Do not laugh: Coaches minute

Do not laugh: Coaches minute

English football bristled. Lords, knights of the royal court and endlessly loyal fans still can not stomach the insult called Sam Allardyce. Like Ivan Slavkov national coach of England 'revealed cards "in a world famous football secret - bribes and commissions are part of being a football functionary.

England was ashamed, but took the only possible solution. To sack Allardyce after just 67 days and one game in charge of the "Three Lions". Now Big Sam expects another sentence - to be removed permanently from the football.

The world knows many great names who have earned only a short time in his coaching career. This example is Germany's Lothar Matthaus. In 2006 №1 footballer in the world in 1990 and took over the Brazilian "Clube Atlético Paranaense". The work lasted 46 days. Matthaus won six of eight games. He went on vacation to Europe ... and did not come back. Justified that his family is missing too much. And Matthew is a world ... "homebody." Later in Bulgaria we tried to end his career. After leading the national team, Lothar still has not found a job - for six years.

Clough was also named to whom football bows. His adventure with "Leeds" in 1974 lasted only 44 days. What happened today is a mystery. Even shorter in office was Austrian Peter Pakult. In 2015, former national scorer was invited by the Slovenian "certification". Gained two games - a draw and a loss. Then Pakult get a message to your cell phone, it makes no sense to step over the stadium. Is fired.

What about Argentine Marcelo Bielsa, led "Gaucho Land" in the World Cup? Invite him "Lazio". In July 2016 a coach nicknamed Mad was presented at the "Stadio Olimpico". That night and started talking about the transfer policy. Discrepancies between coaching and finial boss opinion about the new were so great that the next day was announced separation.

Sam Allardyce could be considered a veteran in England when compared with Leroy Rosenior. In 2007 he was presented as coach of chetvartodivizionniya "Torquay". At the same time foreign consortium has finalized negotiations for shares of the club. And he chose a new mentor. Rosenior was officially coach of "Torquay" for 10 minutes.

The most shocking appointment and dismissal of one of the greatest scorers of all time. Gerd Mueller, known as the bombardment of the nation was invited to be national coach of Germany by President Egidius Braun after World Cup '98. Boss phoned the great striker and convinced him it was time to become a coach. When Brown hung up the phone, called a friend to his boast that the most important issue is solved. For its part unknown until today interlocutor told the president that Gerd Mueller on the same day an interview given how poorly governed Football Union. Furious, Brown rang the bombing and said: "Forget about this job!"

Bulgaria also contributed to the rapid coaching reshuffle. On April 23 2000th legendary defender Georgi Dimitrov Jackie was appointed as coach of CSKA. The news was confirmed by the press service of "red". And a second "well-wishers" started bombarded owner Vasil Bozhkov with warnings that takes uncontrollable coach who will do what he wants, without complying with the bosses. And an hour before the press conference presenting the appointment be canceled. Instead Grand Jackie fast given the then assistant headquarters Aleksandar Stankov.

Ivaylo Petev he spends a few minutes in "Levski" but his story drive crazy television video sharing and social networking. Several "blue" fans invaded the press conference on the presentation and stripped shirt. Regretful coach went topless room and even the legend of "Levski" Nasko Sirakov failed to stop disgrace. But Bulgaria also ended up in the top 3 of curiosities in coaching assignments and sections.

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