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On Thursday evening, the Minsk Dynamo in his field will take the St. Petersburg Zenit in the semi-final qualification of the League of Europe.


Strangely enough, but these teams have never crossed, which will only add to their intrigues to their confrontation

Minsk Dynamo has an excellent playing tone, because the championship of Belarus is in full swing. In addition, the wards of Gurenko have already passed 2 rounds of qualification of the European League, which defeated Derry City (overall score 3: 2) and Dunajka Stredu (7: 2). And in the championship the Dynamo demonstrate an excellent game, because of what for the last 9 matches the team won 8 times and lost at home to Derry City (1: 2) in the second game.


But Zenith has just started the season and the game form of the team leaves much to be desired. After all, judge for yourself - Semak's wards have won both meetings, but scored only in the endings of matches. And in general, the "blue and white" defeated the Yenisei only with a score of 0: 2, and Tula Arsenal and did with a score of 1: 0.

Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Zenith, but is it fair? In fact, Petrograders have not yet entered the season and are not ready to "smash", especially on the road. Most likely, the Dynamo will resist and create many problems "white-blue", so there should not be many goals!

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Free forecast for the match Dynamo Minsk - Zenit: "Total less than 3". On this outcome 1XBet bookmaker offers a coefficient of 1.44.

For football fans from Russia and Belarus, the central confrontation in the third qualifying round of the League of Europe will be unequivocally the battle of Minsk Dynamo and St. Petersburg Zenit. In this pair, bookies on the side of the Russians, which significantly exceed the Dynamo in composition and capabilities. But unlike Dinamo, Zenit does not have such a practice game, because the Russian championship only started, then, as in Belarus, the second round has already begun.

Many clogged

Dynamo Minsk only defeated in the last four matches, during this period the victories over Isloch in the Major League 1: 0, Energosbytom in the Belarusian Cup 7: 0, DAK in the European League 3: 1 and 4: 1. Such results show that Minskers are doing well with the current form, and in the standings of the Belarusian championship Dynamo is located on the second line, has 37 points in the asset.

Leaders of RPL

Zenith before the official season actively played control matches, defeated Grasshopper and Genoa, played a tie with Inter. In the starting championship of Russia, Zenit had two matches: he won 2: 0 Yenisei in Tyumen, and won at home Arsenal 1-0. In the asset of "sky-blue" 6 points and the first place in the peloton RPL. The same number of points in Rostov, but the worst difference is scored and conceded balls.

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Dynamo Minsk is in good shape, but this is not enough to hope for a positive result in the upcoming game, because there is a very different class of future rivals. Semak will try to start in the European Cup with a positive, so that after the first match to make a reserve for the return. In this pair, the bet on the guests looks good. Our free forecast for the game: Victory Zenith – 1,63

In one of the first semifinal matches of the qualification of the League of Europe, the Belarusian Dynamo from Minsk will host the Russian Zenith of their St. Petersburg on its field. In their history, these rivals have not met yet. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of teams?

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Dynamo is now on the second place in the standings of the Belarusian Major League and from the first BATE is 7 points behind. In the course of the selection of the European championship, the "Belarusians" have already passed 2 rounds. In these stages of qualification, the team from Minsk defeated Northern Ireland's Derry City (3-2) and the Slovak club Dunajska Streda (7: 2).

In the Russian Premier League 2 rounds were played. In the starting meetings of the championship "blue-white-blue" on the road with a score of 0: 2 beat Yenisei, and in his field defeated the Tula Arsenal - 1: 0. The guests are just starting their show in the selection of LE.

Bookmakers in the upcoming game give their preference to Zenith. However, the "Petrograders" only enter the season, so it is unlikely that they will act in an open manner in the away match. Proceeding from this, do not expect a large number of goals scored in the match.

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In the third qualifying round, Ligy Europs ranks between Belarus and Russia. Bukkekerki boilьше верат в проход дальше Зенита, но динамовцы способны всех удивить, тем более в домашней игре.

Championat Belarusian daughters in burst. Dynamo Minsk headed to second position, scoring the best of the last championship last summer. In the Eurocube, Minchane waved two rounds. Снадала он выбили из борьбы ирландский Дерри Сити 3: 2, а потом расправились со словацкой Дунайской Стредьй 7: 2. All the time, I have always been stuck, and I have not missed any of them.

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The vote for Zenitta was matched by a new euro-bank season. In the championships piterzы started with two victory in a double chess. New coach Sergei Semak smok the most correct football player, which has shown a positive result. Цель Зенита в еврокубакх - how do you get at least in play-offs Лиги Европы. This is how you fail to qualify.

A club in St. Petersburg occupies a kennel of sick serpentine subordinated to the eagle. K Tomu, the Being Belarusian Seichas pause. From the Minsk Matcha, we stand in the confident victory of Zenit.


Win Zenith at 1.54

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Cyprus football is constantly progressing, and local clubs are often a haven for free agents of good quality, who can not find a club in the top European championships. Apollo already managed to pass two rounds of selection in the European League, in the first of which having overcome Stumbras (0: 1, 2: 0), and after Zheleznichar (2: 1, 3: 1). In the current season, Apollo will try to fight for the championship title in the national championship, and the opponent in the person of Dynamo-Brest on the qualification of the European League is an excellent chance to go to the next round of the tournament.


Traditionally, Apollo works exclusively in the free agent market, where contracts have been signed with players such as Facunda Pereira, Kevin Bru, Richard Sumach and Dylan Kendraogo. But not these players are called to lead the team this season, and this should be done by the club's leaders: Bruno Vale, Roberge, Juste, Papoulis, Shkembi, Magliq and Zelaya.

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The Belarusian club at the previous stage of the qualification of the League of Europe in very strained fights overcame the Greek Atromitos, which can be compared in level with Apollo. In the first match Dynamo led to a score of 4-0 in the 70th minute, but the match nearly ended in a draw, thanks to excessive self-confidence and stupid mistakes in the defense of the players of the Brest club (4: 3). In the second leg Brest residents decided to keep the advantage. And again they did not pay for it. In this hot fight was a lot of fun: a tense struggle in the center of the field, the endless begging of penalty and penalty in the performance of the players of the Greek club, two goals against Dynamo, one of which (for not entirely understandable reasons) was canceled by the referee. Despite the fact that the Dynamo was unable to create almost no scoring chances, and Atromitos players were already preparing to celebrate, a miraculous rescue took place in the last seconds of the match (1: 1).

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Zenith "with Semak at the helm started with two dry wins over the Yenisei and Arsenal. To be surprised it is not necessary too, that there were no routings, obviously there is an accent on result first of all now. The game tone is still not high enough at the start of the season to wait for a rout at the exit in Minsk. In terms of staffing points, I note that Dzyuba did not fly to Minsk, although it is clear that without him there are enough masters in the team.


At the exit, we have a favorite in the face of the Russian team, which is quite natural, given their selection of performers. But the team is just entering the season, while the opponent is perfectly organized, is in good game tone, the team is well balanced in the middle line and on the defensive. In the line we see the pronounced guest status of the favorite for Zenit. On this line, I think, it's worth taking a closer look at the Minskers. Which can dry up the game and will seek their moments in counterattacks first of all. A traditional set of rates for the Minskers through the bottom is seen here. Zenith on the starting matches in the championship also inclines to this development of events.

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