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One of the central confrontations of the League of Nations on Saturday, will be a duel between England and Spain. Opponents met a couple of years ago, and then the winner did not come out - 2: 2. Who will win in the upcoming game? See the forecast.


"Three Lions" looked chic at the World Cup 2018, but the battle for the "bronze" lost to the Belgians. Southgate operates on an interesting tactic, it crushes the opponent not all 90 minutes, but with rushes. Only the opponent relaxes, they immediately rush to attack. You can not leave without attention and reliable protection of the team.

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"Furia rocha" looked terribly at the mundiale, as it creaked out of the group with a creak, and then flew out of the Russians in the first game of the playoffs. Recently, De Gea began to often fail his own, and miss completely unnecessary goals. Recall that now with the team works Luis Enrique.


Forecast for the match England - Spain, 1X. Yes, both rivals are formidable, but so far it is the English that look more stable. Enrique has just started to adjust the team to himself, so do not wait for something special from the Spaniards.

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England became the fourth team in the world, because she lost in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup, and after and in the match for the "bronze". However, in fact, the founders of football looked not so great on the football field, because very often they simply "disconnected" from the game. That's it such an episode and decided the outcome of the semifinals, when after a quick goal, Southgate's wards just decided that everything was done. As a result, the Croats won 1: 2. Well, besides, now the "three lions" have problems with some of the main players ...


Spain before the start of the World Cup changed the head coach, but the split in the team went a few days before. As a result, the "Fury Rocha" showed a minimum of its abilities, losing to Russia (1: 2 after a penalty shootout) already in the 1/8 finals. In the new phase of the team will lead Luis Enrique, who knows the abundance of players ... But will he be able to quickly bring the team in order?

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The first round of the League of Nations gave us two supermatchs with the participation of four grandees of European football. After the duel of the German and French national teams at the Munich Allianz Arena, the new battle of Three Lions and Furies Roch, that is, the teams of Gareth Southgate and Luis Enrique, will take place at the largest football stadium in the UK Wembley.


The history of the confrontation between England and Spain has exactly twenty-five matches, of which the ancestors of football won twelve, and lost nine times. And the most significant is the quarterfinal duel of the English EURO-1996, in which the Wembley hosts, after a goalless draw in the main and extra time, won the penalty shoot-out series (4: 2).


And now from the legendary history of football, we move on to today. For the upcoming fight with the Spaniards Gareth Southgate called Gary Kane, Dela Alli, Marcus Rheshord, Jordan Henderson and other leaders of his team. At the same time, Gary Cahill, Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Rome Sterling, Jamie Vardi and Adam Lallana stayed behind.

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Eight years ago (2010), under the leadership of Vicente Del Bosque, "Furia Rocha" became the world champion for the first time, defeating the "flying Dutch" (1: 0) in the finals of South African Mundial. Naturally, at the next two planetary championships in Brazil (2014) and Russia (2018), the fans expected their idols to have the same champion game.


Alas! In 2014, on the margins of Brazil, the Spaniards did not even manage to get out of their group, conceding the teams of the Netherlands and Chile. And this summer the road red-blue for the champion Olympus was blocked by our team, who beat Furia Roja in the first round of the playoffs (1: 1 and 3: 4).

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Undoubtedly, today the entire football Spain is eager for the soonest rehabilitation of its team. And after a failed experiment with Fernando Hierro, the new coach of the 2010 World Champions was the former Barcelona helm of Luis Enrique. And already now the new coach of the team refused many former leaders. Indeed, in the current application of Don Enrique there are no Gerard Piquet, Jordi Alba, David Silva and Diego Costa.




And now the most interesting fact! Despite the significantly updated composition of the guests, the chances of rivals to win in this match, according to experts, are absolutely equal. That is, in this case, the status of the Wembley hosts is only a formal advantage of the Gareth Southgate team: P1 - 2.70, P2 - 2.70.



Who is the real favorite of the match of the two top European teams? Now in favor of the English say three factors. This is much better than the rival in the past Russian Mundiale, as well as significant personnel reforms in the Furia Rocha, and yet, the status of the home game.


Our prediction is the victory of the England team or a draw (1X) for 1.50.

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The next Saturday the tournament will continue with the mysterious name of the League of Nations. In the reporting day, we are expecting a sparring between the national teams of England and Spain. If you live in London, then, firstly, we envy you, and secondly, you have the opportunity to go to the legendary Wembley and to observe this event with your own eyes.


For proforma weighed that teams play within the fourth group of Division A. Bookmakers do not see a favorite in this confrontation. It is worth noting that the teams performed differently at the last World Championship, which is a litmus test in the current situation. Let's try to understand whether the Spaniards will be able to rehabilitate themselves for the failure in Russia.

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From the team Gareth Southgate did not expect much at the World Cup, but the "three lions" managed to show the character and reach the semi-finals. To thank for such an achievement, the British must destiny, which successfully spread the cards for our today's heroes. Only the Croats managed to figure out the subtle strategic game of the British and in extra time beat the guys Gareth.

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Today's England team has gathered young interesting guys, who soon have to grow into something more than a semi-finalist of the World Cup. After the world forum, the guys did not see each other, for sure this meeting will become tearful. But seriously, all the players compete in the Premier League and know each other completely. Another trump card will be the stadium, where all visitors are difficult to fight.



The "Red Fury" has experienced a fiasco in the territory of the Russian Federation. From the group the guys got out somehow, but in the first match of the playoffs they got Russia. It would seem that an easy passage to the next stage, but Cherchesov something poured into a cauldron from which the Spaniards were fed. The team went on the field just to roll the ball and eventually rightly lost in the series of post-match penalties.

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It's hard to blame players, because before the start of the championship, the head coach of Lopetega left the team. We do not want to wash the bone for the hundredth time, but the reason for this curiosity was Madrid Real Madrid. The new coach was Luis Enrique, who remembered the fabulous period in Catalan Barcelona. Specialist in the first season won treble. Will he be able to bring the national team to the proper level?

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Forecast for this match

After the World Cup, the Spanish land remained scorched. From the team left Pique, who was a key player in defensive operations. "Lions", on the contrary, are gaining form and experience. In this situation I want to put on the hosts.


Bet - the victory of England with a 0.

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Team England at Wembley on Saturday will take the Spanish team in the first round of the fourth group of the Division A League of Nations. Bookmakers for the upcoming match put an equal line, considering that the chances of opponents are about the same. But it is worth recalling that the Spanish team failed the World Cup and will now try to get satisfaction for that failure, having successfully won back in a new tournament for itself.



Successful performance

But the British, you can say were successful, from the "three lions" no one expected a positive, and they took and made their way to the semifinals. True, lost in extra time to the Croats, and after in the match for the third place the second time in the tournament lost to the Belgians, but still, such a speech at home was recognized as a success, Southgate stayed at the helm of the team.

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Without lesions

Unlike the British, who lost twice in regular time on Mundiale, the Spaniards never lost, flew out of the tournament, only after a penalty shoot-out, where Akinfeev beat De Gea after a 1-1 draw. In the group stage, Spain broke the world with Portugal and Morocco, won 1: 0 from the Iranian team. It is difficult to call such a speech a failure, besides, we should not forget that the "fury of the rocha" played at the World Cup, in fact, without a head coach.

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Team Spain in composition is superior to the British, "Furies" looks very decent in the away games, will do everything to bring three points from London. Do not forget about the motivation, the Pyrenees now need a victory, rather than the owners. In this pair, the bet on the Spaniards looks like a good option. Our free forecast for the game:

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