Celtic - Alascarett 18.07

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One of the second leg matches of the first qualifying round of the Champions League will be a duel between the Scottish team Celtic and the Armenian Alashkert. The first meeting of the opposition took place on the Alashkert field and brought the victory "white-green" 3: 0. This result practically deprives Caucasians of the chances of further participation in the qualification of the championship tournament, in fact, the Armenians came to Britain to defend their honor.


Good preparation

The team of Rogers conducted quite a good preparation before the qualification matches. "Celts" lost to Bohemians 1905 0: 1, won at Prague's Sparta 1-0, Shamrock Rovers 7-0. After Alashkert were stronger than the Belgian team Standard Liege 4: 1. The championship of Scotland begins only on August 4th, now all the thoughts of the coaching staff are connected exclusively with the Champions League. Alaskert is the first stage, there will be more status and stronger teams in the rivals, Celtic is preparing for them through the Armenians.

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Results are worse

Alaskert also tried, as he could, to prepare for Celtic, but, unfortunately, the Armenian champion is noticeably inferior to the Scots in terms of level. Before "white-green" Alaskert played three test matches with Shinnik, SKA-Khabarovsk and Nizhny Novgorod. All these matches ended in a draw, and the Armenians scored only one, Yaroslavl, that meeting ended with a score of 1: 1.

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Fans of the Celtic have already missed the football, so the match against Alashkert certainly will be a sufficient number of spectators, respectively, Celtic will do everything possible for another devastating victory over the Armenians. Our free forecast for this meeting:


In the first match Celtic calmly proved his level, but here on the game there are several questions. Yes, Brendan Rogers wards led the meeting, but at the same time they allowed many of their rivals. Yes, and own moments, "Celts" used not very well, although this is only the first match of the season ...


But Alaskert lost only on the class, although the team's game is very healthy. Yes, the wards of Varuzhan Sukiasyan were not able to score, but there were plenty of them - 12 of which 5 were on target. On the road the team is not so confident, but sticks!


On the eve of the match, bookmakers are almost certain of Celtic's victory, because Alaskert is clearly inferior to them. In this game, the guests will again attack, and obviously they must score. But the hosts will also arrange an extravaganza, so I expect an abundance of goals in this match.


Free forecast for the Celtic-Alascert match: "Total is more than 2.5". On this outcome the betting firm Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.41.

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Only six months ago, Celtic played in the same group as Bayern and PSG. Now, the "Celts" are forced to start their way from the first round of the Champions League qualification. The reason for this is the changed format of the competition and Scotland's too low rating in the coefficient table. However, even without several leaders who missed the fight due to participation in the World Cup, the "hoops" easily broke with the Armenian champion in his field - 3: 0. No wonder, in other matches before the start of the Champions League, Celtic defeated Shamrock 7-0, Standard 4: 1 and defeated Sparta 1-0.



For "Alashkert" this is the third participation in European competition. The best result for all this time, Armenians can consider a guest draw with BATE. Before changing the format of the competition, "Alaskert" in the first round calmly defeated the Andorran "Santa Coloma", and in the second came across a more powerful opponent, from which flied safely. Armenians did not prepare the best way for this qualification either. "Alaskert" played with three teams from the lower divisions of Russia, having managed to achieve in these meetings only draws.

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The winning series "Celtic" is equal to four fights.

"Alaskert" won only one of the previous eight matches.

In the first match of the opposition, "Celtic" beat "Alaskert" with a score of 3: 0.

Odds for the Celtic-Alaskert FC match

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"Celtic" likes to play at home brightly and effectively. Yes, and approach the first official home game in the season of "Celts" in great shape. Maybe the hoops would save energy in this meeting, but the Celtic championship starts only in August, and native fans already missed the matches of their native team. Therefore, they will drive the "Celts" forward.


The World Championship in Russia has come to an end and we will not experience this kind of emotion soon. In contrast to the final matches of the future environment look faded, like your sunburn in the summer. On the reporting day, the first round of the Champions League qualification will take place. In one of the fights will face Celtic against Alashkert. The event will take place in Glasgow at the Celtic Park stadium.


In the first match, which took place in the Caucasian land, the British guest took and won with no score of shame with a score of 3: 0. Such a result deprives all chances of passing to the next stage of future guests. Armenian children will fly to the foggy island only in order to protect their own honor and get a bitter experience of losing. Let's figure out how to put this event right for us.

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"Kelty" essentially approached the issue of entering the group stage of the Champions League, the Rogers squad - a permanent guest of the European Cup battles and experience they have enough. Before the selection, the guys arranged a series of friendly showdowns, at first there was a loss from Bohemians, then a victory against Sparta, the defeat of Shamrock Rovers and the Standard. Also do not forget about the victory in the first qualifying match.


We can conclude that the "guys" are preparing for the domestic championship, which starts in early August. "Striped" will slip through the first stage undetected, but further children expect more serious opponents, so the future confrontation of the coaching staff is considered as preparation for the upcoming important matches and tournaments. In this situation, it is worth waiting for the favorites responsible game.

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The Armenian team learned the verdict immediately after the draw, at such an early stage get into the rivals Celtic - it's like that to shoot a bullet in your forehead at birth. For Varuzhan Sukiasyan and his team, this confrontation is just an excuse to gain international experience and to re-melt it for our own benefit. Do not expect the guests that they will come to Britain and win back the sad outcome of the first match.


The club from Yerevan also tried to seriously approach the confrontation and was preparing by playing the friendly sparring. The collective rolled back the goods with SKA-Khabarovsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Shinnik. In all three cases, it was not possible to reveal the winner, moreover, only in a meeting with the Yaroslavl fellows the teams managed to score a goal.


The forecast for this match

Stadium Celtic has long been not satisfied with the sacrifice, hungry fans come out of the summer break with a heightened thirst for blood. This time a nice little lamb will come to visit them, which is not against sharing platelets. In this situation, the choice is obvious.

Bet is a Celtic win with a -2.

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In this pair an absolute favorite is the Scottish club, because the level of the championship of Armenia in many respects lags behind the regular championship of Scotland. Celtic's mentor Brendan Rodgers is loyal to his club and, contrary to the skeptics' forecasts, did not quit working for the English Championship. The tactics of the coach provides massive attacks and pressure in both halves, so Celtic won from his counterpart on the road with a large score.


Players Alashkert under the leadership of Varuzhan Sukiasyan performed well last season of the domestic championship, but they are unlikely to win a three-goal lead for Celtic and will finish their participation in the Champions League immediately after the return match in Glasgow.


According to preliminary estimates of most football analysts, this meeting will be held with the complete superiority of the home team and will end with a confident victory. Dean Carr puts Celtic on the success of the first half and expects a good performance before the final whistle. Further, the expert presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable advice and forecasts for the game.

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Guests almost do not have a chance to enter the second qualifying round, as they openly confused the first confrontation with Celtic, having missed three unanswered goals in Scotland from Yerevan. In general, Armenian footballers perform well inside their own country, but on the European stage the club has never achieved significant results and especially did not go to the main group stage. Expert group BetVictor does not lose sight of the preferences of lovers of extreme rates and suggests putting Alashkert's shadowy away victory with any account at 51.00. Of course, such an outcome is unlikely, but the guests can well count on mediocre game Celtic in the reference zones. A possible draw, in fact, will be the absolute maximum for Sukiasyan's wards and if the teams roll into the world with any score, then the bet with a quotation of 11.50 will play.



The absolute hegemon of the Scottish championship Celtic is again ready to declare himself with a capital letter and without much difficulty to go to the main group stage. Last season Eurocup Celtic got into a hard-hitting company with PSG and Bayern, resulting in four defeats in six games. After a fairly successful transfer policy Brendan Rodgers strengthened the flanks and now operates with two pronounced forwards. In the first match with Alashkert Scots took the initiative and deprived the Armenians of the ball. Thanks to excellent mutual understanding, Celtic players allowed themselves to upload three unanswered goals to the opponent's goal (3: 0). It is possible that the hosts will play in the energy-saving mode, but this kind of alignment will not allow Alashkert to eliminate the big odds and even more so to win. Experts BetVictor predict a one hundred percent profit for the hosts and recommend betting on Celtic's home victory with any account at 1.06.

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Speaking of possible results, it is worth paying attention to how Celtic plays at his stadium. On the road Rogers wards have already scored three times and are unlikely to miss at home, so it is likely that the Scots will not attack with more forces and will be limited to only one accurate strike in the first 45 minutes. Analysts BetVictor offer to put on the victory of Celtic in the first half with a score of 1: 0 at a coefficient of 2.70. In addition, it should be noted that in most of their matches, the hosts increase pressure on the opponents' gate only after the break, so the bookmaker predicts a bright ending and quoted 1.60 for a total total of more than 1.5 goals in the second half

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Celtic scored the optimal form and won three previous games in all tournaments. Alaskert held four matches in the pre-season training and has not yet achieved victories. The Scots are favorites and plan to enter the group stage of the Champions League for the second time in a row.


"Alaskert" failed the first match, losing to "Celtic" with a large score. The Armenian champion was not ready for such a level of resistance, because before that the team only once played with the famous European club - last season against BATE (home defeat - 1: 3, guest draw - 1: 1). On the road against Celtic, it will not be easier, because the Scots always play powerfully in their field, and the Celtic Park stadium has a unique atmosphere, under pressure even grandees can fail the game. It's strange that in the new Celtic qualification grid, which has a huge experience of playing in Europe, began its journey from the first round. A little over six months ago, the permanent Scottish champion of recent years competed with Bayern Munich and PSG in the Champions League group, taking third place. Even without several leaders who missed the preparations for the season due to participation in the World Cup, Celtic easily dealt with Alashkert on a visit. What will be on Celtic Park? How many goals will the Armenian team miss?

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