Colombia - England 03.07 Free soccer tips

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It will be a very difficult match. There is no favorite, it will be an equal game, it is impossible to foresee anything.


If England wanted to pick up her opponent in the last game, then it's in vain. In the playoffs, nothing can be calculated. And Colombia is not the best choice.


In Colombia, there are many true masters: Falcao, Hames, Juan Cuadrado. And in England, a young team and only one Kane. In terms of experience, an advantage can be given to Colombia. England this experience is not enough.

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News about the Swedes

Sweden's presentation of this World Cup continues to get better. The team won their finals in the finals, and now fully justifies their ranking after removing Italy in the barrages. Sweden won its group, where the teams of Mexico, Germany and South Korea were also. The team lost only the Germans, but 2 wins in the other 2 matches were enough to qualify. The last victory for the team, which came against Mexico with a score of 3-0, made the impression. Penalty in Jane Anderson's squad is Sebastian Larsson. No other missing players are expected. You will find bets on this match at the Efbet site, where you will receive a bonus of up to $ 110 as a new customer.

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The News of Switzerland

The "Crusaders" did not lose in their group once, winning and 2 draws. They were sufficient to keep moving forward. Switzerland won against Serbia in its second match, or else the draws came against Brazil and Costa Rica. Now there is a new difficult task in the face of Sweden. So far, the Swiss have shown that they have started their meetings hard, but they still managed to get up and return to the game in a superb way. Team coach Vladimir Petkovic will not be able to rely on punished Stefan Liechtenstein and Fabian Shar.

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Sweden vs. Sweden Switzerland - statistics

The story remembers 28 games between them, but neither of the two teams have ever met in the finals of a major tournament. They played for the last time in 2002 when they scored 1-1 in a control match. Elsewhere, Switzerland has 11 out of 10 wins over Swedes, and 7 matches have ended in a draw. There is no question that Sweden will again rely on stability in defense, but the team's attack has proven in the previous match with Mexico that it can be very dangerous. Switzerland has the necessary stability to resist the Swedes, but it will be interesting to see if the missing players in the shield will have an impact. Sweden last played the ¼ finals of the World Cup in 1994, while Switzerland came to this phase for the first time since 1954. There is no question that we are expecting a very curious game where we can expect any development. The Swedes have the confidence and the class to be a serious opponent. Switzerland is expected to dominate the ball and dictate the pace of the game. This is not always a successful move, and for this fight we think the Swedish defense will once again prevail and therefore we are predicting a double chance of winning or winning. Under 2.5 goals in the match is our other guess.

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Group H was considered to be the most equal in the championship, where each team has a chance to move forward, and that really did. Colombia began with a surprising defeat from Japan with 1: 2. The duel did not develop well for them with a red card, a penalty and a goal pass in the sixth minute, and with 10 people on such a forum it is difficult to play.

In the next two games, everything came to a stop and Colombia did not show any hesitation for a moment. Poland was totally rewarded and defeated by the classic 3: 0, and in a direct dispute with Senegal the success was minimal by 1-0, but enough to win Group H.

The England and Belgium did not face any problems with their Group G releases. The Brits started strong against Tunisia, with early goals and many but the result was even before the break. The English have suffered their victory and managed to achieve it in the first minute of the game's continuation with Harry Kain's second goal in the game.

"The Three Lions" did not make it at all against Panama and the success of 6: 1 was the least that could have happened in this game. In the last match, between England and Belgium, the first position in the standings was decided, but it was not attractive as it sent the leader to the stronger stream. This stream was chosen by the Reds with 1: 0 success, and the English raised doubts about their dedication in this game and whether they deliberately failed to defeat

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Colombia - England Previous Meetings

England defeated Colombia 2-0 in the group stage of the 1998 World Cup in France.

The British won 3: 2 in a friendly match in 2005.

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Colombia - England Statistics

Colombia reached the elimination phase of the World Championship for only a third time and managed to pass it to Brazil in 2014.

Colombians scored a goal in their last eight World Cup matches.

South Americans have 21 World Cup finals and none of them have finished at zero.

England has won only two of its last eight elimination games at the World Cup.

England's 18-year-olds have been defeated for England, and they missed a run against Portugal in 2006 alone.

60% of Colombia's goals in this championship have dropped after a static situation and England's percentage is 75%.

Harry Cain has only played 153 minutes at the World Football Finals, but now he has five goals.

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Colombia - England News

The big missing in the composition of Colombia is the star of the team, Chames Rodriguez, who rose 4 years ago in Brazil. The attacking footballer suffered a trauma in the match against Senegal and joined Abel Aguilar in the infirmary of the team. Seville striker Luis Muriel will be Chames's most likely substitute.

John Stones received a slight injury in the match against Belgium and was replaced at the beginning of the second part. The defender is expected to be ready for the upcoming collision. The good news is the reinstatement of Dele Ali, who will start against Colombia, and the point is Sterling or Loftus-Chike to sit on the bench.

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Colombia - England Bet

Colombia for the second consecutive World Cup practice a good attacking football combined with very robust defense actions and little hits. That, according to the bookmakers, is not enough for the team to be the favorite in the upcoming match, but their success will not be considered a surprise.

England is famous for its easy ranking in major football forums and subsequent early releases. This time everyone hopes that this is not the case, but it definitely looks very diverse in the attack, even though he fails to take advantage of the many positions in front of the opponent's door.

Till here we talked about the attacks of both teams, but one such elimination duel wins with protection. The only chance for a result is a hit in the opening minutes of the match, which will confuse the tactical plans of the teams. We expect an equivalent match, a lot of battle, tactical upheaval and eventual drama with extras or penalties.

Our forecast for Colombia - England is Double chance - Draw or Victory for England and Under 2.5 goals in the match. Our recommended bookmaker for such type of markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.

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