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On Tuesday evening, in one of the matches of the 6th round of the group stage of the Champions League, the Red Star will take on PSG.


In October, Parisians beat the Serbian team at home with a score of 6: 1, but what can we expect in the return match?


The Red Star has "entered” the group stage as an extra, but still has a chance to get even in the Champions League playoffs. In fact, the chances are only theoretical, because you need to beat PSG with a score of more than 6: 1. In general, in 5 rounds, Vladan Miloevich’s charges earned 4 points - a home win over Liverpool (2: 0), a home draw with Napoli (0: 0) and 3 away defeats. In addition, now "CSKA" broke up and slaughtered quite a lot ...

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But PSG experienced problems in the Champions League, but gradually leveled his game. After 5 rounds, the Parisians scored 8 points, and only in cases of defeat they can fly to the LU playoffs. In general, during the group stage, the wards of Thomas Tuchel managed to win twice, tied 2 times and lost to Liverpool (3: 2). That is, it turns out that on the road "blue-red" has not yet won in the Champions League. Well, in general: now the Parisians do not shine ...


On the eve of the duel, the bookmakers are fully confident in the victory of PSG, because Red Star is not their equal. And the guests will not play "after a long sleeve", because their task has not yet been completed. So expect a powerful game from the Parisians, and from the first minutes of the meeting ...

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Free forecast for the match Crvena Zvezda - PSG: "The victory of PSG in the 1st half." Bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.54 for such an outcome.


No defeat

After the defeat from Napoli, which happened in the last round of the Champions League, Crvena Zvezda held three official matches in which she achieved three victories. In the Serbian Championship, the army team turned out to be stronger than Vozdovac, Spartak from Subotica and Napredak. In the standings of his national league, Crvena Zvezda continues to lead, having 56 points in the list, which is 12 points more than the team of Radniczka has. In the Champions League Red Star in his field beat Liverpool and tied with Napoli.

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Will be ready

There is no doubt that PSG is preparing responsibly for the Red Star, the Balkans have forced themselves to respect, there will definitely not be underestimation from the French. In addition, PSG travels to Belgrade fresh, because last weekend a number of Ligue 1 matches were not played, including the match between PSG and Montpellier. It follows that the Tuhelya team is ready not only to defeat an opponent, but to do it devastatingly.



The Red Star will fight for three points, because the Belgrade residents still have chances for third place, but for this you need to win more and PSG. But after all, the Parisians have not yet solved the task of reaching the playoffs, and in such a situation it is optimal to rely on the guests. Our free game forecast:

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PSG victory with a handicap of -1.5


Only in the sixth round of the group stage of the Champions League, PSG can guarantee a way out of the group. However, in any case, it will not be easy for them, because the Red Star in its field is able to stop even the top team.

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Serbia unexpectedly for many scored four points in the heaviest group with Napoli, PSG and Liverpool. And in many ways, thanks to the great home matches. There, the Red Star played a 0-0 draw with Napoli and sensationally won 2-0 against Liverpool. On the other hand, the visiting team of Belgrade predictably failed, losing them with a total score of 2:13.


PSG scored eight points, which allows it to be located on the second line of the quartet S. The Parisians easily coped with the Red Star (6: 1) at home. they ended the winner with a full-time duel with Liverpool (2: 1 and 2: 3) and lost in personal meetings to Napoli (1: 1 away and 2: 2 at home). However, under certain circumstances (Liverpool’s not winning), Tuhelya’s wards will be satisfied with the defeat in Serbia, but it’s extremely unacceptable to allow them.


Bookmakers are not mistaken, indicating PSG clear favorite of this meeting. However, they underestimate the possibilities of the Red Star in their own field, which, despite the status of the underdog, still has to avoid a devastating defeat.

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Victory of the Red Star with a handicap (+2.5) at 1.66


While the whole football world will be watching the battle of Liverpool and Napoli, the local Red Star will take on PSG in Rajko Mitic stadium in Belgrade. This pair is silly to talk about a favorite, because everything is clear even before the starting whistle. The current quartet was the only one where the tournament intrigue remained until the last round.


The home team has a chance to reach the Europa League, but for this they need to take three points and hope for a complete failure of Liverpool. Both options resemble the plot of a science fiction film, which is why it is unlikely that they will come true. Parisians should not be allowed to missteps, because the fate of the first position in the group depends only on them. Will "sheikhs” be able to confirm their favorite status?

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Red Star

Belgrade residents, although fourth in the quartet, cannot be blamed for this. The team got the strongest rivals, to resist which is not easy, even the top clubs in Europe. In battles with them, the Serbs managed to get four points. The team received their first piggy bank in the starting round thanks to a draw with Neapolitans.


Then, after two defeats in France and England, the guys were able to unexpectedly defeat Liverpool in their field. "Merseidians" apparently underestimated the modest opponent, for which he paid with two missed balls. "Red and White” are excellent in their field this season. They had seventeen fights, in which they only scored points three times.

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Parisians at a certain period of the season seriously battered the nerves of their own fans, because they could lose their chances of reaching the Champions League play-off. Benefit Thomas Tuchel was able to take control of the situation, so that his players are considered the main contender for first place in the group. This was facilitated by home victoria over Liverpool, which became revenge for the defeat at Anfield.


The "red-blue” will arrive in Belgrade with full strength, because they had a whole week to rest. The fact is that most of the matches of the last round of the French championship were canceled from the mass protests. A small break was hardly able to greatly relax the French, because in Ligue 1, they are not particularly tense. The club won in fourteen battles, only twice tied.


Prediction for this match

There is no doubt that future guests will responsibly approach the reporting meeting. Parisians are not going to repeat the sad experience of Liverpool. The hosts have impressive statistics of performances in the home arena, but they are unlikely to be able to withstand the pressure of Neymar and Mbappa, who need to win. Rested players should smash your opponent.

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Bet - PSG victory with a handicap of -2.


This match is likely to be the final for the Red Star in this European Cup campaign. Will she hit the gate favorite - PSG? - details in the forecast of our experts.


After five rounds, "Red Star” takes the place that was originally intended for it by experts. However, the Serbs compare favorably with the vast majority of outsiders. First, in their assets, a dry victory over the finalist of the Champions League-2017/18 - "Liverpool” and a goalless draw with a powerful "Napoli”.

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Secondly, there is a theoretical chance for the Belgrade club to enter the playoffs of the Europa League. He has four points, which is two less than the "red" British.



PSG started the Euroseason with an unfortunate defeat at Anfield. Host striker - Roberto Firmino did not let a well-deserved global outcome take place. Two weeks ago, Thomas Tuchel's wards took revenge on the players Jurgen Klopp. Both fights with "Napoli" ended without a winner, and "Red Star" otgrebla the full program in Paris.

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The French champion has the second line and eight points. Over the weekend, his match with Montpellier in Ligi1 was canceled for security reasons.



"Red Star” scored in three matches of the Champions League out of five.

"Red Star” scored in the last two Champions League matches.

PSG missed the last five matches of the current euro season.

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PSG missed in the last nine matches of the Champions League.

The personal meeting of these clubs in Paris ended with a score of 6: 1.



PSG is a favorite, and in order to enter the playoffs, he can literally take half a step. Parisians will arrange a victory with any score. CZ has a theoretical chance to play in the playoffs of the Europa League. The main achievement of the Serbs was the lack of fear of venerable opponents. Balkan footballers scored all neighbors in the quartet. We believe that their goal will be a loud farewell chord in the debut group tournament.

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We predict that the owners will break their total over 0.5 and set it with a quote of 1.99


"Red Star"

The Belgrade club successfully started in the Champions League, playing a draw in their field with one of the Serie A. leaders. But in the second round the Serbian club was driven away by PSG, who defeated the Red Star with a score of 6: 1.

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Not much better was the departure to Liverpool, where the Serbian team missed four unanswered goals - two in each half. It was possible to get even with the British in a home game, where the hosts, with the support of their fans, defeated the Reds with a score of 2: 0.


Good, bad and snooty Neymar. Brazilian is time to change

Forward "Paris Saint-Germain" helped the team beat "Liverpool", but left after his game not only positive emotions29 / 11/2018

In the last round of the group round of the tournament, the team lost "Napoli” (1: 3), because of which with four points lost chances of reaching the playoffs, but retained the opportunity to get into the Europa League if Liverpool lost to "Napoli” . In the national championship "Red Star” with a 9-point margin leads on the basis of 20 rounds.

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PSG already in the first round had to make a visit to one of their competitors for reaching the 1/8 finals. The French champion visited Liverpool and was close to taking a draw, but lost at the end of the game with a score of 2: 3.


Although in the second round, the wards of Thomas Tuchel defeated his upcoming opponent (6: 1) in his field, in the next two matches he managed to get only two draws.


Champions League breaks. Tottenham need a victory at the Camp Nou, CSKA - at the Bernabeu

The strongest clubs in Europe have to play the final tour29 / 11/2018

However, an important victory over Liverpool (2: 1) in the home walls allowed us to go up to second place with eight points - one point behind Napoli and two points of separation from the English club.

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Everything is almost perfect for Parisians in the French Ligue 1, where, with a margin of 13 points and a match in the reserve, the team ranks at the top. However, in the two previous championship matches the club lost its first points in the championship, drawing a draw with Bordeaux (2: 2) and Strasbourg (1: 1).



Bookmakers are naturally considered to be the favorites of the guests, the winning coefficient of which is equal to 1.17, while the success of the home team is estimated at 17.00, and the draw - at 7.50.


We recommend betting that Angel Di Maria scores and PSG will win 3.25.

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Tomorrow, the Champions League will stand up between the Red Star and PSG. Recall that their first match ended in a confident win Parisians - 6: 1. Let's see how the end fight will end.


"Red Star” was considered just an extra in the group, but the team has the opportunity to leave the group, but for this you need to win, and so that Liverpool will lose. Now the team has sold out and quite often pleases fans with goals.


"Red-Blue” at the very beginning experienced difficulties in the tournament, but now everything seems to be working out. The team has 8 points, but in case of losing the team can find itself in the European League, which Neymar and Mbapp can win without any problems. Note that in a foreign field, the players of Tuchel did not enjoy the victories in the course of the Champions League.

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The forecast for the match "Red Star” - "PSG”, P2 in the first half of the game. The difference in class is just awesome. Most likely, that the Parisians will immediately take the lead, and will be able to come forward in the first half.



This is a meeting of teams from group B, where Inter and PSV also play. It is estimated that a score of 2.10 can be seen. Barca, however, has no tournament motivation: she scored 13 points ahead of schedule. But there has been a total of seven points. In personal meetings, he is ahead of the Milanese. He will continue to be in the eighth finals of the European Cup. If you want to play at home with PSV.

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Roughly speaking, if you’re losing, Tottenham, will remain in second position. If you want to score points in Spain. The task is not easy. Especially Barcelona won four out of five fights in this Champions League. However, for example, Leganes or Betis in the Spanish Championship. Why not Tottenham beat her?



Champions League scored for more than two goals. Tottenham's top ten European Cup. There are no goals for the scores of 4: 2 in their first round meeting.

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FINAL FORECAST FOR MATCH BARCELONA – TOTHENHAM: Tottenham's win; total more than 2.5 goals.

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It is hardly the only group in the Champions League where all four teams have the maximum tournament motivation before the matches.


The Red Star has shown itself to be a home team. All four points Serbs scored at home. And they, perhaps, scored significantly more points than they could expect. First of all, the Serbs were surprised by the victory over Liverpool.

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Thanks to this result, the Red Star still claims to be the Europa League. But the alignment for them is not the most favorable - except for the victory over PSG, they need the defeat of Liverpool from Napoli.


But for PSG everything is much easier. They need a simple victory in Belgrade and the result of the game on Anfield for them will not matter. It is likely even for them in this case to go to the playoffs from the first place.


With the composition of the Parisians have some problems. It is still unknown whether Neymar can play. Head coach Thomas Tuhel promised that the Brazilian will enter the field if he is ready.

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But it is impossible to consider this a big headache for Parisians. Because the line-up is already much stronger than the Red Star, and the same Mbappa will certainly play from the first minutes. Will Cavani, can also start Angel Di Maria.


Expect PSG misfires in the likeness of Liverpool is not worth it. In the face of Parisians, just in the face of an eloquent example of underestimating a rival on the road, it is more likely that you should count on the confident success of the French grandee.


Bookmakers are waiting for the success of PSG with a difference of two goals and three goals scored. It is quite possible to agree with this. The potential for this and the motivation is.

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