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In the 3rd round of the UEFA League of Nations League A, on October 12, 2018, at 21:45, Croatia will host England at the HNK Rijeka stadium.


Croatia is the vice-champion of the World, after all managed to take second place and silver, after playing the final with France. Soccer player Modric was called the player of the year and received an award for it. After the end of the World Cup, the team held a friendly match against Portugal, and it ended 1-1. In the first round of the group duel in the league of nations, "Fiery” sensationally devastatingly lost to the Spaniards, with an incredible score of 0-6. Naturally, this result surprised everyone.

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England ranks second in the table of group 4 and has not scored a single point yet, because her first match lost with the score 1-2 "Red Furies”. Distinguished in the confrontation could one of the leaders of the Rashford team. After that, the British had a friendly match against Switzerland and were able to get Victoria with the score 1-0, and again the same player scored the only goal.


The calendar combined these two teams many times, but last this year, at the World Championships, where only after extra time Croatia was able to come out ahead. The last defeat of the home team makes you think about the problems inside the squad, and the British will have to surpass themselves, because now they are in optimal condition, so the guests will take at least a point. Bet: England will not lose - F2 (0).

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Forecast: F2 (0) with a coefficient of 1.9


Croatia simply performed smartly at the last World Championship, eventually winning silver. However, after such an extravaganza, the charges of Zlatko Dalic simply burned out, which is why they only disappoint in September. Yes, the away draw with Portugal (1: 1) cannot be called a failure, but the defeat from Spain within the League of Nations (6: 0) is definitely possible. Well, it is worth noting that the Croats will hold this game with empty stands, so the 12th player will not help them ...

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England also had a good tournament, but in the semifinals a little disappointed. After all, the Croats in the semifinals knocked out "three lions", beating those in overtime - 1: 2. In September, the Southgate wards did not immediately enter the game, which is why they lost to Spain in the League of Nations - 1: 2. But in a friendly match with the Swiss team revenge - a home victory with a score of 1: 0


This coming Friday will be another couple of interesting matches in the third round of the League of Nations. In the main match of the reporting day will face the national teams of Croatia against England. Both teams arrived in a positive mood after the International Forum, which was held in the Russian Federation, but after all the successes, the start in a new event was not won by future rivals.

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Bookmakers decided not to single out the clear favorite for this match. What is "checkered”, that lions need to win, because the losers will lose all chances to take the first position in the group. There is no sense to talk about motivation anymore, everything is clear. The event will take place in the city of Rijeka at the HNK Rijeka stadium. Let's try to find the true coefficient.



Croatian national football team - the vice-champion of the world. Such loud words are quite justified, only the moment of glory is over, and the team cannot move forward. In the last three meetings, our today's heroes never managed to win. This list includes the lost World Cup final against France. Next was the world against Portugal, which served only as a sparring partner to the Spaniards.

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The world against the "European Brazilians” is a good indicator and we all hoped to see a decent game from both teams in the battle against the Fury. However, the "checkers” failed, Modric and the team missed six unanswered goals. Already after the first half, Kalinich went into the room under the bridge with three balls behind the collar. After the break, the "red" only completed the rout.



The English team can also complain about the Spaniards. Unlike the future opponent, the British did not lose shamefully and even had chances to cling to the world one. The team of Southgate banally did not have enough skill pumped luck. After this hole, our today's heroes held a freight train against Switzerland, where they managed to win with a maximum minimum score of 1: 0.

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Probably need to mention the moment of principle of the match. At the last World Championship "three lions" flew out of the tournament from the Croats. The next match is a great opportunity not only to make a vendetta, but to shed the blood of the enemy on its own territory. The British, however, like their rival, have zero points. All the bread devours the insatiable Louise Enrique and his boys.


Prediction for this match

After the lost final in Russia, the Croatian team regressed. This is obvious from the latest matches. Tactics no longer work to overtime, and then how it goes. In this situation, you can put on the guests.


Bet - the victory of England with a handicap of 0.


On Friday evening, the Croatian national team will hold the match of the group stage of the League of Nations against England.

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These teams met in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, when Croats won in overtime - 2: 1. I wonder if the British will be able to take revenge in the new tournament?


The Croatian national team surprised everyone at the 2018 World Cup, eventually winning silver. However, after that, the "checkers" something went wrong and in September they just disappointed. It is possible that the Croats just burned out, otherwise how to explain a draw with Portugal (1: 1) and a crushing defeat against Spain (6: 0). And honestly, it is not clear why Zlatko Dalic did not leave his post after such a rout ...

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But the England team confidently held the past World Cup, eventually being the 4th team in the world. However, in September, Southgate’s wards did not suddenly have a bore of themselves, having spent two "boring” matches. First, the "three lions” in the League of Nations gave way to Spain (1: 2), and then beat Switzerland in the sparring (1: 0).


Bookmakers almost do not allocate any of the teams, which is not entirely logical. In fact, the Croats are going through hard times, and the stadium will be empty. So in this game it is better to give preference to more self-confident Englishmen ... who also need revenge.

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Free match forecast for Croatia - England: "England's victory or draw”. At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.48.


The central match of the nearest Friday, of course, is the match of the 3rd round of the League of Nations between the national teams of Croatia and England. Both teams performed well at the world forum in Russia and would not mind confirming their ambitions already in the League of Nations, however, that's bad luck - the "checkered” and "lions” started badly in this tournament, losing in turn to the Spanish national team.

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No victories

Despite the fact that the Croatian national team is the vice-champion of the world, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in the three extreme meetings this Balkan team was never able to win. After the defeat in the final against the French, the Croats tied in a friendly match against the Portuguese national team and defeated the Spanish national team in the League of Nations with a score of 0: 6. After such a defeat, "checkered" will not be easy to count on the first place in the group.


After spain

The English team also lost to the Spaniards, but the "three lions” had excellent chances for a draw, in the second half of that meeting, the Southgate team created a number of dangerous moments, just did not have enough luck. It should be said that the British after the pocket of the "fury” had a friendly match against the Swiss and won with a score of 1: 0. The British have all the prerequisites for progress in the near future.

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Croatian national team after the World Cup lost a number of players who have completed a career in their national team. The British will not play Delhi Allie, who has an injury, all the rest are in the ranks. England is now on the rise, going to the Balkans for three points, while the Croats have a feeling of decline after the World Cup. Our free prediction for this meeting: England will not lose


The central game of Friday will be the duel of the group stage of the League of Nations, in which Croatia and England will measure themselves. At the World Cup team overlap, and the victory went to the Croats. What will the British answer? We'll figure out.

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"Flaming" powerfully spent the world championship, and earned the "silver" medals of the tournament. True, after the World Cup the "checkers” burned out - 1: 1 with the Portuguese is still not bad, but the 6: 0 fiasco from the Spaniards is too much. Dalić continues to instruct the team.


"Three Lions" also adequately held the World Cup 2018, because it turned out to take the fourth position. But now the Southgate squad is happy with the game - 1: 2 bounced off the Spaniards, but after 1: 0 the Swiss beat.


The forecast for the match Croatia - England, X2. Now the hosts are not the best period, but the guests look much better. Most likely, the British will earn at least 1 point.

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