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It is clear that these teams did not cross. And you know that: this fact will only add to the intrigues of their confrontation

The new season turned out for Zary very blurry, because for 3 rounds in the UPL team scored only 4 points. That is, the wards of Vernadub managed to win, play a draw and concede, and in each match the team missed! And the most insulting thing is that on Saturday Luhansk residents could not beat Chernomorets home - 1: 1.

But Braga has not yet started a new season, and was content only with sparring. Nevertheless, even in friendly matches Abel Ferreira's wards look very confident - 6 wins and 2 draws in the last 8 matches. Moreover, the "gunsmiths" are also more effective, because not for nothing they scored 17 goals in these 8 matches!

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On the eve of the fight bookmakers do not allocate any of the teams, which is not entirely reasonable. In fact, the hosts are not yet in uniform and constantly miss. Yes, guests do not have a game tone, but they always try to play effectively. Well, why should this game be left without goals for "gunsmiths" who love and know how to score?

Free forecast for the match Zarya-Braga: "Braga will score". On this outcome the betting firm Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.42.

The next Thursday at the stadium "Slavutich-Arena" Luhansk Zarya will compete with the Portuguese team Sporting Braga. Both teams in recent seasons regularly played in Europe, but the composition of the Pyrenees still look more preferable. True, it is worth paying attention to the fact that if the championship of Ukraine has been playing for some time, Zarya has practice of official matches, and Sporting is still deprived of it.

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Three matches

In the European competition, Zarya did not take part in the current season, but the Lugansk team held three matches in the ULP. Started the future hosts with a victory over FC Mariupol 2: 1, after there was a defeat from Alexandria 0-1, a home draw with Chernomorets, which is tantamount to defeat. Ie, it's impossible to say that Zarya is in good shape. In the tournament, ULP Lugansk players are in the 6th position, 4 points are in the asset.

Sporting Braga

The Portuguese prepared for the upcoming two matches against Zarya, playing control matches, from July 21, the future guests spent five sparring, in which they achieved four wins with one draw. The points section is fixed in the match against Selta from Vigo, wins appear over Santa Clara, Desportivo Aves, Desportivo Chavez and Newcastle. The current tone of Sporting can be called good, but the friendly matches and the official ones still vary considerably.


Dawn is an experienced tournament fighter, who is not intimidated by a team from Portugal. Two years ago, the Lugansk players played in the LE group with such grandees as Manchester United, Feyenoord and Fenerbahce. Our free forecast for this meeting: Zarya will not lose 1.66


The Ukrainian Dawn will play with the Portuguese Braga in the first semifinal qualifying match of the League of Europe. In their history, these rivals have not met. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?

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In the Ukrainian Premier League played 3 rounds, in which Zarya won only one victory. There was this Victoria in the opening match of the championship, when the wards of Yuri Vernidub outplayed with a score of 2: 1 Mariupol. Its performance in the selection of the European championship team from Lugansk, as well as the "Portuguese", are just beginning.

Braga last season took the 4th line of the tournament table of Primrose. After a short summer break, the "gunsmiths" held 9 friendly matches. In these meetings Abel Ferreira's team won 6 wins, having played twice in a draw and suffered only one defeat.

Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Braga, although they give her a very high ratio. Most likely, it is the "Portuguese" who will own the initiative and will surely score in the away match.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "Braga Scores" for the coefficient of 1.46

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The Ukrainian club, which has already twice participated in the group stage of the European League, has won a very serious team - the Portuguese Braga. For the passage further, Zare must demonstrate their best condition, that's just the game with the Luhansk region now things are not the best way. In the championship, Zarya scored only four points, and this is with the status of one of the favorites in the fight for third place in the standings. It is worth noting that Yuri Vernidub again has to update the team after the summer personnel losses.


And the losses of Zarya were: Lunin, Opanasenko, Andrievsky and Juri - serious losses for the club. The plus in these sales was that Zarya earned quite well on transfers (about 10 million euros). The club also worked in the direction of strengthening the composition, signing contracts with well-known fans Zari Wernidub Jr. and Khomchenovsky, as well as buying Makharadze, Raphael Ratao, Arveladze, and having issued the lease of Mikhailichenko, Tymchik and Lednev.

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It was Braga over the past ten years that became the team that imposes a struggle on three whales of Portuguese football: Benfica, Porto and Sporting. Braga with Zarei will hold only the first match in the current season, which should give a certain odds to the Ukrainian club. But, as demonstrated control matches in the summer off-season, Braga is in good shape and ready for the start of official matches.


It is worth noting that in the summer transfer window Braga was able to make good money on the sale of Danilo and Pedro Tiba (over 11 million euros). But this Portuguese club does not like to spend money, working mainly with inexpensive players, or completely free agents. In the summer transfer period, Braga joined the team with such players as: Bruno Viana, Pablo Santos, Claudemir, Joao Novaish, Eduardo, Murillo, and also rented from Stuttgart, Ailton.

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Here we see a slight advantage for Braga in terms of ratings from bookmakers: the victory of Dawn for 3.78, the draw for 2.98, and Braga's victory for 2.25. The situation is obvious, because Zarya is now an order of magnitude weaker than the team that successfully represented Ukraine in the group stage of the League of Europe. Total bets with an average value in this match have the following quotes from bookmakers: "total more than 2.5" for 2.50, "total less than 2.5" for 1.60.

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Everyone is waiting for intrigues and a bright duel of two European middle peasants here, but Zarya is now staying in far from optimal conditions, in order to withstand such a mobile and aggressive team as Braga. The Portuguese will own the initiative in the match and, with a high probability, will leave Zaporozhye as the winners.


Bet: Victory Bragi with a handicap (0) - KF 1.63.

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On August 9, the semifinal qualification game will take place. In this meeting on the field will converge "Dawn" and "Braga". And in this pair the collectives did not cross. So who will be able to write down on their own account a victory? We'll figure out.


"Dawn" began this game year is somehow blurry, because in three rounds of UPL they managed to get 4 points. Footballers of Vernadub managed to win, give in and share points. The most offensive, that on Saturday they played with "Chernomorets", where the world took place.

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"Weaponsmiths" have not yet begun the season in the internal arena, so they trained during friendly fights. Ferreira's team looks good - 6 victories and 2 draws in 8 recent confrontations. Pleases the team and aggressive attack - 17 goals.


Forecast for the match "Dawn" - "Braga", TB0.5 from the guests. The hosts did not enter the game rhythm, but the guests look great. Most likely, we will see at least 1 goal in their performance.


Eurocup season for Dawn will start with a match against the fourth team of the championship of Portugal, which is considered the absolute favorite of this confrontation. However, Ukrainians will certainly find their counterarguments.

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Luhansk residents also took the fourth place in the last championship of Ukraine. And in the new championship of the country they started rather mediocre - four points in three games. In the last round, Wernidoub's wards broke up the world with Odessa's Chernomorets and came up to the European Cup battles in a not very good mood.


And Braga has not yet started her performances in the championship of Portugal. He starts only the next weekend. So the match on Thursday will be for the Gunners first in the season. It is not known in what condition they will approach this battle, because in the summer off-season the club did not intensify.

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A small favorite of the first match are the Portuguese. In the camp of Dawn this is perfectly understood, setting up a team for the game as the last battle. Do not underestimate the wards of Vernidub, as recently they were worthy of looking in European competition against Manchester United, Feyenoord and Athletic. So the Ukrainians will surely score their goal in home duel with Braga.


Dawn will score at 1.52

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