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Sunday will give us the opposition of the tenth round, in which Crystal Palace and Arsenal will fight each other for the next championship points. In the past game year, both times, the victory went to the "red-white” - 2: 3 and 4: 1.


The "Eagles” are currently located on the fifteenth line, because it was only 7 points that were earned. Footballers Hodgson twice took the upper hand, was still the world and in the six remaining games failed under a total score of 5:11. Unforgettable is the fact that they now have a series of 3 fiasco in a row.

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"Gunners” are simply gorgeous, if you do not take into account the 2 losses in the beginning. So far, the team has 21 points - 7 Victoria with 2 fiasco, and the score is 22:11. Now the team has just sold out and consistently scores at least 2 goals.


The forecast for the match "Crystal Palace" - "Arsenal", the account will open the "red and white". Now the owners are clearly out of sorts, but the Londoners are on the move. So the first goal should be on their account.

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"Caristal Palace"

September was quite successful for Crystal Palace - only one loss in four games (one - cup). In late August, there was still a victory over the "Swansea” just within the EFL Cup (1: 0).


However, this does not indicate a team recruitment by Roy Hodgson. Just rivals were from the relegation zone. And that, against "Newcastle” was a goalless draw, even with a noticeable margin of "glaziers”.

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So you shouldn't be surprised at the sharp deterioration in the results of the team in October. Recall immediately after a major victory over West Bromwich in the League Cup (3-0) followed by three consecutive defeats in the championship.


And for these three fights, "Crystal Palace” scored only once - at the gates of "Bournemouth” (1: 2). But we note that against the "Wolves", the "eagles" looked quite decent: 67% ownership, 11-7 shots, 6-3 in the corner and 14 earned penalties. Yes, and lost just 0: 1.



The tournament success of Arsenal revived the old Internet pranksters, who again began to blow dust from their jokes about the "favorite fourth place" of the Gunners.

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However, the results of the last matches themselves somewhat restrained the ardor of humorists, because in the two extreme fights the "gunners” shot eight goals. And the game of the Unai Emery team itself causes, if not admiration, then respect.


After all, on average, Arsenal holds 74.1 attacks in one match and more than half of them (45.6) are considered dangerous by extras. The average number of hits, of course, is not impressive (10.6), but the accuracy is very even (60%).

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The only drawback of the gunners is not a reliable defense game. Londoners missed the most among the top 5 submarine teams (11 goals).



But to be afraid of the Crystal Palace attack is difficult. For nine fights, the Eagles have distinguished themselves only five times. And what is remarkable - not once at home!


So no factors should prevent Arsenal from winning, or at least not impressively losing. Our forecast is "2X + TB 2.5” for 2.10.

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On Sunday afternoon in London will be the 10th round of the Premier League, in which Crystal Palace will take on Arsenal.


Last season, both meetings of these teams ended in victory for the Gunners - 2: 3 and 4: 1. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?

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After 9 rounds, Crystal Palace is located on the 15th line of the tournament table, since the team has only 7 points. So, Roy Hodgson's wards managed to win twice, once played a draw and lost 6 times, while the total score was 5:11. In addition, the "Eagles” lost the last 3 meetings, during which they scored only 1 goal. And at home the team has never scored!


But Arsenal is just great in the new season, if you do not take into account the unimportant start. Now Unai Emery wards are located on the 4th line of the Premier League, earning 21 points - 7 wins and 2 losses, and the total score was 22:11. Today, the "Gunners" just parted and slaughtered everything, everywhere, and a lot. However, on Thursday they were awaited by a difficult guest match of the Europa League against Sporting ...

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Bookmakers are more inclined to the side of Arsenal, with which it is not worth it. At the moment, the "eagles” are completely toothless, and they let it through steadily. At the same time, the "Gunners” are a little tired, but still "on the thumb” should continue to score. Most likely, it is the guests who will lead the course of the meeting, so the first goal should be expected from them ...


Free match prediction for Crystal Palace - Arsenal: "Arsenal will score the first goal." Bookmaker VinlineBet offers a coefficient of 1.62 for such an outcome.


The London Arsenal will fight with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park this Sunday. One of the many options for the derby of the capital, in which guests are quoted favorites. The betting line on the game is quite logical, the "Gunners" look great lately, have an amazing winning streak. Whereas the "eagles” approach the upcoming game with three defeats in a row.


At the 15th place

Crystal Palace played fairly well in the first rounds, but gradually the "Eagles” lost their "snap”. Recently, the team of Hodgson did not win, the extreme successful game is dated September 25, the "Eagles" in the League Cup proved to be stronger than West Brom. Since then, only defeats: from Bournemouth, Wolverhampton, Everton. In the standings "crystal" in the 15th position, 7 points in the asset.

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In the area of ​​the Champions League

Arsenal has already outstripped Tottenham and is in the zone of the Champions League. True, while Emery’s team has an advantage over "spurs” only in secondary indicators, i.e. on goal difference. You should also pay attention to the fact that the gap with the leading Manchester City and Liverpool is only two points, i.e. "Gunners" can be called fighters for leadership in the league. On the road as part of the current season's submarine, the Pushkars had four matches, three of which won.

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Arsenal plays equally effectively, both at home and away. And Crystal Palace has big problems with creativity, the main danger of this team comes from Za, all rivals know about it. Our free prediction for this meeting: Arsenal will score first


On October 28, 2018, at 4:30 pm, Crystal Palace will play against Arsenal in the 10th round of the Premier League at Sellhurst Park Stadium.


The fifteenth place in the championship of England is occupied by Crystal Palace, which has seven points and a goal difference of 5:11. The team lost the last three official fights in a row, scoring only 2 goals for this segment, and conceding 5. The worst in the Premier League home meeting figures belong to just this club, because it could not win in any confrontation, out of four passed, and moreover , the players did not manage to score even a goal to their opponents.

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Arsenal fights for top positions along with four more participants in the championship. Now the players in the piggy bank have 21 points, which is 2 less than the table leaders have. The club has lost two matches this season, so it cannot yet be in the first position. At the moment, the Gunners have an amazing series of seven won fights, and it looks great. It can be seen that the players themselves are confident and follow to the goal.


In the last two matches Arsenal won Crystal Palace and scored at least 3 goals. The "Gunners” are better than the home team in all respects and are the real leaders, so they will continue their winning streak, winning Victoria over a weak opponent. Bet: Arsenal victory with a handicap - F2 (-1).

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Forecast: F2 (-1) with a coefficient of 2.33


Arsenal continues to stamp victory after victory in all the tournaments in which it takes part. Now the Crystal Palace can get under the gunners. Our forecast will help assess the chances of teams.



Apparently, Crystal Palace has serious problems now. In the last four rounds, the glaziers scored only one goal and scored only one point. Palace lost to Bournemouth (1: 2), Wolverhampton (0: 1) and Everton (0: 2), tied with Newcastle (0: 0). The Eagles have dropped to 15th place in the Premier League, and now they are separated from the relegation zone by two points.

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Three players were injured at Crystal Palace. These are Christian Benteke, Joel Ward and Scott Dunn.



If the "Crystal Palace" seems to be a game crisis, then at Arsenal, things are much better. For the first time since 2007, the Gunners won 11 matches in a row in all tournaments. On the road, wards of Emery defeated Cardiff (3: 2), Newcastle (2: 1) and Fulham (5: 1) in the Premier League, as well as Karabakh (3: 0) and Sporting (1 : 0) in the Europa League.

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Despite the fact that Arsenal started the season with two defeats in a row, now the Gunners are fourth, behind the leaders only two points. Especially played out under the leadership of Emery star attack of the London club. More than "Arsenal” in the Premier League scored only "Manchester City”. Obomeyang in six goals in the asset begins to be similar to himself Bundesliga sample.


What is atypical for the Gunners, the team now almost no injured. The problem is that the only losses of Arsenal concern the defensive line of the team. In the hospital there are Laurent Koselny and Konstantinos Mavropanos, and Seyad Kolashinats and Nacho Montreal are questionable for the match. Only Karl Jenkinson finally returned.

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The losing series Crystal Palace is equal to four meetings.

In the past four fights in the submarine "Eagles" scored only one goal.

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Crystal Palace cannot win four games at home in the championship without scoring a single goal during this time.

Arsenal's winning streak reached 11 meetings.

All four previous rivals in the Premier League "cannons" beat with a difference of more than one goal.

On the road, Emery's team won all five recent matches.

Crystal Palace is a convenient rival for Gunners. Arsenal defeated the glaziers in 9 of 11 previous matches. Last season, Wenger's players beat Palace at a party (3: 2), and at home they defeated the Eagles (4: 1).

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Apparently, there are not so many chances for success at the Crystal Palace in this match. "Arsenal” now scored a stunning move, "glaziers” while playing terribly at home, and even are a convenient rival for "gunners”. Given all of the above, we put on the guests.


Our forecast is Arsenal's 1.79 victory.

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