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Chelsea still go without errors - three games and three wins, and the only negative is the three goals conceded, two of which were scored by the London Arsenal in the Chelsea arena, when he managed to win back in the first half with 0-2. And note that this is still the only ambiguous time in the performance of "retirees", for the rest while while Chelsea looks pretty solid, Sarri is still coping with her new position. And no matter how lucky it was with Yedlin's own goal, when Chelsea beat Newcastle with a score 2: 1, in that game owning the ball 81 percent of the playing time, Chelsea had to win and much more confidently.

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Bournemouth also started the season in the season above any praise, well, for yourself, of course. Although, this start might envy many now - seven points for three rounds. The first round and home 2-0 over the rookie of the league Cardiff did not surprise anyone, but here 2-1 on a visit over West Ham, still under the condition of 0-1 on the basis of the first half - surprised very much, because the game was then everything, Bournemouth significantly added in the second 45 minutes. Well, home 2: 2 with Everton - the result is really equal to the game.



On the eve of the fourth round at the head of the championship race of the Premier League are just four clubs. This gave out at the start of the season a hundred percent result Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Watford (9 points each). And only in fifth place with seven points was the current champion Manchester City.

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We bring to your attention a home match between London Chelsea and the middleweight Bournemouth. In the previous round, the "aristocrats" fought on "St. James Park" with Newcastle, and for the first time in seven years managed to beat the "forty" in their arena (1: 2).


The score in this fight on the 76th minute was opened by the best player of the London club Eden Azar, exactly punched a penalty penalty penalty (0: 1). However, seven minutes passed, and the hosts managed to recoup (1: 1). The involuntary thought that the northernmost football arena of the Premier League remains unfortunate for Chelsea immediately became the most urgent. But, nevertheless, when there were already minutes left before the match ended, in one of the numerous attacks the defense of "forty" made a gross mistake in the form of an own goal in its own goal (1: 2).

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Also very successful started the new season, the owners of "Dean Court". But, if the home victoria in the very first round of the debutant Cardiff looked quite natural (2: 0), then the next two results greatly pleased the fans of the team Eddie Howe.


In the second match of the new season Bournemouth on a visit, on the Olympic arena of London broke the resistance of the "hammers" Manuel Pellegrini (1: 2). And then, already in the third round, on the "Dean Court" granted the second in its status Merseyside club. Fifteen minutes before the end of this fight, the guests led in the account with a difference of two goals (0: 2). But then, at the very end of the meeting, the hosts literally suppressed the opponent with the power of their attacks. In the beginning followed an own goal from Joshua King (1: 2). And exactly after four minutes Nathan Ake restored the balance in the account (2: 2). Thus, Eddie Howe's team earned one point in an almost hopeless duel with Everton.

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In the elite league of English football, Bournemouth began its fourth season. And it is already possible to say with certainty that the owners of "Dean Court" are a very convenient rival of "aristocrats". After all, three past meetings in Bournemouth ended with three wins of guests with a total score - 2: 8 (1: 4, 1: 3 and 0: 1). But in the last meeting of the current rivals in the capital was recorded quite an amazing result (0: 3). But, nevertheless, in the upcoming duel the opinion of experts is unequivocal: P1 - 1.28, P2 - 9.00.



Both teams are now on the move, and both teams demonstrate productive football. Therefore, here, in our opinion, the most relevant bet on the goals scored by both rivals.

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Our forecast - both teams will score (yes) for 1.90.


Saturday night in London will be one of the matches of the 4th round of the Premier League - Chelsea will take Bournemouth.


Last season, in the Premier League, these teams exchanged home victories (0: 1, 0: 3), but can things change in the new season?

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In the new season, Chelsea began with a defeat in the Super Bowl of England, but then the team just was not ready. In the Premier League, Sarri's wards showed themselves much better by winning the starting 3 rounds with a total score of 8: 3. However, "retirees" often relax, because of what they get goals in return ... absolutely unecessary goals ...


But Bournemouth also pleasantly surprises the fans, because the team has not yet lost in the new season. So, in the Premier League wards Eddie Hau twice won and played at home with a draw with Everton (2: 2), and afterwards in the League Cup, defeated Milton Keynes (3-0). And the most interesting: "cherries" are extremely productive and score at least 2 goals per match.

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On the eve of the match, the bookmakers are completely leaning on the side of Chelsea, although Bournemouth is now in great shape. And "pensioners" often stumble, and "cherries" perfectly use their moments. I expect that the guests will not yield much to the hosts, and their goal will still be scored.


Free forecast for the match Chelsea - Bournemouth: Bournemouth Score. Bookmaker office Marathon offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.64.


In the last championship, Chelsea sensationally lost to Bournemouth at home with a score of 0: 3. Now the Blue will try to take revenge, but it's too early to dismiss a successful opponent.

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Under the guidance of the new coach - Maurizio Sarri - Chelsea brilliantly started in the Premier League. In three matches, the Londoners scored three wins with a goal difference of 8: 3. Defense Aristocrats regularly makes mistakes in simple situations, but this attack compensates with interest. Continues to score Azar, a second wind opened at Pedro, again went to his former level of Morata. This Chelsea can win at Stamford Bridge any team.


But Bournemouth surprised everyone. Contrary to all predictions, Cherries started the championship with seven points in three starting rounds. They convincingly outplayed Cardiff 2-0 and West Ham 2: 1, and also played a deficit in two goals against Everton (2: 2). Wards Eddie Howe do not intend to lose momentum and are determined to produce a positive result for themselves and in the next meeting.


Chelsea are the undisputed favorite of this confrontation. But in the three home games of the Premier League against Bournemouth, they won only one victory. Given the desire of both collectives to attack, we will see a large number of goals scored.

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Total is more than 3 at 1.67


On Saturday, there will be another game of the fourth round of the Premier League, in which Chelsea will host Bournemouth. In the past season, teams crossed and each was able to win on time - 0: 1 and 0: 3. What can we expect in the first match of the current game year? See the forecast.

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"Aristocrats" started with an insulting fiasco in the country's Super Cup. Already in the championship team began to open and so far won in all three rounds with a general statistics on goals 8: 3. The team could have been better, but often loses concentration, then misses goals.


"Cherries" started the season quite powerfully, than strongly please their fans. Druzhina Hau twice took the upper hand, and also one world with "Everton" 2: 2. In the cup game it was possible to smash 3: 0 "Milton Keynes". The club recently added and very often pleased with goals.

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Forecast for the match "Chelsea" - "Bournemouth", TB0.5 from the guests. Despite the strength of the hosts, the "cherries" are quite powerful, especially in the attack. Most likely, that we will be waiting for a duel, in which the second team realizes its moment.


On the first of September in the fourth round of the championship of England at the stadium "Stamford Bridge" in the city of London at 17:00 Chelsea will meet with Bournemouth.


Chelsea is one of the leaders of the championship of England, the team this season will give all the forces that would try to get the prestigious trophy of the champions of the country. Now the team is in an excellent situation, the players are in good shape and therefore for three rounds they did not lose a single game. Now in the piggy bank of the club nine points and the third place in the table. At home, Abramovich's team played one match, in which Chelsea beat Arsenal, with a score of 3: 2.

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Bournemouth in composition is inferior to most clubs in England, but despite this the team has proven itself and just does not give a single point. In the current season, the team also has all the proper plans, the club has not lost a single meeting, and with three points in the piggy bank is on the sixth spot in the Premier League standings of England. In the current season Bournemouth on the road was already able to get a Victoria, having beaten West Ham, with a score of 2: 1.

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Surprisingly, but Chelsea in his field replayed Bournemouth, only two times out of four possible. Bournemouth plays well in defense, but now it will be very difficult to resist Chelsea, and even more so in a foreign territory. I'm afraid the hosts will win, but not big. Bet: Bournemouth will not lose more than 2 goals - F2 (+2).


Forecast: F2 (2) with a coefficient of 1.62

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