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Croatian club managed in Switzerland to defend a draw at Young Boys (1: 1), thanks to which the chances of reaching the group stage of the tournament at Dynamo have increased dramatically. Again, from the team from Zagreb, we saw a qualitative level of football and the ability to endure in spite of the circumstances, because Young Boys owned a territorial advantage in that match. Dinamo looks great in the national championship, where Nenad Bjelica's wards only lost points in one match. Dynamo in the current season has not yet lost, but in fact played by a team from Zagreb was already 10-t match.

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As part of the Croatian club traditionally a huge number of young talents: Orsic, Olmo, Goyak, Stojanovic and Moro, who is now injured. However, the experienced players at Dynamo enough, because it is the hard-core fighters that give the team's game much-needed stability.



Full dominance on the football field in the first match did not bring Young Boys much needed victory, and the missed goal from the opponent also reduced the chances of the team to go further. The Swiss team has no problems with the results in the national championship, where the wards of Girardeau Seoane have not yet lost a single point. But on the Dynamo club is clearly stumbled, faced with a massive defense and great dedication to the players of the opposing team.

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The composition of Young Boys is now considered the best in Swiss football, and the team regularly progresses, winning last season's championship title. The average age of the team is barely close to the mark of 25 years, and many players Young Boys have already become interested in the top clubs in Europe.



In the second leg between Dynamo and Young Boys, the Croatian club is considered to be the favorite, which is reflected in the bookmakers' quotes for his victory - 2.42. On the success of Young Boys bookmakers give quotes in the area of ​​3.16, and on a draw of the match - 3.42. Such a layout from bookmakers reflects Dynamo's advantage only thanks to the native field factor. Performance rates with popular total values ​​have the following figures from the BC: "total is more than 2.5" for 1.95, "total less than 2.5" for 1.95.

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We are waiting for a very intense match, in which there is no obvious favorite. Thanks to the result of the first game, Dynamo from Zagreb gained a strategic advantage, although it is minimal. In Zagreb, the predominance of Young Boys in possession of the ball should no longer be as serious as it was in Switzerland, which again speaks in favor of the Croatian club. Most likely, the Dynamo again will dry up the game as much as possible and will bet on sharp counter-attacks, which will bring Croatians the necessary success in the match, and betters will not be prevented from using the zero handicap.


Bet: victory Dinamo Zagreb with a handicap (0) - kf 1.73.


In the coming Tuesday, a string of European teams will continue to find out which of them is worthy to break into the group stage of the Champions League. We expect a number of return matches in the playoff selection. In one of these will face Dynamo Zagreb against the Swiss Young Boys. In the first match, which was held in Bern, the team could not identify the winner - a natural 1: 1.

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Croatian players on a foreign territory managed to score a goal, which means that the "blue" has a solid advantage. Based on this, bookmakers put the hosts favorites meeting. Well, this position looks logical, but not everything that happens in the qualification, lends itself to rational explanation. Suffice it to recall how last year's "young guys" passed Kiev Dynamo.

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Dinamo Zagreb

"Blue" with a sober gait paced the tournament ladder straight to the group stage of the championship league. Our today's heroes personally packed their suitcases for Kazakh Astana and Israeli Hapoel. Those battles were not the pinnacle of football art, so we will not dwell on them for a long time. It is worth noting that the squad of Belitsa is in a wonderful sports form.


In the Swiss match, the wards Nenad Belitsa carried out the main installation - they scored a goal on the road. Next, the "blue" defeated Lokomotiv, which is a direct competitor in the national championship. The outcome of that duel is modest - 1: 0. There is no doubt that the Croatian team and in the reporting match will try to act carefully, since the result allows you to fit the bus under your own goal.

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Young Boys

"Yellow-black" in the domestic arena of all crush - in Switzerland, has already won five rounds, and in the asset of our today's heroes fifteen points. The experienced technician has already calculated that the "young guys" won in 100% of cases. The nearest pursuers in the person of St. Gallen and Basel are behind by as much as eight points. Enough solid, it's time to turn your eyes to Europe.


In the current qualification, "bees" do not have the same solid experience as an opponent. In the first match of the selection the guys could not win at home "Stud de Suisse". The task has become more complicated. Now we need to go to Hrvatia, where tourists are not respected and sent home with empty pockets. In this situation, it is difficult to believe in the passage of the Swiss team further down the ladder.

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Forecast for this match

The Croatians steadily make their way to the group stage of the championship league, it is impossible to say about future guests like that. "Young guys" often fly to the Europa League. In this situation, we propose to break the bet in favor of the hosts.


Bet - Dynamo Zagreb will go further.

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In the first duel Dynamo frankly played the second number, and it's a miracle that the team did not miss more. Almost the entire match wards Nenad Belitsa fought back from the attacks of rivals, but they themselves periodically flew into counterattacks. Here is one of which and brought them a much-needed draw - 1: 1. Well, it is worth noting that in general in the new season the "blue" perform just amazing, because they were not inferior.


In turn, Young Boys showed superiority to his native audience, but it's possible to do it in an artificial field. It is very difficult to play on it and it is necessary to get used to it, and "bees" know it very well. In any case, the wards of Gerardo Seoane disappointed, because they failed to realize such a huge number of moments. Well, of course, we note that on the road the team plays more openly and skips an average of 2 goals each.


Bookmakers do not undertake to allocate any of the teams, which is quite reasonable. In the first match confidently dominated by the Swiss, but now the game will be held in Croatia. Most likely, the game is run by the hosts, on which I propose to put. Especially since "bees" are often missed on the road ...

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Free forecast for the match Dinamo Zagreb - Young Boys: "Victory of Dynamo or a tie". On this outcome the betting office Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.5.As part of the return matches of the round of the Champions League play-offs, Zagreb Dynamo in his native walls will fight with the Swiss team Young Boys. The first match of this confrontation, held on August 22 in Switzerland, ended with a 1: 1 result, i.е. on the side of the Croats there was some advantage. Given this, the bookmaker line for the upcoming meeting, in which the "blue" are small favorites, looks logical.

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Leader of the championship

Dinamo Zagreb is in good sports, which is confirmed by the recent results of the team from the Croatian capital. After the fight in Switzerland, Dynamo at Maximir won Lokomotiv, one of the competitors in his national championship with a score of 1-0. In total, after five played rounds in the asset, future hosts have 13 points. It is worth recalling that from the qualification of the Champions League Dynamo Zagreb beat Israeli team Hapoel Beer-Sheva and Kazakhstan's Astana.

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