different ways, I think that in the control meeting there will not be a lot of goals scored. The rate: TM2.

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Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.31

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Both teams miss the second game day of the League of Nations, and this is an excellent opportunity to organize friendly sparring, where you can significantly work on the problem points in the game.


In their last match, the England team lost the home to the Spaniards with a score of 1: 2. And this is confirmed by the fact that despite reaching the semi-final of the World Cup, the achievement of Southgate wards can be called questionable. After all, at the mundiale the British lost three games to the top teams, and they won only the middle peasants and outsiders.

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But the Swiss are now in a splendid mood, because in the first round of the League of Nations they defeated the Icelanders' home with a score of 6: 0. At the same time, six different players scored. On the mundiale, Petkovic's wards performed mediocre, flying to the 1/8 finals from the Swedes. But Switzerland still remains a very uncomfortable team, which will spoil the nerves of any opponent.


The British are considered favorites of this confrontation. But recently they play very unstable, so that the Swiss also have a good chance of success.


The victory of Switzerland with a handicap (+1) at 1.62

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England finished the World Cup 2018 in the 4 th place, losing in the match for the "bronze" of Belgium - 0: 2. In fact, the success of the British is not related to their quality play, in fact they were lucky, and in some cases they themselves chose the "easier" way. In any case, Southgate and its guys have a good company for which they can be thanked. But now they have a new way, and until they shine in the attack ...


Switzerland also played in the mundiale, but flew back in the first round of the playoffs. And you know, the Swiss held the tournament qualitatively, they just did not have the coolness and a bit of luck. In any case, Petkovic remained working with the team and continues to build an excellent game from defense. And in the attack the team has high-class players, which is a danger for any team.



In the second round of the League of Nations, England and Switzerland do not participate. And therefore, by prior arrangement, the teams of Gareth Southgate and Vladimir Petkovic will hold a friendly meeting in Foggy Albion. And, this time the venue for the official duel of the English will not be the Wembley arena in the capital, but Lester's home stadium "King Power".

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Alas! The previous game with the Spaniards very much disappointed the fans of the "Three Lions". After all, in this match the guests appeared more technical and inventive opponent, and therefore quite deservedly won a strong-willed victory (1: 2). Recall, the account in a new battle of two top teams opened Marcus Rashford. However, even before the break, Saul and Rodrigo twice hit the gate of the hosts, "Wembley." And already in the second half, "Furia Rocha" very skillfully retained the previously achieved victorious result. The best player at the base of the "Three Lions" is named forward MJ Marcus Rhesford (score 7.20). But the antihero of the match was the Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson (5.60).



Naturally, the upcoming game in Leicester, the British arrived not in the most cheerful mood. But the red-and-white squad of Vladimir Petkovic is preparing for a friendly match with the ancestors of football on a tremendous emotional upsurge.

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After all, last Saturday, in St. Gallen, Switzerland defeated not the weakest opponent in the face of the Icelanders (6: 0). In this scoring extravaganza the hosts scored balls for all tastes, and their authors were Steven Zuber, Denis Zakaria, Dzherdan Shakiri, Haris Seferovich, Albin Aeti and Admir Mehmedi. Having earned three victory points with such a fantastic difference of goals scored and conceded, the team of Vladimir Petkovich quite deservedly became the sole leader of his group.



This will be the twenty-fifth, anniversary meeting of the current rivals. In the historic confrontation, the very natural favorite is the ancestors of football. After all, on account of the England national team, sixteen wins with five draws. While the asset of red and white is only three victories. According to the status of the home match, the favorite of this pair is also named Gareth Southgate team: P1 - 1.78, P2 - 5.25.

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In the quotes submitted by experts, we got the main contradiction of the last games of the current rivals. Of course, after defeating the Icelanders, the Swiss team is on the rise, and is hardly inferior to the hosts in the degree of motivation. But the fans of the "Three Lions" are eager for the speedy rehabilitation of their idols for the first since 2007 defeat at Wembley. Who is the real favorite of this meeting?


Our forecast - both teams will score (yes) for 2.10.


The national teams of England and Switzerland were offended that they were not invited to walk on the reporting day in the League of Nations and the guys decided to organize and hold a friendly match. The battle will be held in Leicester at the stadium "King Power". That one, that the second team is taking part in the national league, but obviously the teams have little practice, so they decided to arrange PvP.

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Are there any chances for "bankers"? Of course, yes, but bookmakers do not actually leave digital hopes for guests. The British are still in the process of building a new young team, but the guys have already managed to shoot well at the World Championship. It would seem that the choice is obvious, but let's not go into the wig ahead of Kobzon. Our analysts have already put their fingers on the keyboard and are ready to eject smart thoughts.



You can remember the sad statistics of "lions" - in three extreme games the guys only lost. In the semi-finals of the world championship the guys lost in Croatia's extra time, and then in the match for third place without chances flew away from the Belgians. That's how the team conducted a good World Championship for themselves, which was held in the Russian Federation.

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England - Switzerland 11.09. Free soccer tips

On the eighth of this month, our today's heroes in their native Wembley hosted the national team of Spain that was fit to win. "Foggers" managed to come forward, but the "fury" quickly did not just recoup, but went ahead. In the second half, the chess game began, in which the grandmasters retained the original positions of the figures. The result was 2: 1 in favor of a visiting tourist.



In contrast to the nominal favorite, the guests already in the first match of the League of Nations managed to surprise if not the whole planet, then most of it. In sparring with Iceland, our today's heroes scored six unanswered goals. We recall that these are the same Icelanders who, in the first round of the group stage of the World Forum, managed to restrain Messi and the company. Enumerate all the authors of effective actions will be very long.


You can pour a spoonful of tar saying that at the World Cup the guys in 1/8 Phil lost to Sweden. Then the guys missed one goal and could not answer anything. The "Vikings" have a good composition, which still does not go in comparison with those footballers that the English women made. In such a situation, putting on the guests is a risky muve.

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Forecast for this match

In the match with the Spaniards, the British had chances to at least equalize the score. And this time the guests will come much weaker opponent. In this situation, we can assume that the triumph will be on the side of the hosts.


Bet is the victory of England.


After the home defeat from Spain, the England team will now have to meet in a friendly match with Switzerland, which played perfectly the match of the League of Nations. The forecast for this meeting was prepared by site experts.

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