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Crystal Palace started the new season with a away victory over Fulham with a score of 0: 2, but it can not be considered a success. All because Roy Hodgson's wards looked much worse than their rivals, and they were lucky that they did not get the right form. In fact, the "eagles" last year's composition with problems in the defense, and it is still unclear how long they will be able to "stay afloat" ...


Liverpool was pleasantly surprised even during the preseason, when the team began to demonstrate a real "rock" on the field. In the opening match of the season, Klopp's wards also pleased, taking home West Ham - 4: 0. "Reds" now look much better than last season, and clearly intend to compete for the championship


Finalize the program of the second round of the Premier League will be a duel between Crystal Palace and Liverpool. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of future guests, the "reds" started the season very powerfully, show a high level of football. But the London "eagles" should not be underestimated, Hodgson works well in this club, the team from the capital can quite give the fight to the finalist of the Champions League.

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Only wins

In the last three test matches before the start of the season Crystal Palace only defeated: Stevenage Borough, Reading and Toulouse. In the first round of the Premier League, Palas fought Fulham on the road, one of the variants of the London derby and won 2-0. At first Shlupp scored from the transfer of van Anholt, and after accurate was Zaa. Before the second round Crystal Palace settled down on the 4th position in the Premier League, in the assets of the "eagles" 3 points.



Liverpool just destroyed in the first official game of the season West Ham. Team Klopp well established before the start of the championship, Liverpool is considered one of the main contenders for the title of champion. Against the "hammers" on the field came just two newcomers: Alisson and Keita. Keita was very active, well dispersed attacks, well, and Alisson defended to zero in the first game for his new club.



Liverpool in the last season played excellent away matches, and for sure in the current term "red" will have a good guest statistics. Crystal Palace will try to get points on Monday, but the hosts will not be strong enough to resist the monster. In this pair, the bet on the guests looks like an excellent option. Our free forecast game:

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Closing the second round of the Premier League will be a confrontation between the "Crystal Palace" and "Liverpool". Last time the teams crossed twice and the winners were the "red" - 1: 0 and 1: 2. Will the Merseyside continue in the same spirit? We'll figure out.


"Eagles" finished eleventh, but it is hardly worth expecting from them more in the current season. Roy Hodgson remained without reinforcement, so the backbone of the team is the same. In the starting confrontation they managed to beat Fulham 2-0, so they already managed to earn 3 points.


"Reds" have powerfully spent the last season, but in the new they are not going to slow down. In the starting game they managed to defeat 4: 0 "West Ham". It is unlikely that the current opponent will avoid defeat, because the team Klopp very powerful attack.


Forecast for the match "Crystal Palace" - "Liverpool", P2. If in general, the guests are much stronger, so the "eagles" have too few chances to avoid the defeat.


Closing the second round of the new season of the English Premier League will be a match between Crystal Palace and Liverpool.

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Last season, both of their matches remained for the "red" - 1: 0 and 1: 2. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?


Last season, Crystal Palace took the 11th line of the standings, but it is unlikely to perform better in the new one. The thing is that Roy Hodgson did not get a strong boost, so the team remained practically the same. Well, in the first round of the new season, the "eagles" outplayed Fulham (0: 2), although the game looked much worse than their rivals ...


But Liverpool was pleasantly surprised in the past season, taking the 4th line of the Premier League and reaching the Champions League final. The new season Clopp wards started just gorgeously, beating West Ham home with a score of 4: 0. And anyway, now the "reds" look very powerful, constantly dominating and "tearing" the rivals' defense ...

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On the eve of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to win Liverpool, which is quite fair. "Reds" are simply more powerful and show extremely aggressive and productive football, so why put them against them?


Free forecast for the Crystal Palace match - Liverpool: "Liverpool victory". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.44.

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In the final match of the 2nd round of the English Premier League will play Crystal Palace and Liverpool. Last season, the rivals held two full-time meetings and in both the victory was won by the "Merseyside". I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


Crystal Palace, coming out of vacation, played 8 control matches. In these meetings, the "glaziers" painted two worlds and won 6 wins. It is also worth noting that in the starting round of the English championship Wards Roy Hodgson outplayed away with a score of 0: 2 Fulham.

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Liverpool after a short summer break spent 9 friendly matches, which suffered one defeat. This failure occurred a month ago, when the team of Jurgen Klopp did not manage to oppose German Borussia from Dortmund - 1: 3. As for the first round of the English Premier League, in it, "Merseyside" with a score of 4: 0 defeated West Ham.

Monday Night Football ends the second round of the Premier League with the match between Crystal Palace and Liverpool FC. Both teams were able to convince on the first match day. While the Eagles won 2-0 against Fulham away, the Reds West defeated Ham United 4-0 at Anfield.

The kick-off is at 20:00 German time in Selhurst Park.

Crystal Palace:

The last season was a mentally very stressful one for the Eagles. After very big problems at the season opener, combined with seven consecutive bankruptcies, the first victory did not succeed until the eighth matchday. From then on Crystal Palace stabilized and played a very decent rest season. A big part of this catch-up is rightly attributed to coach Roy Hodgson. The season ended in eleventh place, which was a solid performance given the false start.

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At this year’s league start against Fulham, it was Jeffrey Schlupp’s credit that gave the Eagles a 1-0 lead. His left-foot shot was the prelude to a decent performance after Fulham set the tone first. Wilfried Zaha then sealed in the final phase with his goal to 2: 0 away win. The statistic proves how enormously important Zaha is for the Eagles. He has been on the pitch 29 times since 2017/2018. In twelve of these games, the Eagles left the field as the winner. Even more impressive, however, is the statistics in which Zaha was not in the Starelf. 100% of these games were lost.

Thanks to the successful start in the English derby, Roy Hodgson’s team was able to regain self-confidence and the danger of starting a bad start to the season as in the previous year has been averted for the time being.

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Impressive test match results during the preparation phase further underline that the Eagles will be anything but a big underdog. Although the opponents were not of the big caliber, not a single game was lost. The last defeat of Crystal Palace is already a while back. Test games included, the Eagles remained unbeaten in the last 15 games. The last defeat comes from the 32nd matchday of the Premier League at the end of March. At that time the opponent was called Liverpool FC. At home they lost 1: 2. Only in the 84th minute Mo Salah turned the game in favor of the Reds and scored the winning goal.

The assumption is therefore obvious that Crytal Palace will not be the same fate as West Ham United. Although we agree with the opinion of the bookmakers that Liverpool is the favorite, but whether the very low odds and the implied probability justify a tip on the away team is further examined in the conclusion.

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A few days ago, Jürgen Klopp announced that he could imagine taking on the job as a national coach. Condition is that he is available, which is currently not the case. But what if the EM qualification of the German national team did not go well until the summer of next year? Could he then still categorically reject the highest coaching office in Germany?

Liverpool FC got off to a great start in the new season. A 4-0 came at the end on the scoreboard. As so often Salah led the Reds in the lead, rather twice Mané and Sturridge finally put the lid on it. The only beauty mark was that Mané was in the 3-0 clear offside. Presumably this would not have changed anything at the end of the game. But the discussions about video evidence continue.

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Jürgen Klopp’s team is well-rehearsed and in top form. The last five games were all won. Manchester City won 2-1 at the International Champions Cup. With a 4: 1 against Manchester United was immediately refilled. After that SSC Napoli (5: 0) and Torino (3: 1) had to cancel their sails.

Although Dejan Lovren and Joel Matip are battered, Jürgen Klopp undoubtedly has the individually better player material. With Mané, Firmino and Salah is the supposedly best and most recorded storm in the world in the square. Naby Keita was also in the starting lineup against West Ham. With new signing Alisson in goal the Toranfälligkeit was also remedied. All in all, the favorite role is clearly Liverpool FC.

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Whether a bet on the reds worthwhile and bets should be made depends largely on the odds. Maybe there is a quota that takes into account both the strength of Liverpool, as well as the recent good performances of the Eagles.

Crystal Palace hosts Liverpool in the last match of Premier League's first round. The meeting is on Monday at 22:00 at Selhurst Park and you have the opportunity to watch it online online.

The first football match on the English Premier League on Monday night is expected to be very intriguing. Both teams started their campaign in a great way, with Pallas winning their visit to Fulham by 2-0 and the Reds crashing West Ham with Anfield 4-0 at Manuel Pellegrini's return to England. Despite the positive results, the teams made a completely different approach to their respective matches.

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The Crystal Palace team was very patient with Craven Cottage and won a comfortable score with only 34% possession of the ball. Leicester's former midfielder Geoffrey Schlup opened the score, and Wilfried Zaha confirmed the success of the "eagles". Now Roy Hodgson's alumni will once again give possession to the opponent's ball, especially as their rival is Liverpool, who likes to control the game.

Liverpool was totally dominating his approach, and that should wait for Anfield's visiting teams this season. Jurgen Klop seems to have filled all the holes in the team last season after attracting Brazilian national goalkeeper Alison and strengthens his midfield with Nabi Keita from Leipzig and Fabigno from Monaco. Alternatively, Jardan Shakuri, who appeared on the bench against West Ham, was taken into the attack.

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Liverpool won both Premier League games against Crystal Palace last season - 1-0 at Anfield and 2-1 at Selhurst Park. I think Merseyside will once again be the ultimate winner and will be congratulated with success.

Forecast: 2 at a ratio of 1.45

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