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When you wait for Chelsea a difficult game with Huddersfield on the road, and on the whole team wins there in a fairly easy form with a score of 3: 0, then Sarry can only be applauded standing up. There is still something to work on, but so far the work of this mentor is visible to the naked eye. With Arsenal in the London derby it will be very difficult, at times more difficult, even in your arena, but the chances of getting three points with such football will be good. Prciem note that Eden Azar in the last meeting came on the field only in the 76th minute of the match, on the 80th immediately after arranging the third ball of Londoners.

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Arsenal, too, with a new mentor, but so far it has helped only that the "Gunners" did not lose to Manchester City in large, with a score of 3: 0, for example, as it was last season at half-empty stands. Now Arsenal lost with a score of 0: 2, and let him have moments and looked better than last year's, but Manchester City then had much more moments and more than deservedly beat Arsenal. While the Londoners have not yet built their game, and the main disappointment was Ozil, which did not show half of its capabilities.



Because it's only the beginning of the season. We see the sense once again quickly and briefly run through the summer news of both teams.

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Results at the training camp. In the summer off-season, "Chelsea" held four friendly matches. Three of them are in the framework of the International Champions Cup. All three matches reached the penalty shootout, two of them "aristocrats" won ("Inter", "Lyon").

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The Super Bowl. In general, a sluggish game from the "retired": 5 strokes, only 2 of them on target, in the second half, and possession gave - 42%. But we note a small number of fouls (6) and only one offside. Although last season's hit "offside" was a problem for the London club.


Willian was ready to leave Chelsea because of Comte

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First tour. In the match against Huddersfield, the potential of Maurizio Sarri as the leader of the Blues was noticeable. True, for the time being, Chelsea need time to crack their heads. The main emphasis (10 punches out of 13) was made in the second half. But two goals out of three flew in the first half.

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Results at the training camp. The London team, already led by Unai Emery, also participated in the MHC (2 wins and losses), but also held two more friendly matches (both wins: Borham Wood 8-0, Lazio 2-0).


First tour. "Gunners" also managed to play against the defending champion of England. But already within the first round of the Premier League. Well, how to play - to lose.


And on all counts. "Manchester City" owned the ball 58% of the playing time, almost twice as many strokes (17-9) and five times more often used the standard positions (10-2 on the corner).

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In the submarine, they thought about returning to the old terms of the summer transfer window

Especially I would like to mention the game of the attacking line of Arsenal. Not only that forwards and so-called "wings" of the attack for 90 minutes dealt only 2 blows to the target, so they seven times (!) Climbed into the "offside" position.


Mentors of both teams need time to get used to the new team. If we evaluate by nature and the results already achieved, it seems to us that Maurizio Sarri will soon adapt to the process. His "Napoli" always started vividly and cheerfully.

Forecast: "1X + TB 2.5"

And if we take into account the Arsenal's habit of playing badly on the road last year, we get almost a "dry" victory for the "aristocrats". "Dry-awkward", "victory-invincibility", but only non-gain so accurately. We also risk assuming that the match will be "riding".


So, our rate is "1X + TB 2.5" for 2.19.

Saturday night in central London will host the second round of the Premier League - Chelsea will take Arsenal.

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Last season, these teams crossed 5 times, of which 4 ended in a draw (in regular time) and one day won the "Gunners" (2: 1). And now it may be time for "retirees" to take revenge?


In the off-season in Chelsea, there have been global changes, mainly due to the change of head coach. In addition, Sarri received only a small increase, but so far managed to keep the team leaders (not counting Courtois). And in the end, in the first round, "pensioners" pleased the fans - a calm away victory over Huddersfield with a score of 0: 3. But do not forget that a week before that the team lost to the Super Bowl of England - 0: 2 with Man City.

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But Arsenal in the past season fell through even more, because of what the leadership finally decided to take a serious step - was dismissed Arsene Wenger. In its place came Unai Emery and brought a few good (but not top) players. In sparring, the team seems to have shown themselves well, but in combat there - in the first round of "Gunners" at home lost to Man City with a score of 0: 2!


Bookmakers are more inclined to win Chelsea, but is everything so simple? Yes, in the first round of "retirees" confidently won, but after all in the Super Cup they also lost to Man City with a score of 0: 2. Most likely, in their internal duel there will be more equal struggle, and so there will be no easy victory. That's why I recommend putting on an outsider ...

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Free forecast for the match Chelsea - Arsenal: "Victory Arsenal with odds +1". Bookmaker office 1xBet offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.64.

For comparison, there are just two games with the same opponent. Both Chelsea and Arsenal lost both their matches to M.Siti, with a similar score of 0-2. Watched both matches, and the "Gunners" at least some, but the fight was given, maybe because of the Emirates factor. But the "blue" did not show anything at all. City, of course, is stronger than both of these teams.

Yes, "aristocrats" defeated Huddersfield in the first round, but the "Terriers" themselves are guilty of this, collapsed, and are not in optimal shape. Chelsea have problems, especially on the back line. At Sarri, the attacking style, at least in Napoli, was. Here with such a game you can get very hot. Still, the movement is frenzied in the APL.

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Arsenal has changed a little too, but it is understandable that it takes time, although with the City, although they lost, I liked. Created a lot of points, had to score more than one goal, but the implementation of limping is very strong. There was a feeling that the team was about to score, but in the end it was 0-2. Emery coach is good, and no one expected that after Wenger's departure it will be easy, therefore, and the "Gunners" some time will be difficult. But the handwriting is already visible. The newcomers of Genduzi and Toreira showed themselves well. Especially the game of the second fell in love.

Both teams have a new coach, naturally new tactical developments, philosophy, etc. There are new players who need to play. Based on this, it is difficult to give preference to one of the teams. Yes, the game on the Bridge, but here Arsenal has not won since 2011, but any series ends, and the prerequisites for exhibiting a clear favorite in the face of Chelsea, I personally do not see. Last season, Arsenal came here twice and both times draw 0-0, although the figure was clear in the "blue", worked not for the first year with Conte.

According to the compositions of the hosts outside the game Fabregas, questioned by the newcomer Kovacic. Azar should appear from the first minutes, but its shape is not optimal yet. At the Arsenal, Montreal is back on track, outside the game Kolasinac, Kosilin.

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Considering all the above, I expect a serious struggle here. Chelsea somehow calmed down after winning the first round, Arsenal is unlikely to want to start with two loops in a row, whoever that was. Emery has a very difficult task to return the "Gunners" confidence in games with tops. The first pancake was a lump, the second time there should not be a misfire. We are waiting for the battle in all its glory, and at least not losing guests. Still, Derby, there can be everything.

Experts of the betting office "Pari-Match" gave a forecast for the Chelsea-Arsenal Premier League match, which will be held on August 18, starting at 19:30 (MSK)

Grandees of English football have already started in the new Premier League draw. To put it mildly, the beginning of "Chelsea" and "Arsenal" was different.

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"Chelsea" in the first round played against "Huddersfield" and calmly won with a score of 3: 0 (goals scored Ngolo Kante, Jorginho and Pedro). On the one hand, fans can enjoy this result, but on the other - far-reaching conclusions are too early to make. "Huddersfield" goes among the main contenders for the flight, but still it is dangerous to snap, causing the opponent to worry. "Chelsea" has not shown an outstanding game, but at the same time played great in the final phase, realizing almost all of its capabilities.

The next fight against "Arsenal" will be for the wards Maurizio Sarri a real test. The London derby has always been principled, and its first important match for the Super Bowl, by the way, the "blue" lost. "Manchester City" dismantled the opponent to pieces, defeating him with a score of 2: 0.

With the same score, the English champion coped with Arsenal in the first round of the Premier League. It was expected that the "Gunners" would give the opponent a fight, but everything went completely different than what the fans wanted. The key to the success of "City" was a bad game, "Arsenal" in the defense and toothlessness in the attack. As a result, it is quite just wards Unai Emery left without glasses, disappointing fans.

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Before the new coaching staff of "Arsenal" is a difficult task to return the team to the Champions League, and for this you need to take points not only against the weaker, but also against direct competitors. The "Gunners" have a complicated calendar, but it's an opportunity to show themselves.

Now both "Chelsea" and "Arsenal" are in the stage of reorganization - each team has a new coach and new players who need time to get used to the championship and partners. Judging by the first round, it is better in this regard, looks "Chelsea", but it's worth to make a discount on the fact that they played against the outsider, and not against the powerful champion.

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The favorite of this meeting is called "Chelsea" - to win this team is given a coefficient of 1.83. Believe in the "Arsenal" is much less - 4.20, and a draw can be placed with the score of 3.95.

It is assumed that the match will be scoring, given the passion of both coaches to attack. TB (3.0) is 1.97 and TM is 1.89.

Also a good coefficient for the individual total of Chelsea is more than 1.5. It is 1.71.

At the same time, few people believe that the gap in the account will be too great. The handicap for Arsenal (+1.0) is 1.60, and the downside for Chelsea (-1.0) is 2.41.

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The "Arsenal" is very unreliable defense, which showed the first official match of this season. Ahead of Unai Emery's a lot of work, so hoping for good results right now is too early.

"Chelsea" is stronger not only in the team, but also in the individual plan. And if we take into account Maurizio Sarri's passion for meaningful attacking football, we can assume that he will play with Chelsea's individual total of more than 1.5 and odds 1.71

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